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On the 4th of Jan. we attended Sacrament meeting in our new meeting house. On the 9 Jan. we attended a double wedding picknic party with dance in the new meeting house. Henry Head, Annie Spongberg, Samuel Head and Ina Heller were the young married couples. We all had a lovily time.

On the 1th of Jan. Ozro was ordained a Seventy by William Wood Ward of Franklin Idaho. He was the President of the 18 quorum of Seventies. In the evening we attended M.I.A. conjoint meeting. Through out that night I could not help but realize what a sweet happy and Heavenly influence surounded my dear husband. I imagine it was like Heaven, never as long as I live will I forget it. I mentioned it to him. He answered he felt the same. I felt that it was his new ordaination.

We went to Logan 30 of Jan. It was conference there and I attended two very good meetings in the Logan Tabernacle. We had a good visit with our folks. On the 2nd Feb. Ozro took me to brother Joel Ricks sen. residence the Stake Patrarch and he gave me a good blessing. [fn25]* He lived at Logan Utah.

On the 8th Feb. one of the Bishopric read off some names which had been chosen and expected to join the Choir. My name was among them. They were sustained and the choir was organised. Otto Johnson was our leader. After meeting Ozro was set apart to act as teacher in the ward.

Now is a very trying time for the Saints especialy those living in Plurel marriage, a great many have had to leave their homes and go in exile, and know not when they can return home.

April 5 Ozro took the children and I to attend conference so I could go in the temple. We attended as many meetings as we could. [fn26]* On April 8 brother Charlie and I went to the temple and was sealed to our parents. Pres. M.W. Merrell* done the sealing. Wittnesses Thomas McNeil, Thomas Grover. R.A. Bain stood for father. Sister Annie Pike stood for Mother. April 8, 1885.

All spring and summer we have attended to our meetings as often as we could and attended to our prayers regular, night & morning. [fn27]* During the fall of the year all was well with us also we have been blessed and prospered.

On Oct 6 Ozro and I with the children attended conference at Logan. On the 3rd of Nov. Ozro was baptized in the Logan temple for 14 dead relatives on his mother's side. On Nov. 4th, 5th, and 6th, I was endowed for the dead one name each day. My first work for the dead. I have the names recorded in my temple work book. I felt so happy while doing the work, so peacful, with a sacred quiet and heavenly influence around me that was so wonderful words can not describe, and I was filled with great joy. That fall we had a bountiful harvest but I neglected to write the particulars of it. And so 1885 ends.


During the winter of 1885 & 1886 Ozro O. was President of the Young Men's M.I.A. of Preston Ward. And He attended the meetings quite regular, he took great interest in the M.I.A. work. I was set apart as a Relief Society teacher. Mrs Joseph Sharp was my first companion. [fn27.1]* Ozro O and me fasted every Sunday through that winter.

Some time in 1885 brother Charley bought some school land near our home in Preston. They himself wife and baby Allie moved on the place in the spring of 1886 and was our neighbors for some time.

On the 12 of March 1886 we had another dear baby boy born to us in the evening, a blue eyed baby very fair, and weighed 10 lbs. I had so wished for a blue eyed baby. Now I had one. Ozro's mother nursed me and we had a girl to do the house work so I got along al right and in due time well again. Ozro O, went to Bear Lake to take orders for the Contributer when baby was a few days old, and was gone three weeks and made fairly well, some thing like $40.00.

Some time in June 886 sister Lydia lost her baby Royden one month older then my baby. He died of lung fever. My baby was blessed and named George Robert Crockett. I have the data written in my family record. I helped all I could to care for Lydia's sick baby, layed him out after he died. It was the first work of the kind I ever done. We attended the funeral services. Soon after our baby took sick with lung fever and he grew worse and worse untill he was very low. But through faith and the administration of the Elders he was healed and we gave him great care and good nursing. We gave praise and thanksgiving to our Heavenly Father for restoring him. Every thing went all right with us the rest of the year.

We had a good crop, a good garden and loads of water mellons to sell.

The Xmas and wedding anni. were celebrated as usual.


In the winter of 1886 and 1887 the Preston choir gave a concert to help the ward buy an Organ. Ozro and I took part in it. He recited "Sall Fooled me" in all the conserts, it was repeated several times, traveling around to near by settlements. It was given in Preston Idaho, Lewiston, and Franklin. The chior did very well and enjoyed themselves. [fn28]* In the fall of 1887 we raised a great deal of splendid corn. I put in most of my time (after it was cut hauled and placed in rows or shocks) husking corn bushels and bushels of it.

That fall Ozro had a two room log house with shingle roof built for us on the north east corner of our farm. We moved in before Winter set in and was quite comfortable. We also had a new milk and fruit cellar built and finished off and a new well was dug near the new house with two well buckets hanging from a pully. I was sure proud of it all. [fn28.1]*


On the 3 of Feb, 1888 we were blessed with another sweet baby girl born in the night weighed about eight and a half lbs. We felt so happy with our nice little family. Ozro chose a name for baby that same night Mary should be her name and he blessed and named her when she was 8 days old which was 21 Feb 1888.

Sister Lydia nursed me and Ozro hired Miss Ella Alder to do our house work and washing and ironing. I got around again but my back was very bad and I was very week. So when baby was about one month old I fasted two meals and prayed to my heavenly Father to heal my back and make me strong and well so I could work for my dear family. My fasting and prayers were accepted and answered with blessings on my head. From that very day my back was better and I got stronger each day untill I was well and enjoyed my work. [fn29]*

In april of that year 1888, the Manti Temple was dedicated. We read in the Deseret News of the meetings held in the temple at the time of dedication. There were many manifastations at the time to some of the saints there asembled. They see a hallow of light around the speaker's head, some heard Heavenly music, and etc. [fn30]* During the year of 1888 I formed the habit of having secret prayer daily, and received much help and guidence from my Heavenly Father. I also formed the habit of reading in some church work while baby Mary nursed. In this way I read several good books through. It all helped me in a wonderful way.

While Mary was our baby our 5 children had the hooping cough hard for five weeks. Ozro and I nursed them day and night all of that time a light in the house every night. We did all in our power to help them. Our Heavenly Father blessed them with health again and they were well again. Two of our neighbors lost their dear baby with hooping cough.

We had a good harvest all the nice corn and big patch of sugar cane. We had a lot of very good malasses made from it. We had lots of nice squash and loads of nice ripe water mellons to sell. A big patch of beans. We had a nice garden and grain and hay. During 1888 we got along alright as far as I can remember. I neglected writing down importent events so we have nothing of our settleing tithing and the amount. but we did pay our tithing every year though fifty one years of our married life up to date when I am copying this part of my journal and this ends the year 1888.


During those first years on the farm, we met with many hardships and disappointments in pioneer life but Ozro never gave up. If one plan failed, he would try another and really tried hard to adjust himself to circumstances, one of the greatest arts of life, this he would always do. He was very optimistic, jolly and did not worry, so the family got along allright and as the years went by times became better. Good crops were raised after the canals were built and the water brought out on the farms. [fn31]*

In the summer of 1889, our five children came down with whooping cough. For five weeks we nursed and cared for them day and night. They had the cough very hard. We did all in our power, trusting God, and he blessed and brought them back to health again.

In the fall we for acomadation boarded an under ground woman Amanda Murray from Welsville. She was a 2nd wife and we called her Mrs. Wilson. She had a little two year old girl Bessie. Mrs. Murray was a very nice woman. [fn32]*

As far things in general and our church duties as near as I can remember we got along as well as usual. I did not write in my journal so have lost tract of many interesting events. We were well provided for and seemed to get along alright. [fn32.1]*

In Dec. 1889 Archie and Lydia lost their only girl, their baby Hazel with scarlet fever.

During that winter Ozro had a very bad spell of La Grip lasted about a week or ten days. The rest of the year passed with out any thing unusual happening. And so ends 1889.


Mrs. Murray's husband took her away in Feb. 1890.

On the 4th of March we had another sweet baby girl born to us. Our sixth child was born in the night weighed about nine lbs. We were very happy and pleased to welcome her to our happy home. She was blessed and named Edna when she was eight days old by her papa. Sister Mary Smith*, Ozro's sister nursed me and Miss Ida Hapkin did our house work washing and ironing. I gained strength each day and was soon well again.

Edna was blessed and named in fast meeting record is in our family record book. When baby Edna was about 3 months old Ozro went to San Francisco and to Mexico with his brother in law Edwin M. Curtis* and his sister Delia A. and her children. She was a 2nd wife and they were going to Mexico to live. Ozro went to see the country and find out if he wanted to move and live there. Ozro enjoyed the trip untill he got to Mexico when he got very very sore eyes which were very painful. He returned home as soon as he could alone. When he reached home he was almost blind and had to stay in a dark room for five weeks. When he walked out he had to be blind folded and I would take his arm and lead him along so he could have fresh air and exercise each day. While sitting in the dark room Ozro took great comfort holding our baby Edna and she was sure good with him.

I spent all the time I could reading aloud to Ozro from interesting story books. I sat by the window with a little corner of the blind turned so as a ray of light would fall across my book. It helped pass the time for him. As soon as he could he went to Logan and engaged the services of a eye specialist from the East who had lately arrived and was at one of the Hotels. Ozro's eyes were treated by him a while when they began to improve and he brought eye water home and used for sometime and in time they were well again and we were very thankful.

Brother Willie Crockett had our farm on shares that year. In the same year our three oldest boys had the scarlet fever but got well alright. [fn33]* In the winter of 1890 and 1891 the measels came to us. Edwin had them first when he started getting well five others came down with measels. Ivy Crockett* one of their cousins also got them. She was visiting at our house when Edwin broke out with measels so we kept her with us as her mama was in bed with a young baby. Ruth A, had them when she was two months old so I had her help in nursing the others. They had them quite hard and it seemed a long time before they were well again but thanks to our Heavenly Father for bringing them safely through that trying time. [fn34]*


In March 1891 I took suddenly sick with La Grip and was very sick two weeks before I started to feel like my self. It took lots of good nursing by Ozro and his mother and faith and prayers and administering to bring me back to health.

That spring as along in the summer Ozro bought the old Canfield place on the Preston flat for us, close to town, so we would be handy to schools meetings etc.

Our brother charley took our farm on shares. We moved in to the Canfield place in Nov. 1891. There were two rooms and a large cook house for summer at the back a few steps from the house. We liked living there. O.O. was water master and clerk of the Cub river and Worm Creek Canal and part of the time School trustee.

Our wedding anni. was celebrated with Archie and Lydia in their home. Xmas went off as usual. Ida and children came to visit us and stayed a few days.


*. . *
Oneida Stake Academy 1900 - Oneida Stake Academy 1995

Monday 4 Jan. Ruth A, O. David, and Edwin started attending school at the O.S. Academy. [fn35]* Lillian Crockett* had boarded with us since school started in the fall and went to school. She went home for the Hollidays and then came back for school. All winter Ozro and the children attended Sun. School meetings. O.O. attended M.I.A. I was not well enough to attend very regular. We also kept fast day. Ozro has been buissy hauling rock for the academy and us, wood from the Canyon and straw and hay from the farm to our place in town. He has also had to go around the ward with Bro. J. Larsen on the defense fund and with Mr. Ben Curtis as a delegate to raise means towards building Agreculturel Collage in the southern part of Idaho.

Our relatives often made us visits. We had a lot of company in the winter of 1891 and 1892 while living in town.

9th Feb. Ozro took the home missionary brother Badialy around visiting the people. He brought him home to stay over night. We enjoyed his missionary talk. We had other companey. We had 16 in the house that night. On the 13 Feb. we had twenty of us (all relatives) in the house that night. Ruth A. had been sick 2 or 3 days. Sun. 14 Feb. Charley Montrose and four children left also E.M. Curtis and family.

Mon. 15 Feb. Ozro and Edwin went to Logan temple. Ozro to work in the temple and Edwin to be baptized. [fn36]* I have the record of it. Ozro and Edwin returned from Logan 19 Feb. Edwin was baptized and confirmed 16 Feb. in Logan temple.

Mon. 22 Feb. I went by train to Logan and Hugh J. Adams took me by team to his home. Ida had a bad cold. I called on Ozro Mathes Roxies and Delias, and Hugh called and took me to Ida's.

On 23 I went to the temple and I received blessings from sister Richards and sister Perry. I returned home on the 3 O'clock train on the 23rd was welcomed back home by my dear husband and children.

Feb. 29 1892. Ozro O. received a letter from Salt Lake City calling him to take a mission to Cassa County to travel through that stake. He preached and gave instructions in behalf of the Sunday Schools. He was expected to commence his labors on the 4 of the next month. So he droped everything and prepared to go. On the 1st of March he sold two calves and got money to pay his rail road ticket to Cassa County and back home.

Wednesday March 2. At 11:30 A.M. Ozro kissed and said good by to me and the children and left for his mission. On the 15 of March 1892 Ozro O. returned home from his Sunday School mission from Cassa Co. He enjoyed his trip and had enjoyed the mission. Ozro O. helped me house clean soon after returning.

On the 27th of March at 1 A.M. we were blessed with another dear little girl weighed 10 lbs. When she was 8 days old Ozro blessed and named her Mabel Aileen. Sister Mary Smith nursed me. Lillian Crockett and Ruth A. helped with the house work between school hours.

. . . . . .
Joseph F. Smith - Francis M. Lyman - Moses Thatcher - Karl Maeser

On the 25 of March a special meeting was held in O.S. Academy. Brother Joseph F. Smith, Apostle Lyman, Apostle Moses Thatcher and Proffesor Mazer addressed the saints. We had an enyoyable time.

Sun. May 1st was a special fast day for the saints in all the world where ever word could be sent. Asking the saints to fast and pray meet togeather in their meeting houses and praise and thank the Lord for the peaceful suroundings of the saints, also to contribute means for the finishing off of the Salt Lake Temple. Ozro, Ruth A, O. David, Edwin and I fasted, all except I attended the big fast meeting. The weather was too cold to take baby Mabel out. Ozro donated 1.25 towards the finishing off of the Salt Lake temple. He wanted to make it up to 0.00 as soon as he could. They want to have the temple all finished paid for and ready for dedication by the 6 April 1893.

On May 5th fast day Mabel was blessed and named by her papa Ozro O. Crockett. We all have been attending to our church duties with interest for some time.

On the 20 May Friday night I attended the Preston Chior Concert and Ball alone for some of the children were not well and Ozro and I could not both leave so he remained at home with all seven children. I am now back in the choir and have attended quite a number of practises this spring.

In my old journal I have dates all written down of Sun. School meetings, Primary and etc. that Ozro myself and children attended but in copying I have not the time to copy it all but all along that time we all made a good showing in our church duties.

3rd June. It is very stormy. Ozro has gone down to the farm. We have just had dinner Bread butter, Radishes, mushrooms, and butter milk. Ruth A. and Edwin have hitched "Bob" in the cart and they are off to the farm.

Ruth A., O. David, and Edwin are now attending school in the Academy. It is now the month of Nov. During the year we got along very well. We had some sickness and accidents but nothing serious. The Lord has blessed us with abundent harvest, and many other blessings we have received for which we are very greatful. We have made some trips to Logan. I myself just one trip when I went to the surprise on Ozro's mother on 6 Sept. her birth Anni. We had a fine time. We have attended many meetings during the year, and the children have attended their S. School and Primary. We have settled our tithing. We still have desires to go on in the good work and serve our God. The ending of 1892.

What we did before we came here conditioned us here; What we do here will condition us in the world to come.

I have just found some more record of 1892. On the 6 of Nov. we moved back to the farm. I was very disapointed. It was the sadest and gloomest moves we had made. I thought so any way. But Ozro felt that he could not run the farm and live almost two miles away so we moved.

Nov 29 Ozro's birthday. We enjoyed a very nice dinner in honor of the day. The wedding anni. of Ozro and I Lydia and Archie was held at our home this time. Ozro's mother was with us, Archie, Lydia, father D.B. Lamoreaux, George E. Crockett* and wife Bell were with us also.

Ozro settled his tithing for the year 1882. It was 86.40.

Ozro bought me a new washer, a feather bed and a second hand No. 8 Cooking range. This near at 1892.

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