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Image of Beverley
Beverley, looking South East from St. Mary's
Tower. North Bar Within to the right.
Saturday Market and Market Cross, top center.
The Minster, top left corner.

October 1851

Saturday Oct. 4. Visited the saints and found them in good standing except Sister Smelt who still continued in the same of mind and was determined to leave the Church.

Sunday the 12th. Visited Sister Hutton with Bro. Lark (Priest) [fn6]* found her weak in the faith and not willing to come up to the duties. We gave her good teaching and left her to act on the same.

Image of Walkergate House
Walkergate House

Saturday 18th. Visited the saints, found them in good standing with out exception. Sisters Smelt and Hutton having got their grieveances settled.

Sunday 19th. I took a district for distributing tracts beginning at Norwood Corner going down walker gate as far as Dyer Lane. Attended the meetings during the day, and at a quarter to six in the evening I with Bros. Harper and Lark, & Smith from Hull went on to the market Cross, when Bro. Lark spoke a little, after which we sang to our room, [fn7]* and Elder A. Smith advised a goodly audience. Then Bros. Harper, Lark, and myself took him part way to Hull.

Image of Saturday Market
Saturday Market, where
Market Cross is located.

Map of Beverley, showing the street they walked on.

Monday Oct 20th. Visited Bro. Spencer found him in good standing striving to gain knowledge.

21st Tuesday Night attended Councel meeting. Officers present Elders A. Findley & J. Harper, President, W. Lark (Priest) myself & T. Adamson Decon. My contributions & Books were overlooked and found correct. It was then proposed by Elder Allen Findley that there should be district meetings held at Bro. W. Larks house on Monday nights & at Bro Chas. Nunn's on Friday nights each to commence at half past seven O'clock. It was seconded by J.H. & carried unanimous. It was also proposed by Elder Harper and seconded by Thomas Adamson that we have a cold water party on the 24th of November for the purpose of raising our rent. I then gave report of the saints good standings. The counsel then closed at 9-30 O'clock.

Image of Walkergate houses
Walkergate Nos 88-92

Sunday 26th. After breakfast I went to Bro. Larks and commenced writing. About half past nine Bros. Smith & Vernon came in from Hull. Then Bro Lark and I set out circulating beliefs comencing at Dyer Lane, passing down Walker Gate, Norwood & Mill Lane then went to our place of meeting and attended the services during the day. At Night Bro. & Sister Harper, Bro. & Sis Adamson, Bro. Lark, sister Smelt, Sis. Nunn and myself accompanyed Bros. Smith & Vernon down to Beckside, where we all sang "Jesus Mighty King in Zion." We then parted. [fn7.1]*

Image of Beckside

Monday 27th. Attended preaching at Bro Larks.

Tuesday 28th. Visited Adamson and found him in good standing. Bro A. Findley and I visited Bro. Spencer found him earnest in the search for knowledge. One of his children was very ill. Elder Findley anointed it & prayed over it. The next day the child was a great deal better.

Wednesday 29th attended meeting at our room. Bro Harper read from the "Pearl of Great Price."

November 1851

Saturday Nov 1st. Visited Sisters Nunn, Hutton & Clegg,* found them in good standing.

Sunday 2nd. Visited Bro and Sis Adamson and found them rather unsettled in family affairs. Bro. Harper gave them good counsel and we left them. But at night they came up to their duties. We also visited Sis. Smelt and found her in good standing.

Mon 3rd. After I left work I went to Sister Clegg's and called for elder A Findley and then went to visit Bro. Spencer. We found him in good standing.

Wednesday 5th. Attended preaching at our room. Elder Findley spoke.

Saturday Nov. 8th. Visited the saints and found them in good standing.

Saturday 15th. Ditto.

Monday 24th. We had our social meeting. About 40 saints came from Hull. We also had a few strangers. There were 90 folks sat down to eat, after which we had a choice selections of songs and recitations etc. Elder Hardy President of the conference, succeding Elder Findley presided. We were also honored by the presence of Bro. Brewerton President of the Edingborogh* Conference.

Sunday 30th Visited Sister Adamson in connection with Bro. W. Lark & found her in good standing. .rh on

December 1851

Tuesday Dec. 2. Went with Bro. J. Harper to visit Bro. & Sis. Spencer & Sister Clegg. and found them in good standing.

Saturday 6th. Visited the saints & found them in good standing.

Dec 6. Visited the saints & found them in good standing.

Dec. 25th Christmas day. Went to Hull to social which began about 4 O'clock, with refreshments of Ham & Beef Sandwitches. There was a choice selections of Songs and recitations and addresses, with other refreshments, also a brass band & a Piano Forte. The meeting closed about 12 O'clock. Then I with Bro. Harper, Bro. Wm Clegg from Sheffield* Conference & sister Smelt walked home reaching Beverly between 3 & 4 O'clock.

Sunday Dec 28th. After dinner went to visit the saints in Lockington found them good in faith and desiring to press forward (3 in number).

January 1852

January 3rd 1852. Visited the saints found them all in good standing excepting Bro. & Sis. Adamson [fn7.2]* who possess hard feelings against Bro Harper & sister Smelt.

Jan 5. Visited Bro & Sis. Clegg and found them striving for knowledge and rejoicing in their calling. I then went down to Bro. Larks who accompanied me in visiting Bro & Sister Adamson. We opened the meeting by prayer, that the things which were amiss might be brought out and set right which had its desired effect. We then gave them counsel and teaching sutable and left them to act accordingly intending to visit them again shortly.

Image North Bar. . Image North Bar Without
North Bar - North Bar Without

Wednesday 6th. Attended meeting at our room. Bro Harper spoke a little & then some of the saints bore their testimoneys after which Sister Ann Clegg [fn8]* and Sister Adamson with myself took a walk up North Bar Street and New Walk returning home about half past nine. [fn9]*

Image of New Walk
New Walk Nos. 2-10

Thursday 7th. I went down to the water [fn10]* with sister A. Clegg, Bro. Harper, Bros Lark, and Clegg and sister Hutton to baptize Mrs Allen.

Sunday 18th. Attended meetings in forenoon and likewise in the afternoon. There was a goodly number of saints assembled. Sister Lusamrah often spoke in toungs and Bro. Lark interperted. [fn11]* The spirit of the Lord was in attendance. Bro. Harper organized the saints into visiting companies for the purpose of visiting old acquantences and teaching them the principals of Christ and invite them to meeting as follows. Bro Lark, Adamson, Spencer & myself. Sisters Harper, Jenkinson, Adamson & Spencer. Sisters Lark, Ann Leaf Clegg, Smelt, and Nunn. Sister's Clegg, Allen, Hutton, Yeaman, Jane Ann Allen and Sarah Adamson.

Saturday 24th. Visited the saints and found them in good standing.

Sunday 25th. Attended the morning meeting after which Bro Harper found some fault with Bro. Adamson the decon, for not fullfilling his office for which he got affended and threw up his office.

Monday 26th. Left work at dark with leave to stay out all night in consequence of my Father leaving to go to Australia [fn12]* at 3 O'clock on Tuesday morning for Liverpool.

Saturday 31st. Visited the saints and found them all in good standing.

February 1852

Feb 8th 1852. [fn13]* Attended Counsel meeting. Officers present were Elders A. Harmon,* [fn14]* F. Havroy, Allen Findley, Joseph Harper, (priest) Wm Lark and teacher R. Clarkson and Decon Thomas Adamson. Meeting commenced by singing. Prayer by President Hardy. Bro. Harmon gave some instructions on the duty of officers & the necesity of obidence also the blessings following obidence. He also spoke of the raising of the temple of the Lord at Salt Lake City. Also the offerings of the saints to assist in building it and the blessings derived from it. [fn15]* He spoke of the perpetual emigration fund [fn16]* the good to get from contributing to it and how it was opporate. He also spoke of the Conference fund to enable Pres. Hardy to carry on the work in the Conference & to assist him in all things nessary. Pres. Hardy next spoke and added some aditional remarks on the above subjects after which other necessary buisness was attended to. [fn17]*

Feb 10th. Attended counsil meeting officers present were Elders Joseph Harper and A Findley, Priest Wm Lark, Teacher R. Clarkson. Elder Harper opened meeting by prayer. The visitors reported the saints in good standing. Professed & carried that there be a collection taken up to assist Elder Wallace to return to his family in Utah. The various items were brought forward and carried in due order which cannot be interted here for want of space.

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