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Ozro David Crockett

[Image of David]

Ozro David was the second child born to Ozro O. and Ruth Crockett. He was born on 11 Jan 1882. He married first, Clara Pratt in 1901 and second, Pearl Holm in 1919. He served a mission to the Sourthern states shortly after his first marriage in 1901. In 1907 he was employed as a U.S. postal letter-carrier and served in the job until 1931. In 1918, after his divorce he enlisted in the Army and was discharged when WW I ended. David obtained a law degree, and began practicing law in Utah in 1921. He organized the first credit union in the State of Utah in 1927, in the Post Office. He lived most of his life in Salt Lake City. He died in 1966.

family group sheet as child

Ozro Ozias Crockett

[Image of O.O.]

Ozro O. is the son of Alvin Crockett and Mary Sophia Reed. Was born Nov. 29, 1856, at Payson, Utah. His grandfather David Crockett was the son of James Crockett born April 27, 1779, and Elizabeth Brackett born March 1778. David Crockett was born Dec. 30, 1806 at Knox Co. Maine. He married Lydia Young, who was born July 20, 1812 at Knox Co. Me. The above couple were Ozro O's grandparents. They had thirteen children born to the. The eldest Alvin Crockett, Ozro O's father, who was born Oct 19, 1831, Vinal Haven, Knox Co. Maine. His Wife Mary S. Reed was born Sept. 6, 1833 in New Hampshire. She and Alvin Crockett were married June 20, 1852 at Payson Utah.

They had twelve children born to them, Ozro Ozias being the third child. His grandparents, David and Lydia Y. Crockett, received the Gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on the Fox Islands, Maine, and with their family emigrated from Maine to Iowa in 1841. They made several moves through Iowa, Illinois and Missouri, suffering the hardships which the Saints encountered. In the Spring of 1848 they moved to Utah with ox teams, arriving there in October of the same year in Salt Lake City. In 1851 the family moved to Payson Utah.

They endured many hardships in their young married life. In those early pioneer days, she would card wool into roles and spin yarn, card wool into quilt batts, would make her own dyes, color yarn, aniline, indigo, make some color from golden rod, logwood and capras. She would weave the cloth from yarn for clothing for the family and idd the sowing and tailoring, sitting up late nights to get her sewing done. She also knit stockings for the family. Ozro O's father made shoes for himself and family, made wooden pegs to nale the soles on with. At times he went to meetings barefoot after he was married for he had no shoes and could not get leather to make them. Many times he went to the canyon in cold weather for wood to burn, when he had no coat to wear, and just grain sacks wrapped on his feet. Previous to his marriage he went to California to dig gold about the time when so many went there for gold, in 1850. Out of some of the gold he dug, he had an engagement ring made for his sweetheart, Mary S. who afterwards became his wife. He was gone from home in California a little over one year.

When Ozro O's parents first child was born (their daughter Mary S.) they were living in an unfinished house, log room without a door or windows. The roof had willows on, ready to cover with dirt. A heavy rain came down the night the baby was born. It rained on the bed. They caught what they could in buckets and pans. When the rain stopped, the bed was soaked. Ozro O's father built a big fire (it was in the month of June) and put up forked sticks in the house and hung the bedding on them to dry, and Ozro O's mother did not take cold and it did not seem to hurt her.

From early spring time until late in the fall, when the heavy frost came, Ozro's father did mason work, built adobe houses for people in the town, then all thru the winter he made and mended shoes, and did cooper work, making tubs, buckets, kegs, barrels, churn etc. These made for his family and all the people in the town.

Ozro O. attended school winters until about the time he was eighteen years of age, working around the home, on the farm, in the hay field and in the canyons, hauling fire wood during the summer and fall months. When a small boy he herded their sheep and cows up at the foot of the mountains east of Logan. In the fall of the year, he would herd the cows in the fields and would glean wheat.

When he was about sixteen years old, he and his brother Alvin David, who is two years older, went to the canyon for wood, on their way when on Providence Bench just before reaching the dry canyon, the horses became frightened and Ozro O. fell among the horses, got tangled in the lines and was drug about a mile. Finally the horses fell down and he was liberated and his life was saved, but he had received many bad cuts and bruises on his legs and one knee. He was laid up for six weeks, was sat up with a long while nights. He nursed and card for by his mother and became healed and well again.

When he was about seventeen years of age, he worked for Brigham Young, Jr. of Logan, Utah, and for payment received schooling, board, and clothing. Worked for him one and a half years. While there he did chores, took care of a large garden, lawn, flowers, kept the walks free from weeds, he also white washed the fence around the lot (corner lot) barn and out buildings. While white washing he got lime in his eyes and they got cold in them and became sore and inflamed an never again were they as well and strong as before the lime got in them. At times his eyes would be pretty good then again every now and then he had a bad time with them. He doctored and suffered a great deal and spent a lot of money on them. The effects of the lime did it all and left scars on his left eye caused by ulcers that came on his eye. However he became able to carry on business, bookkeeping, etc. all his life since then.

At eighteen and a half years of age, he went to Salt Lake City and received his endowments in the Endowment House. When a boy he was ordained a deacon, afterwards a Priest and before his endowments was ordained an Elder. When he was about 17 years, he and his boy friends got together and organized a bible class, had president, counselors and secretary. They would meet together once a week nights, first at dwelling houses and then at a school house. They would read the Bible and church works and discuss them. This association they kept up until 1874 when the Young Men's Mutual Association was organized at Logan, Utah, and Ozro O. was put in Counselor to Bro. Geo. L. Ferrell. When Ozro O. was about 19 years, he acted as ward teacher and did so for several years in Logan. When about 20 years he was sustained as home missionary, having companions and attending meetings Sundays in Logan Wards, and in some of the settlements in Cache Valley.

family group sheet

Polly Estella Shumway Crockett

[Image of Stella]

Estella Shumway Crockett was the wife of George Robert Crockett.

Roma Crockett

Roma Crockett was the 11th grandchild of Ozro and Ruth Crockett, a daughter of George Robert. She was born in 1911. She married Melvin A. Hoffas in 1930 and settled in Portland, Oregon. She died in 1990, in Oregon.

Russell P. Crockett

Russell P. Crockett was the 7th a grandson of Ozro and Ruth Crockett, a son of Edwin Alvin Crockett. He was born in 1909. In 1927, he married Therma Hansen. They settled in Preston and then moved to Salt Lake City in 1952. He died in 1976.

Ruth Ann Crockett

[Image of Ruth A.]

Ruth Ann Crockett was the first child born to Ozro and Ruth Crockett. She was born on 4 Nov 1879 and later married William Chadwick who died in an accident not long after her second child was born. This daughter was tragically drown at the age of twelve. After being a widow for 18 years, she married Andrew Anderson Larson. After her father, Ozro died, Ruth Ann took in her mother and cared for her for 18 years. She died at the age of 91 in 1971.

family group sheet as child

Thora Crockett

[Image of Thora]

Thora Crockett was the 6th grandchild of Ozro and Ruth Crockett, the daughter of George Robert. She was born in 1909. In 1926 she married Paul J. Watts and they settled in Portland, Oregon. She was divorced in 1945 and remarried. She died in 1965.

William Joseph Crockett

[Image of William]

William (Willie) was Ozro's O's little brother, born in 1868, eleven years younger than Ozro O. After his schooling in Logan, he taught school in Bennington, Idaho. He married Mona Estella Lee in 1891. He gave up teaching and went into farming, moving to Dingle, Idaho. He served a mission in the Southern States 1911-1913. He served as the bishop of the Montpelier 2nd ward for seven years. He died in 1934.

Zulena Louise Peterson Crockett

Lena Crockett was the wife of Edwin Alvin Crockett

Edwin M. and Delia A Curtis

[Image of Delia]

Delia Ann Crockett was Ozro's sister who married Edwin Morrell Curtis in 1878. Edwin had more than one wife and during the late 1880's he spent three years in hiding. During that troubled time, Delia and three children went to Salt Lake City under the assumed name of Carter. While in exile, in 1887, her fourth child was born. Because of so much trouble, the church advised some of the saints to go to Mexico to make their home. They moved to Colonia Diaz. In 1893, they left Mexico and moved to Thatcher, Arizona. Delia died in 1929.

Dr. Allen Riley Cutler

Dr. Cutler was the Ruth's doctor in Preston. He also became the bishop of the Preston fourth ward in 1902, serving until 1907. Ozro sold his farm to Dr. Edwin Cutler, Allen Cutler's brother.

Hugh S. Geddes

Ozro went into the sheep business for a short time with Hugh S. Geddes. Hugh became the bishop of the Preston 2nd Ward in 1902.

Mrs. Hardwick

Mrs. Hardwick was a widow in Downey. Ruth's daughters would take turns living with her and helping her.

Charles Henry Hart

[Image of Charles]

Charles H. Hart was ordained a seventy in 1890 and was sustained as one of the seven presidents of the Seventy in 1906. He died in 1934.

Minnie Hough Hutchinson

Minnie Hough was the adopted daughter of Hannah Hough Clarkson, Robert Clarkson's third wife.

J. Golden Kimball

[Image of Elder Kimball]

J. Golden Kimball was sustained as one of the First Seven Presidents of the Seventy in 1892. He was famous for his spicy tongue and quick wit. He died in an automobile accident in 1938.

Isabella Lark Knight

Bell Knight was Ruth Clarkson's cousin. She was the daughter of William Lark, and the plural wife of James Alexander Knight. Her sister, Clarissa was also married to James Knight. Ruth attended church with Bell Knight while she lived at the Cannon's She was two years older than Ruth.

Family Group Sheet

Rosa Lambert

Rosa Lambert was a very close friend of Ruth Clarkson's in Salt Lake City. She was an adopted daughter of the Cannons.

Mary Clarkson Lark

Mary Lark was Robert Clarkson's sister, and Ruth's aunt. married to William Lark.

Family Group Sheet

William Lark

[Image of William]

William Lark, a shoemaker, married Robert Clarkson's sister Mary Clarkson in 1843. William was fifteen years older than Robert, and was originally from Norfolk, England.

Family Group Sheet

John Larsen

[Image of John]

John Larsen was among the first from Preston ward to serve a foreign mission. He served as first counselor in the bishopric in 1884-1898. In 1898 he became the bishop of Preston Ward and served in this calling until the ward was split in 1902. Ozro bought his clothing store from John Larsen in 1902.

Mary Elizabeth Smith Larsen

"Mammie" was the niece of Ozro and Ruth, the daughter of Ozro's sister, Mary. Mammie was born in 1874. She took care of her bed-ridden mother in her later years. After her marriage, she suffered a nervous collapse. Her husband then deserted her and their young son. She died in 1921.

Archibald Orrell Lamoreaux

[Immage of Archie and Lydia]

Archie Lamoreaux married Ozro Ozias Crockett's sister Lydia Crockett on the same day Ozro and Ruth were married in the Endowment House.

John Marins

The Marins family were neighbors of the Crocketts in Preston.

Marriner W. Merrill

[Image of Bishop Merrill]

When President John Taylor needed to call someone to serve as the first President of the Logan Temple, several prominent men were under consideration, but because of prejudiced reports about Marriner W. Merrill, he was not included among the candidates. However, as President Taylor earnestly prayed for guidance, "a voice seemed to say that the man for the post was Bishop Merrill of Richmond." Because of the reports he had received, the president questioned this impression, so he prayed on. "Then there came the distinct and unmistakable impression of a voice, 'Bishop Merrill of Richmond.'" That settled the matter, and Merrill was chosen as the temple president. Just five years later he also was called as a member of the Quorum of the Twelve. He served in both positions until his death in 1906.

Charles Elphonso Montrose

Charles Montrose was Ozro's cousin. At that time their family was living in Weston Idaho.

David Glen Nuffer

Glen Nuffer was the 13th grandchild of Ozro and Ruth. He was the first child born to Luther and Mary Nuffer. He was born on 24 Mar 1913. In 1933 he married Dorothy Jones. In 1942 they moved to Portland, Oregon where Glen worked in the shipyards and later was a superintendent of a construction company.

Luther Jacob Neufer

[Image of Luther and Mary]

Luther Neufer was the husband of Mary Crockett.

Verda Nuffer

Verda Nuffer was the 15th grandchild of Ozro and Ruth. She was the second child born to Luther and Mary Nuffer. She was born on 14 Nov 1914. In 1933 she married Frank Thelen, and he worked for G.E.

Fabian Ream

[Image of Fabian]

Fabian Ream was the son of Ozro's sister, Nora. He was born in 1891. Fabian stayed with the Crockett family in Cambridge for time, while he worked as the principle of the local school. He married Ruth Johnson in 1925 and they had five children.

George Douglas Ream

[Image of George]

George Ream was the son of Ozro's sister, Nora. He was born in 1895. He received his education from Mary Crockett Smith in Dingle, Ida. He served in the armed forces and married Lucille Krogue in 1923. They settled in Oakland and Albany California and had five children.

Nora Ellen Crockett Ream

[Image of Nora]

Nora Ream was Ozro sister. In 1885, she married William D. Ream. They settled in Dingle Idaho, north of Bear Lake. She died in 1945.

Mary Elizabeth Richardson Reed

Mary Reed was Ozro Crockett's aunt, married to Samuel Jones Reed, the brother of his mother.

Elizabeth Clegg Ridsdale

Elizabeth Clegg Ridsdale was the sister of Ruth's mother, Ann Clegg Clarkson. Elizabeth joined the church in England in 1889 after her husband died.

Andrew Thomas Shumway

Andrew and Polly Shumway were the parents of Estella Crockett

George Albert Smith Shumway

[Image of President Smith]

George Albert Smith was ordained an apostle in 1903 at the age of 33. He later would serve as the prophet and president of the church in 1945.

Mary Sophia Crockett Smith

Mary was Ozro Crockett's older sister. She married Robert Henley Smith. They lived in Logan and Salt Lake, later moving to Preston, Idaho. In 1902 she became very ill with crippling rhematism and was bedfast for the rest of her years. Ruth and the children would go and look in on her and sit with her and help her with what little they could. She later moved to Dingle, Idaho with her sister's family and died in 1908.

Ruth Elizabeth Stoddard

[Image of Ruth]

Ruth Elizabeth Stoddard was the third child born to John and Edna Stoddard and was the 14th grandchild of Ozro and Ruth Crockett. She was born on Oct 2, Ruth married Rex Robinson in 1935 and raised five children in Idaho.

John Telford Stoddard

[Image of John and Edna]

John Stoddard was the husband of Edna Crockett.

Alvira Stout

Alvira Stout was the daughter of the pioneer, Hosea Stout. She was the wife of Charles Robert Clarkson.

Daniel H. Wells

[Image of President Wells]

Daniel Hanmer Wells was born in 1814 at Trenton, New York. He was set apart as second counselor to Brigham Young in 1857. When President Young died, he became a counselor to the Twelve Apostles. He performed the marriage of Ozro O. Crockett and Ruth Clarkson. He died in 1891.

Orson F. Whitney

[Image of Elder Whitney]

Orson F. Whitney was ordained an apostle in 1906. He died in 1931.

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