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August 1914

Geo and family went by train to their home in Bancroft (as the Dr that Estella would get on all right with out his treatment) and Husband and I took Mabel home with us. She had enjoyed the baths, had gone to dances, and had a nice time in Bancroft on the 24th with Geo R. and family, joining in the celebration there. We had more nice baths at the Springs and enjoyed our trip. We returned home Aug 1 and made all the haste we could as we were expected to meet the evening train at Downey, for the folks from Salt Lake. When we returned home we found the house all clean with beautiful boquets of flowers on table and stand baking done and preparations going on for an early supper when the folks would be with us from Salt Lake. After lunch, and the horses had been fed and rested, O.O. and I went to Downey in our white top to do som trading and meet the train. The 6 P.M. train was on time and David and Elva came OK, but Mary and baby had stoped off at Dayton and was met by her sister in law Agnes Nuffer who took her to Preston to stay a few days and put up some fruit. It seemed so good to see David and Elva with us. We ceartenly enjoyed their coming and are looking forward to Marys coming with joy. When we reached home the girls had supper all ready, a delicious one, it was too. We ate, done our chores, had a good visit, and retired.

Sunday 2 Aug. Just as we were all ready for Sabbath school, (David said he would accompany us to). John, Edna and the children drove up to the gate. We invited them to go with us. They were willing, so we all went except Elva, Earl, and Buelah. After returning home, we prepared dinner (Elva had kept the chicken boiling during our absence). It was fast day and O.O., Lucile and me fasted untill dinner. We had a nice chicken dinner cake pie and delicious ice cream. John brought ice cream with them. Also some new potatoes. They stayed over night and we all enjoyed our visit very much. Ruth A's visit was at an end for she had to go home and be ready for work the next day and Mabel wished to go with her so we took them and the little girls to Downey station and they left on the 5-35 P.M. train for Dayton where Edwin would meet them and take them to Preston.

Monday Aug 3. Edna and family returned home. David started to mow our lucern. H e will help his father get up the second crop of hay between 2 and 3 P.M. We had a heavy thunder storm and rain, a cloud burst and water came down in a flood. After the rain stoped, O.O. watered all our poplar trees in the grove with the flood of water that came down the hallow. They needed the water badly. The flood continued for some time.

Tuesday Aug 4. Besides my general morning wash, I read a good share of the day in the book of Mormon and towards evening picked some currents, Elva rode horse back to Ednas 14 miles and helped her wash the next day, then rode back 14 miles and was sick the rest of the week. She was'ent used to horse back riding.

Wednesday Aug 5. O.O. and I went to Downey, he on buiseness, I done some trading and we also tryed to make arrangments with a photographer to take our family group picture. We seem nearer getting togeather then we have for years, thanksgiving 1906 was the last time we were all to geather. We expect to be all to geather on Sunday Aug 9th. Jennie and Lucile washed to day and cleaned four rooms and will fold the clothes for ironing (tomorrow) this evening. We expect Mary and her dear little Glen tomorrow.

Thursday Aug 6, Jennie rode home back to Downey and posted cards to our absent children stating the photographer will be ready to take the family group next Sunday, Aug 9 at noon, asking them to sure be here. Towards evening, O.O. and I rode to Downey and met Mary and her babe on the 6 P.M. train. We were all very pleased to see each other. Arriving at home we found the house all in order and the girls had supper prepared, and pretty bouquets of flowers in the house and the table set. After supper was over and our evening work done up, we spent a very sociable time. David practised on the cornet (he belongs to the Post Master band). Mary played on the organ and we had much to talk about.

Saturday Aug 8th. The wind came up in the after noon so the men had to stop hay hauling and all except John went to Marshels Hot Springs to take bathes. He stayed to answer the phone message we were expecting from Geo R. in Bancroft Ida. He was also looking for Edna and the children from Lone Pine to spend Sunday with us. We enjoyed the baths just fine, then rode to Downey, done some trading, and found Edwin and family, and Ruth A. just came on the train from Preston, Ida. Also Mabel came with them. They all came to prepare for the family group picture the next day. They had phoned home and John went in his buggy to Downey to meet them, so we were soon on our way fro home, two buggy loads. There was a folly crowd at home that night and there was something doing making beds for all. After supper was over, about dark, Edna and her little ones came. She was met about a half mile from our home by Mary and Lucile who walked to meet her and rode back. The next thing was to catch chickens for Sunday dinner. David helped me 1 A.M. We had been waiting for the train, to see if George would be there but he wasn't.

We arose early Sunday morning Aug 9, had an early breakfast, done our morning work and churning, dressed and prepared the chickens for dinner, and then prepared to go to Downey to meet the photographers. We left home in three buggys and met George R. in Downey. He came on the noon train from Bancroft Ida.

[Image of the family portrait]
Edwin Alvin - George Robert - Ozro David
Mary - Ruth Ann - Edna
Jennie - Ruth - Ozro Ozias - Elva
Lucille - Earl Clarkson - Mabel

We rested in O.O.'s office a while, then all walked over to the Photo Gallery and had our family group photo taken, something we had all wished for a long time. It was the first meeting of Husband and me with all our children for eight years and 9 months when we met on a thanksgiving and Husbands birthday combined. We bought some ice, then all got in the buggies and all drove to Bungalow Farm (our home) in great hast. We soon had a fire agoing and quickly prepared a delicious dinner, fried spring chickens, new potatoes and ect. While the girls and me prepared dinner and set the table, David, Edwin, George R. and John made about two gal of splendid ice cream without freezers. We all enjoyed our dinner fine. There was 21 of us in all, six grand children were there. When dinner was over, there was some hurraying done in order to get some of the folks off on the 5 P.M. train. Edwin and family, Ruth A. (she left children in Preston) Mabel and Geo R. went on the 5 Oclock train, all except Clyde, I should say, who stayed to visit longer with Earl, [fn66]* Husband and David took them to the train, and John, Edna, their little ones and Elva went to Lone Pine, with the expetation of meeting some of us folks the next day to joine them in a fishing and hunting trip on cotton wood creek. We all wanted Husband to go but he wouldent hear to it as he had some more hay to haul, so John offered his hired boy to help him. I wanted to stay home, but they all got after me, Husband too, and persuaded me to go so I promised. We done some baking and cooking Sunday after noon, preparing for the trip.

Was up very early the next morning, Monday Aug 10 and all worked fast to get off early. David, Mary, Glen, Clyde, Earl and me left home for the trip that morning Early and soon reached Edna's where we found them all ready. John's hired boy rode horse back to our home to help O.O. with the hay. We rode over a mountain where there was some rought riding places. After about a two hours drive, we found a good camping place and a pretty one by cotton wood creek. There was very many large bunches of green willows, plenty of green grass every where and nice shade, plenty of dry wood to cook with and to make large camp fires after dark, before bed time, and in the morning to get warm by, for the air was cool. David and John unhooked the teams and sent them to a pasture near by they had engaged by the little boys Earl and Clyde. While they fixed up camp, prepared a shade, hung up the hamock and then we had a nice lunch and they went off fishing. The girls and me kept the little boys near camp. They geathered a nice lot of fire wood for us to cook with and fished near by. David and John came back in the evening with plenty of fish (trout) for supper and one chicken for breakfast. We had a fire and the potatoes boiling when they came. We enjoyed our supper just fine. Elva was feeling much better. She had felt poorly for several days. We made our beds and retired.

The next morning after a hearty and tasty breakfast, David and John went fishing and hunting. Earl, Clyde and me went for a walk while the girls and their babies, and Elva rested in the shade. We enjoyed our meals in the camp,had plenty of fish and chickens, enjoyed the cool shade, clear cold water and our resting in the Hamock, or on our quilts reading and talking, sometimes reading aloud.

Wednesday Aug 12. After breakfast and the dishes washed, we broke up camp and started for home at 8.10 A.M., arriving home five hours later. We passed by John's farm and bade them good day by their gate. We found Jennie and Lucile washing. Their father had his hay all hauled. Well I was very glad to be home again. It is a dear spot to me and I am all ways pleased to get back after taking trips off. Husband and the girls enjoyed the fish we brought home. David and his father drove to Downey after dinner and Mary prepared for her trip home with David the next day, as David has to start work on the 14 or Aug.

Thursday Aug 13. We arose early, prepared breakfast, and helped David, Mary, and Glen off on the train for Salt Lake City. Husband and me accommpanned them to Downey where they took the 6 A.M. train. After kisses and a hearty hand shake, we bade them good by, all feeling we had enjoyed a good visit. Husband and I then rushed home to attend to the chores. The house seemed pretty lonly for a few days after our children had gone to their homes.

Friday Aug 14. We had the Headers come cut 30 acres of our grain. THey left next day after noon, ate four meals. We will get them later to cut 15 acres grain that is not ripe now.

Saturday Aug 15. Agnes Nuffer, Mary's sister in law came from Preston by train to visit. The girls, Jennie and Lucile met her in Downey and brought her home in the buggy. She visited with us ten days. We enjoyed her companey very much.

[Image of George Albert Smith] [Image of J. Golden Kimball]
George Albert Smith - J. Golden Kimball

Aug 16 Sunday. We arose early, had breakfast, done our work. Nine of us got ready and went by team to McCannon (about 18 miles) and attended Pocatello Stake conference. I enjoyed the ride splendid. We were late, but attended the morning meeting. Apostle Geo A. Smith and Pres Golden Kimbal were in attendence. The singing and speaking was very good. After meeting we ate our lunch. In the afternoon meeting, Counselor H. Woodland was released according to his desire and Elder W.W. Henderson of Arimo, Idaho was put in his place, is a very good man. He was called on to speak, but was quite over come in his feelings with the surprise and honor placed up on him and showed great humility and a desire to obey every call of the Priesthood. The whole conference was very good. I enjoyed it well. It was quite a rest and refreshing. The joy and satisfaction I get out of my religion is worth more to me then any worldly pleasures. After returning home, our nephew Fabian Ream, with a crowd of young folks in an attomobile called on us and spent the evening. Before they left, Fabian had our consent for Jennie to go to Dingle, Bear Lake, to his home the next day with him, his girl Blanch Coffin, and a friend of his.

So Early Monday morning Aug 17 they called for Jennie and she went to stay a week and visit her Aunt Nora and family and had a delightful time. About noon the same day, Husband and our grandson, Clyde Crockett went by train to Preston Idaho. Husband went on business and Clyde to his home. Lucile and Agnes Nuffer rode as far as Downey with them and walked back, was tired out. They carried ten of our family group pictures with them. O.O. took two with him to the children in Preston. We are disapointed in the pictures. They were not taken good but we are all pleased to think we have them, poor as the work is on them. We will hope to get a better one some day when we can all meet again.

Aug 19. O.O. returned from Preston, left the folks all well.

Friday Aug 21. Husband and I rode to Lava Hot Springs in our one seated buggy.

20th, 21st and 22nd were three days for celebrating the opening of the large new Sanatorium at Dempsey. It had just been compleated. A beautiful building and very nice and convenient. We thot we would take one of the days in. We went thru Smith Canyon. We each took a bath in the old bath house as we prefered them. The new one was so crowded, close and warm. We had lunch, stayed around Demsey, three hours and returned home by Arimo, had a swift ride. I enjoyed it very much. We had a very nice out.

Sunday 23 Aug. We attended sabbath school and afternoon after which we rode to Downey and took Agnes Nuffer to the train. After reaching there, she found from a telephone message her folks could not meet her until the coming tuesday, so she returned home with us.

Tues Aug 25. Lucile took Agnes Nuffer to the train and met Jennie who came by train with Blanch Coffin from Dingle, Bear Lake, that day. They had had a splendid visit, could never tire of telling over the good times enjoyed at her Aunt Noras. She was gone one week. We were pleased to see her home with us again. We are anciously watching for the papers to read the war news. This is the fourth week since war broke out in Europe. Four or five countrys already engaged in war and other countrys proclaiming war. Some mighty battles have been fought with heavy loses on both sides. [fn67]*

On Aug 26, Mabel and Thelma came from Preston, phoned home, they were in Downey. We were greatly surprised. We drove to Downey and brought them home. Mabel told us she had promised to work for Mrs. Ezra Murrells in Pocatello and Thelma came on a visit. It seems as tho our life at home is a very eventful one, full of changes. We don't like our girls working in Pocatello or any of the large cities, but Mabel had given her promise and seeing it was a good Mormon family she was agoing to, and she was of age. We consented for her to go.

On Thursday Aug 27, we received a telephone message from Ruth A. telling us brother Henry W. Crockett's baby boy, Wallace was dead, died in Provo of bowel complaint and was brought to Logan for burryal. We were very sorry to hear the sad news.

Friday Aug 28. Ozro and I started at 9 A.M. to Preston in our one seated top buggy, arrived there about 2 P.M., found all the folks well, ate with Edwin, Lena, Ruth A. adn the children. Visited with all and slept in Ruth's house close by.

Aug 29. We arose early, had breakfast and went to the station. Took the 7 A.M. train. (O.O., Clyde and me) for Logan to attend the funeral. At Whitney Station, sister Bell Crockett got on also going to the funeral. At Logan station we were met by brother Hyrum E. Crockett. We all waited a few moments for the train from the South and met sister Delia A. Curtis, her daughter, Ethel, and Framk Turner, Hyrum's brother in law, all from Rexberg Idaho, also came to attend the funeral. We all got on the street car. O.O. and I rode to the east end of Logan and called on my sister, Ida and her daughter in law Kate Adams. Idagot ready and went with us to Mrs Turners, Henry Crockett's mother in law, where he and family were. We see and talked with them in their great loss. We see the sweet little dear in his pretty white casket. He was a beautiful baby, nearly two years of age. From Mrs Turners we went to brother Hyrums residence, a half block away. Most of the Crockett relatives met there, ate meals and some stayed over night. We attended the funeral at 2 P.M. in the 7th Ward meeting house. Bp. Hyrum E. Crockett taking charge. There were a great many beautiful flowers. The speaking a singing was very good. Stake Pres. Surge Balliff was in attendence and spoke some very comforting words. The services over, we followed the remaines to the cemetery. That same evening, O.O. returned home as I should say to Preston on business of importance. Lena and Clyde also went with him. The folks persuaded me to stay untill Sunday evening when sister Bell Crockett must also go home. So Sister Delia and I stayed over night with sister Roxie Hopkins at her home, and enjoyed our visit with her and family.

The next day, Sunday, we all rode to brother John A. Crockett's residence where we were invited to dinner, calling on the way for Bell Crocketts, to go with us. She was visiting her sister Annie Shaub. We enjoyed our visit very much. John and his wife Annie have a large beautiful residence furnished grand. After dinner, Delia and Bell drove down for Hyrum and Ethel, brought them to John's and he had his horse and surrey made ready and we all rode up to the Logan Cemetery and looked at the graves of all our dead relatives that are buried there. I visited my father and step mother's graves. From the cemetery, John A. Crockett and wife took Bell and I to Turner's residence to say good by to brother Henery and family and then took us to the station to take the train to Preston. Just before getting on the car, we met sister Ida and two of her boys. We were soon on our way and was met in Preston by my dear Husband, Ruth A. and the children. That night, Husband and I stayed with Edwin and family, ate breakfast with them and Ruth.

After Ruth A. went to the store to work, I called on my friend, Millie Galightly, who was just recovering from an awful sick spell. We enjoyed our little visit. Husband and I ate dinner with Ruth A. and Wilora, then we got ready and started for home in our buggy, 31 of August, the last day of summer. We found all well at home.

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