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My sister Ida and myself went on an excursion to Salt Lake City to stay a while, our train left Logan 31 Aug, 1877. We went to our Aunt Mary Larnk who had raised our brother Charles. She lived at Big Cotton Wood South of Salt Lake City about 12 miles. We attended Pres. Brigham Young's funeral services about a day or two later. He lay in state in the large Tabernacle and we went with our cousins to see him in his casket the day before the services. [fn10]*

I asked Aunt Mary to get me a good place to work at house work, and she got me the chance to work for Apostle George Q. Cannon's* 1st wife Elizabeth H. Cannon.* They lived on a farm three miles south west of town (S.L. City), which later on became Farmers Ward. I went to live with her on the 11th Sept, the day before my 20th birthday, in 1877. I found it to be a good home, Sister Cannon was like a very kind and patientful mother to me. We rode to town and back in a one seated buggy with one horse, I went on shoping errands to town for Mrs Cannon often, and sometimes I attended Sun. School and meetings and visited with my cousin Mrs. Bell Knight, of the 1st Ward. While I lived with Mrs Cannon. I coresponded with many dear girl friends of Logan Utah.

Dec 2, 1877. I went to cottonwood and kept house for my Aunt Mary Lark's family while she was nursing Mrs. Rosa Lambert a confinment case, and my sister Ida worked for Sister Cannon in my place for a while, and then she would go back to Aunt Mary's home.

In Dec 30, 1877, Mrs. Cannon sent for me to come back and keep house for part of her family while she and her younger children went with Bro. Cannon to Washington D.C. He was going to congress. [fn11]* I said I would keep house for her so Ida and I changed she went to Aunt Mary'sand I went to Sister Cannon's. They were all pleased to see me back again.


On Jan 7, 1878, brother and sister Cannon with their small children started for Washington D.C. I felt quite lonely after they left and it took some time before I could get used to house keeping. It was quite a trial to me in a great many ways, but by being prayerful and trusting in God for help, I got along alright. Sister Cannon and I coresponded quite regular which was a source of help and encouaregment to me. I kept house for one and sometimes two of the Cannon sons John Q.* and Abram H.* and two farm hands.

Mrs. Martha T. Cannon and about six children lived in the same house in adjoining rooms and we neighbored a lot and got along fine. My dear friend Mrs. Rosa Lambert, an adopted daughter of sister Cannon's was a near neighbor and we visited back and fourth and spent many happy hours to geather.

On the 7th Apr. 1878, I attended Anual Conference of the L.D.S. Church in the large tabernacle, in S.L. City Utah, and I met many of my dear friends from Logan Utah. Among Whome Were Ozro O. Crockett, his sister Lydia and my sister Ida. We were all so pleased to meet.

In May 1878, I received a letter from my friend Mrs. Rachel Cambel of Logan Utah. She would like very much to have me come make my home with them. It had been my desire to go back to Logan as soon as I could. I answered the letter by promiseing to go when Mrs. Cannon returned home. In June 1878, Brother and Sister Cannon and children returned home from Washington D.C. Sister Cannon was well pleased with every thing and very well satisfied with my house keeping. I showed her the letter I recd from Mrs. Rachel Cambel of Logan Utah. She answered she would like to have me stay longer with her, however she felt that I needed a change. She told me to act according to my own feelings. She gave me some very good advise, said I might try the new place with Mrs. Cambel if I wished, but to go back to her if I was not suited.

On July 4th, I attended a Grand Consert in the large Tabernacle with part of sister Cannon's family. I enjoyed it very much. On July 5, 1878, my sister Ida left Aunt Mary Lark's to live with Sister Cannon. After I left for Logan on the 7th July 1878 I took the train for Logan Utah, arriving their 2 P.M. same day. I went directly to Mrs. Cambel's home. They were very pleased to see me and wished me to make myself right at home.

That evening, I walked up town it was Sunday and I met with several of my young friends. We were all so pleased to meet again. I indeed felt very happy, also greatful to my Heavenly Father that I had returned to Logan well and safe and had been preserved in the path of virtue. I called on my friend Miss Ellen Ricks and met several other girl friends. It was a happy meeting, one that I will long remember. We all attended evening meeting and greatly enjoyed it.

I liked my new home with < a href="fn3.html#Rachel Cambel">Mrs. Cambel very well. I attended Sunday School meetings and choir practice as much as I could. I now felt quite happy and contented and altho I had seen sad days and been tryed in many ways, I felt as though there was a glorious future awaiting me.

Aug. 1878. I attended Stake Conference in the Logan Tabernacle. [fn12]* On the evening of the first day of Conference, some of the Twelve Apostles and a great many Saints went up on Temple Hill east of Logan where the Logan Temple was being built, and the Apostles buried a copy of each of the L.D.S. Church works, books, pamphlets etc. in the South East corner of the temple walls, about the top of the first story for future generations. [fn13]* I was among the Saints there at that time, and enjoyed it all very much.

On the 11th of Aug, 1878, I attended Sun. School and meeting after which Miss Lydia Crockett invited me to her home to spend the remaining afternoon. I had been there several times visiting with her, and was aquainted with her folks. There was a bunch of young folks there this afternoon, and after conversing a while laughing and talking, some one started a program calling on the bunch first one and then another to entertain. So there was singing, recitations, and jokes. I was generaly called on to sing. We alll enjoyed the nice little social. About dark, I was ready to leave when Ozro O. Crockett accompanyed me home to Mrs. Rachel Cambel's. Before leaving me, he asked for my company as a brother. I promised thinking it very kind of him as I had no brother there or father living to escort me to and from singing practises and night meetings. I attended two singing practises a week, the Logan Choir and the Sunday school preparing for a Jubilee.

On the 29 Aug, 1878, I left Mrs. Cambel's to live with my step mother to help her as she was sick. I lived with her a month and as she could then get along without me, I got a place to work for my support.

On the 7th Sept, 1878, I attended the Sabbath School Jubilee for Cache Valley in the Logan Tabernacle. The whole assembly room was crowded, the singing was wonderful, and some very good talks were given. We had such lovily songs and I had taken a great interest in learning them and attending the singing practises.

On the 115 of Sept 1878, I was engaged to Ozro O. Crockett and promised to become his wife in the coming December. At the time I was still living with my step mother. That evening after retireing home, how I could not go to sleep, I was not sleepy, I was very happy and had a feeling like my whole room was filled with holy angels, and that was a great testimony to me that I had done the right in promesing to become Ozro O. Crockett's wife.

On Monday Sept 16, 1878, I left my step mother's to work for Mrs. Armond, an old lady and her husband, living in Logan 4th Ward, just a half block west of "The Lunquest Hall" where I had attended High School. Mrs. Cambel had to seek other help when I left to take care of my step mother.

I often reced nice letters from my girl friends in Salt Lake City, among them was one from my friend Miss Sarah A. Jinkens with an invitation from her self and future husband Abram H. Cannon for me to attend their wedding which was to take place Oct. 16, 1878. She enclosed a $10.00 bill for my R.R. ticket and wrote for me not to disapoint them they would be at the station to meet me on the evening of 15 Oct. So I prepared and made all arrangments, and was at the station in Salt Lake City at the apointed time and they were there to meet me it was raining, and they walked carried an umbraela. We were very please to meet. I visited at the George Q. Cannon farm where I used to live. I visited with my sister Ida who was still working for Mrs. Elizabeth H. Cannon. Mrs. Cannon was very pleased to see me and I to see her. I also visited with Mrs. Rosa Lambert, my bear friend. She helped me make a dress. I was to two wedding dinners, one at the bride's mother's and one at Abram H. Cannon's mother's, the woman I had worked for.

I was gone from Logan eleven days and greatly enjoyed my self. I returned home Oct. 26, 1878. I continued to live with Mrs. Armond untill Nov 11, 1878. The lady did not need a girl longer. I visited with my friend Miss Ellen Ricks who had invited me to stay a while with her while preparing for my marriage. I stayed with her one week. When on the 18 Nov. 1878, I went to work for Mrs. Joseph Goddard. I had worked for her before. I worked for her this time untill 22 Dec, 1878 and then my intended husband wished me to go to his mother's untill we should start for Salt Lake City.

So I went and helped his sister Lydia prepare lunch for our trip. Archie Lamoreaux, Lydia Crockett, Ozro O. Crockett and I left Logan on the morning of the 23rd Dec, 1878 for Salt Lake city in a covered waggon with horse train. We stayed nights with friends and relatives along the way. We arrived in Salt Lake City Xmas day. We went to the home of Ozro's sister Mary S. Smith.

On the 26 Dec, 1878, we all four walked to the Endowment House Salt Lake City and reced. Endowments and were married sealed for time and eternity. [fn14]* After I was married before I left the Endowment house, I received a strong testimony that I had done right in marrying Ozro O. Crockett. For over fifty one years that testimony remains with me still strong as ever.

Brother Daniel H. Wells married us. We called on Mrs. Cannon and my sister Ida who was intending to ride home to Logan with us, so she got ready and went with us. Sister Cannon made us welcome and made me a nice wedding present. We also called on my friend Rosa Lambert.

We started for home on the 27th Dec, 1878. The weather was quite cold but we all had a jolly good time, and stayed over night with friends and relatives, the same as coming to Salt Lake. One of our horses took sick and we had to leave it at Farmington the people Ozro's 2nd cousin let us take on old grey mare of their's which traveled very slowly, so we did not get back to Logan untill Tuesday evening, New Year's eve 31 Dec. And thus ended the eventful year of 1878

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