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On Jan 1st 1879, Ozro O's mother got up a nice wedding dinner for the double wedding, inviting all the families. We all enjoyed it. The evening was spent in singing, reciting, talking, laughing, and jokeing.

On the 3rd Jan, Ozro O. and I called to see my step mother. We found her feeling pretty well. She said she was glad I was married to so good a man. After spending the evening we returned to Ozro O's mother's.

On Jan 6th, Monday, Ozro O, rented a three roomed house and on the 9th Jan, we started house keeping. We were fixed up quite comfortable and were very happy.

On Jan 26, I was sustained to act as a Sunday School teacher in the first ward, our Sunday School meeting in the basement of the Logan Tabernacle. We attended our meetings Sunday School and M.I.A. quite regular, but quite often Ozro O. was off to some other town preaching Sundays as he was a home missionary and was also a ward teacher and had acted as such about four years.

Our young friends called on us in our new home and we surly enjoyed it very much, we had some very sociable times.

On the 1st March, Archie, Lydia, Ozro O. and I all had our photos taken by J.B. Cardon. On 10 March Tues, Ozro O. went to Clarkston Settlement to plow and put in grain on a farm he had rented. We had beautiful spring weather and the snow all gone. It was the first time we had been absent from each other since our marriage so long. He was goon about two weeks. O! my how lonsome I was. They seemed to be the longest days I even knew. I was visiting too among my friends. They all wanted me to visit them before we moved to Clarkston as we inteded doing and live there during the summer.

On 30 of March, Ozro O. returned home. We were so pleased to meet each other. He too had been lonsome. On the 2nd April, we moved all our belongings in one load in a waggon with an ox team, to Clarkston, Cache Co., Utah. I had never before seen the place. I liked the suroundings very well but not the one roomed log house with dirt roof we were to live in. [fn15]*

On the 6th April Sunday, Ozro O. and I took a walk around a few blocks in the morning and over the hills. It was a beautiful morning and we enjoyed our walke very much. After returning home, we ate lunch and attended Sacrament meeting at one O'clock. Towards evening, we walked down to the farm we had rented which was not far from where we lived. We attended meeting in the evening. That spring we read the Book of Mormon. We had read the New Testiment thru during the winter.

On 13 April Sunday, brother J. E. Carlisle called on us, a young man from Logan, our friend. He was teaching school at Clarkston. He had attended Anual Conference the week before at Salt Lake City, he informed us of all the particulars which were very interesting. [fn16]*

While living at Clarkston, we attended meetings quite regular and sometimes Ozro O. still was a home missionary and went off preaching Sundays. On the 13 April Sunday evening, my mother's brother, my Uncle Wm. Clegg of Springville Utah came to visit us. 170 miles. He stoped in Logan on his way up and see my sister Ida who had a home with Sister Ezra Carpenter and she did house work. She was very kind and motherly to Ida and always remained so, years after. We had not seen Uncle for about nine years. After supper, we all attended evening meeting, and Uncle Wm. Clegg lectured on the Bible and then recited a poem entiteled A Plea For The Slighted, one of his own composition being a natural Poet. It was very interesting. He stoped over night returning to Logan the next day. He wished to have a book of his poems printed and was traveling trying to take orders for it. We gave him our order for one.

On the 30th April, Ozro O. and I went to Logan. We attended conference in Logan Tabernacle, and visited among our friends and relatives enjoyed out nice out. We returned home friday 9th of May. About 8 June, Ozro O. took me to Logan to help my step mother. We had recd word that she was sick and with out help. I stayed with her two weeks helping her all I could.

Logan Canyon

Ozro O. was in Logan Canyon working out Temple donation with his oxen snaking out scaffold poles ready for some one else to haul to the temple ground. He worked there about two weeks. [fn17]* On the 26th June Ozro O. left for the Terminus of the U.N. Rail Road to work for Ricks and Hendricks. He left me with his folks, for I was so very lonsome in Clarkston with him away. We had talked and counseled togeather about our circumstances and came to the conclusion he had better leave the crops in some one else's care and go on the Rail Road and work for cash. [fn18]* We coresponded quite regular during his absence. While he was away, I made two new quilts, knit two pair of wool socks for Ozro O., two pair of woolen hose for my self, and prepared a layette for the little stranger we were expecting.

I lived all summer with Ozro's mother and she and the family were all very kind to me. I was ever so lonsome at times and O I missed Ozro O. so much. It was indeed a happy meeting when he returned home on the 4th of Oct, Saturday early in the morning. Ozro O. rented a room of his brother Alvin David and then went to Clarkston with his father's team and waggon and moved our furniture and all our belongings into the room we had rented. Monday, 6 Oct. We were soon all settled and it was so nice to be keeping house again and Ozro O. at home. [fn19]*

On Monday Oct. 27, Ozro O. began clerking in a dry goods and groceries store for Ricks and Sons.

On the 4th of Nov, Tuesday, 6 minutes after 8 in the evening, Ozro O. and I became parents. We were blessed with a very nice baby girl, weight 8 lbs. We were very thankful for her.

Some time in the month of Nov. Ozro was chosen and elected clerk for the School Trustees. During the past year I also reced many good letters from relatives and friends. The end of 1879.


On 1st of Jan., Ozro O. and I attended Fast meeting in the Basement of the Tabernacle and had our baby blessed and named Ruth Ann Crockett. Brother Miles blessed her.

My sister Ida was stoping with us at the time. She came from Sister Ezra Carpenters not feeling well. In a day or two later she broke out with measels. Just as she was getting over them, baby and I came down with them. Alvin D. Crockett's wife Emma bathed and cared for baby and helped in other ways all she could. Through the blessings of God we got along alright and were all well again. Alvin D. and Emma had two little children. They also got the measels but got well over it and soon well again.

1st March. We, Ozro O., baby Ruth and I called on my step mother. She was not feeling very well. In the after noon we moved in with Sister Lydia L. Lamoreaux. She lived about a half block from her parents home on the Logan Island in a one roomed house of their own. Her husband Archie was away from home at work and she was alone with baby Orrell a week younger then our baby. She wished us to come live with her, and it was much nearer to Ozro's work, so we were glad to move in with her and we all got along just fine. During the winter and spring Ozro O. took orders for the History of the World in magazine form came monthly. He made well with it, working before and after store hours. He also took some orders while clerking. We had been saving up money for some time, he done very well on the Rail Road also.

In May, Ozro commenced to build on a lot his father gave him joining his own and Ozro's mother's home. The work went on quite fast and we planed to move in it before the plastering was done, and wait untill we had more money to pay for the finishing up and plastering. Son on the 12 July we moved in our own house. We white washed the Adobae, it was a frame house line with Adobia's. There was one room and closet below and two little bedrooms upstairs. We were realy quite comfortable.

Logan Temple Saw Mill

On the 28 of Aug, Ozro O. went up Logan Canyon according to apointment to work at the Temple Mill to keep the books and attend to the lumber piling, helping load waggons etc. He was gone __ weeks and came home for a day or two to see about getting our house plastered, but we were very muched pleased to visit if it was such a short while. [fn20]* On the 20 Sept, Brother C. O. Card* Superientendent of the Temple Saw Mill and work on the Logan Temple, called on me, and asked if I would go up the Logan Canyon to the temple mill camp and help the girls cook for the men working there. I answered him I would like to go. He wanted to know if I could arrange to go that day. I answered "yes" so arrangements were made for some one to call and they took baby and I to the Temple Saw Mill Camp. It was Joseph Moris who took us, Boss of the work at the Mill.

It was all a surprise to Ozro, my going there, but suited him and he was very pleased to see baby and I. I done the work three weeks with a girl to help me, and then I gave it up as it was getting very cold for baby creeping around on the big bare floors, and I did not want to neglect her. [fn21]* But Supt. C. O. Card wished me to stay there any way if Ozro O. was willing, as chaparone to the girls. He hired another girl in my place and Ozro O. and baby and I had a nice little bedroom with a stove in it. I stayed untill the weather grew so cold that foods froze up in the house and the girls had to wrap up in shawls when they washed their dishes, and as I could not be out in the kitchen to help the girls any longer I left for home. I hated awfuly to go with out Ozro O. for they wanted him to stay untill camp broke up for winter which was not untill Xmas.

So Monday morning 18 Nov, we baby and I left for home. It was a bitter cold ride but we were bundeled up good so we did not suffer. When I reached home, I found our house all plastered and white washed and a pleasent surprise stood in the middle of the floor, a beautiful new cook stove Ozro had bought when he was down once while I was up to the Mill Camp. I sewed rugs and had a new carpet wove and put down and every thing looked "tip top" when Ozro O. came home on the 23rd of Dec. I was sure tickled to see him.

While we were at the mill, they had a good many nice little parties evenings and Sundays they would hold meetings (also M.I.A. meetings) and every night and morning all hands were called to prayers by some one ringing the Bell or I should saw beating a steel tringangle which hung from the Porch roof, with a rod of steel. The cooks beat it when they called the me to their meals.

On Xmas day we were invited to eat dinner with Archie and Lydia and we had them and the folks to our wedding Anni. dinner on the 26 Dec.

On the 31 Dec. I concluded my journal for the year 1880 by writing a poem The Tempest. I haven't time to copy. I will write a few lines from my little book instead.

The Sun my Side. "Let's find the sunnyside of men or belivers in it; A light there is in every soul that takes the pains to win it. Oh, ther's a slumbering good in all and we perchance may wake it; Our hands contain the magic wand. This life is what we make it." End of 1880.

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