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William Comish (1805-1877)

Submitted by Geneve Comish Nelson (great-granddaughter)

William Comish was born May 20, 1805 at Kirkarbray Isle of man. He was the son of John Comish and Margaret Duggan. His parents had six sons and one daughter. They lived at Arbory, Isle of Man. 

William married Elizabeth Keig of Kirkerrise, Isle of Man. Nine children were born to this union, they were: Jane Comish, married Robert Ashton; William Kegg Comish, married Anna Cook; Margaret Comish, married Thomas Rouche; Elizabeth Comish, married George Whittaker; John Comish, married Esther Stanford; Ellen Comish, married Mark Preece; Robert Nephi Comish, married Emma Jane Howland; Emma Comish, married #1 George Densmore, #2 Mr. Brown, #3 George Booth; Joseph Comish, died when seven years of age.

William Comish was converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and baptized a member of the Church October 28, 1841 by John Taylor when he was on his first mission to Great Britain. William's wife joined the church in 1848 and they began making preparations to come and settle with the Saints in Utah.

In 1849 William and his daughter Jane left the isle of Man and emigrated to St. Louis, where they earned enough money to send for the other members of the family, who arrived in St. Louis in 1851. They resided there for four years accumulating wagons, oxen and the necessary provisions for crossing the plains. In 1855 they joined Captain John Hindley's company of Saints, which consisted of two hundred people. They traveled with heavy covered wagons and ox-teams and were the first company of the season to make the journey. They entered Salt lake City September 3, 1855, very tired after the long trip.

They lived at Kaysville, Utah for five years. William received his endowments and was sealed to his wife April 3, 1857 at the Endowment House with Heber C. Kimball performing the ceremony.

On July 28,1875 William was baptized at the Endowment House for his father, John Comish; his grandfather, Henry Comish; and Thomas Duggan and for his brothers John, Henry, Richard and Robert; for his brother-in-law John Matherel and some nephews.

On April 13, 1860 he and his family moved to Franklin, Idaho. He was one of the first men to enter Franklin and was one of the first pioneers of Idaho. His name is engraved on the Pioneer Monument at Franklin.

William was a farmer, took active part in the early activities of the town. He was a High Priest and an active church worker. He was a strong active man and made a good living for his family. He died December 16, 1877 and was buried in the Franklin, Idaho cemetery.

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