May 1914

May 2. Saturday evening Fabian Ream and his brother George Douglas came to visit us and stayed over night. They attended sabbath school and meeting with us. We all rode to Downey after meeting where Geo D. Ream took the 5-45 train for Pocatello where he is attending school. Fabian is boarding with Arlie Dewey at Cambridge Ida. Jennie came from Demsey on the noon train. She had stayed with Estella five weeks and was home sick. The weather was cold.

Monday May 4. I went to Demsey Hot Springs by train to help Estella one week until she could get some one else. I arrived at the springs between 1 and 2 P.M. George R. had taken the Early morning train to Bancroft to his work expecting one of us to go up on the next train. I found her feeling fine and able to do quite a bit with her lame arm. Her Dr is helping her a great deal. The weather was cold. Took one bath.

May 5. I washed and cleaned the lenouleum, wrote a letter to O.O., did some reading, took two baths.

May 6. Helped with the work and took three baths.

May 7. Accommpaned Estella to the Dr. Received letters from Jennie and Lucile, stating their father had gone to Logan on business. I took three baths.

May 8. I receive a card with a pritty sentament on in honor of Mothers day May 10 from Ruth A. I answered it with a letter and also wrote David, Mary, and Edna. The weather would be very pleasent in deed if we had'ent so much wind. Took three baths.

May 9. Went thru the same program as every day since coming to the springs, doing the work, bathing, cooking, baking, and ect. When in the Dr's office with Estella to day she asked him to explain the chart of spinal column to me. It was most interesting showing how the little cushins between the bones in the spine become pinched up caused by over work to heavy lifting or other causes those by disabeling the nerves leading there to as it shuts off nerve food for them from the brain. All the nerves run up the spine to the brain and there receive nerve food. The three upper most small bones in the spine with cushins efects the eyes, ears, and nose.

May 10. Mother's day. George R. came to the camp on the Ping pong and stayed untill the next morning. We were all very pleased to see him. About an hour later, Estellas brother Jimie Shumway and family also her sister Irene, her husband and little ones came to camp to visit us. They brought a quantity of nice food, took dinner with us. We had a fine visit with them. They, all except I Shumway and baby left for home soon after dinner, she promised to stay a week with Estella at the springs. I took four baths on the 10th.

Monday May 11th. I returned home by tram. Estella accompaned me to the station, helped carry my telescope. She and George (before he left) thanked me very much for helping them. I took a bath that morning. Husband and Earl were at the Downey station to meet me. They all and I too, were pleased to see me home again. The trees and lawn looked very pretty to me and it seemed so good to be at home again. The girls got on very well with the work during my absence. Soon after my return on the 11th, we received a phone from brother Alvin D. Crockett who had got off the train and was in Downey, was coming to see us. O.O. hurrayed and hooked up the horses on the buggy and he and I went to Downey and brought Alvin D. home with us. He stayed over night. We enjoyed the visit with him. He returned home to Treasureton,* May 12th.

May 13. Our Earl is eleven years old to day. Beautiful, warm, sunshiny day. We bought and had put up a new U.S. Sperater to day for our milk. Cost $65.00 paid down.

May 14. I attended a Relief Society meeting at the home of sister

Sarah Pibbye. The same week on the 16 I attended a Relief Society officers meeting at Downey and to conference of the R.S. in the afternoon. The Primarys of the Stake held an exibition of their fancy work in the Hyde Hall Where we all met in our conference meetings. The hall was beautifuly decorated. The work was very nice.

Sunday, May 17. Husband, Jennie, Lucile, Elva, Earl and Thelma and I attended quarterly conference at Downey forenoon and after noon Apostle O.F. Whitney* and Pres Charles H. Hart* were there, spoke splendid. The weather was good During the past week, Mabel has been living in Downey with Mrs Hardwick who is ill in bed under the Dr's care. Mabel was not there long until she was sick so Jennie went to work in her place. When brother Alvin D. was visiting with us last week he told of a remarkable circumstance which happened a little over a year ago near the temple in Logan. His Uncle Victor Crockett* who for years had been carless in religious maters and had never done his tempel work was riding by the tempel in his buggy when his brother (late Alvin Crockett, my father in law) was walking from the tempel in to the street and got in the buggy, sat down by Uncle Victor and began talking to him. Said he wanted him to do his tempel work right away. He had put it off long enough. Said they didn't want to lose him. When he was thru talking, he just disapeared. He died in 1901. Very early the next morning, the president of the Stake and his counselor came to Uncle Victors residence before they had breakfasted and told him to do his tempel work. Uncle Victor said he couldent get a recomend. The president said that could be attended to, so the neceseary arrangements were made and Uncle Victor and family done this tempel work and are now taking an active part in the ward in this religion.

May 19. It raines a little every day lately the fields and garden looks fine. The fruit trees and straw berries are all in bloom.

Looking up toward Lone Pine

Friday May 22. O.O. and I drove up to Lone Pine* to visit Edna and family. John had made many improvements that looked nice around their home. We found them all well. Edna and I called on her neighbor Mrs Anderson and she gave us a nice lot of pansy roots. She had a large beautiful pansy bed all in bloom. O.O. and I returned home before dark having enjoyed our visit.

Monday May 25. Edwin came from Grace, Idaho* in an attomible. He had went there for the Studebaker. Had taken it back as the party did not pay more on it. Wanted them to take it off his hands. It was quite an experience for Edwin running it but he made the run all right. He stoped with us an hour or two and then went on this way to Preston taking Earl to visit with Clyde a few days and as Thelma was home sick she went too to her Mama. We were very pleased with Edwins call. The weather is cool.

May 27. O.O. took me up the mouth of nine mile canyon where we called on Mrs Anderson (another flower woman) and we got a nice lot of flower plants of her. We exchanged seeds and plants with her. The weather was beautiful and it was morning. The ride was delightful.

May 28. I attended a Relief Society Meeting in our meeting house.

On the 29 of May, Husband and I made up our minds in a hurray to go to Preston for Decoration day to visit our children who are living there and go to the cemetery. So soon after dinner, we started. The roads were good and the horses traveled fine. We reached Preston in 5 1/2 hours from the time we started. We found all well except Lena, who had that day white washed her cellar and got lyme in her eye and it was very painful, but she had it attended to and was getting better. Earl was over joyed to see us. He had learned how to plough on the sulky during his visit with Clyde.

May 30 Decoration day. O.O. took Ruth A., her children and me to the cemetery. We had a nice lot of pritty flowers and decorated the graves. Then drove all thru Edwin's dry farm near by to see it and looked for him but his work there was over and he had gone home. In the evening we called on brother Geo E. Crockett and family. Had a nice sociable talk.

Sunday Morning May 31. We returned home taking Earl with us. Had a quick drive home. Found all well. We had had a splendid visit and remembered our little babys grave with flowers and I felt well paid for taking the trip.

June 1914

June 1. The Cambridge sabbath school took an excursion by teams up in the mountains. Husband, our five unmarried children, and me joined them. Took our pic nic. We enjoyed the program, resting, visiting and eating just splendid. The ride home was better then going for the weather was cooler and the down grade and fast traveling was all right. Soon after we reached home a rain started which was very welcome as the crops were needing it. Husband took Jennie back to Mrs Hardwick. They had kindly let her go with us to the Canyon. It was her birthday today.

June 2. We had a heavy rain last night and some this morning. The trees, fields, lawn and garden looks beautiful.

June 3. We had a heavy rain before day light which lasted far in to the after noon. O.O. went to Downey after the rain was over. He goes there nearly every day to attend to office work to day. He brought me the Preston Choir picture all framed. Am so proud of it, think it looks splendid and will be a source of comfort to me when ever I look at it. It is to be long to Ruth A. When her father and I have passed away. She certainly desearves it, for the care she took of the children and babies for me while I attended choir practices, conserts, Estadfads and meetings for a number of years.

June 4. Heavy rain again to day. Have writen letters to day to sister Ida, brother Charlie, and sister Lydia, the last named is in very poor health at present, just getting over an awful sick spell she that she was very near the end, is very weak at present.

June 5. Stormy weather. still hanging on the cold pretty severe. We had to sit around the stove to keep warm reading, sewing, doing fancy work and ect.

June 6. The girls and I were very buissy attending to our house work.

Sunday June 7. Fast day dawned warm and beautiful sunshine, a rare treat after so much rain and cold cloudy weather, yet we are greatful for the rain on our crops. We all attended sabbath school, afternoon meeting and afterwards O.O. and I drove to Downey, called to see Jennie and ask how Mrs Hardwick was. She still felt very poorly. Jennie was well.

Wednesday 10 of June. We all rode to Downey and Mabel, Lucile, and Elva got on the 12-45-A.M. train for Salt Lake City, an excursion we had written a head so the folks there were looking for them. We felt lonly riding back with out them. Elva will stay until Aug. with Mary. Have had rain the past three days. Am alone now with my house work, but am feeling pretty well.

Thursday June 11. I attended Relief Society. The next day Earl and I put out a big wash. On Saturday, after I had done my work, late in the afternoon, Hugh J. Adams called. He was on his way to Rexberg, his home and stoped off to visit us. Stayed untill Monday 15. Was glad he called. The same evening he came, Sister Nora E. Ream, her son Geo D, Buelah, her daughter and two little girls of her friends came in a new attomobile, she Nora, had just bought in Pocatello three days before. We enjoyed their visit fine. They stayed over night on the 14 of June. We received a card from Ruth A. stating we could look for companey on that day. We recd it Sunday. So we stayed from Sabbath School and Meeting, looking for them, but they did not come. In the evening, we all rode to Downey and Husband treated us to Ice Cream. We got word thru the mail from the girls who went on the excursion. They are having a good time.

Monday June 15. Mowing and bunching hay is going on in our field. O.O. has hired a brother Jushaw to help him in the hay this week. Our hay was all put up by the 20th with out rain.

June 18. I attended a Relief Society quilting. We made 2 quilts.

Saturday June 20. Mabel and Lucile returned home from Salt Lake City. Had enjoyed their out. Brought souveneres for all of us. It seemed so good to have them home, but I missed Elva very much. Husband gave the girls plenty of spending money, so they could see the resorts and have St. car fare. They had a splendid time. Went to Holliday also and visited their Uncle Charlie Clarkson and family, 12 miles from Salt Lake City. In the following tuesday, Ruth A. phoned and said she had a chance to send Wilora up with some friends on the train to stay with us untill she came on her months vacation she was expecting. Jennie, who is at Mrs Hardwicks, in Downey, met her, and I drove down to bring her home. Jennie came home with us for some clothes and a ride, then I took her back and done some trading. I was pleased to see Wilora. She has been lots of company for me when the girls were away.

Sunday June 21. We have had rain parts of the last three days. It rained so hard this morning, it kept us all from Sabbath School, but the storm cleared away and we attended the afternoon meeting and rode to Downey after ward. Called on Jennie and Mrs Hardwick.

Monday June 22. We had a heavy frost. Froze our corn potatoes, cucumbers, squash and rasbery crop, which would have been a heavy yeald. A few of them was saved. We had two or three meses and preserved a gallon. I froze a great deal of grain in Marsh Valley.

On June 23, we ate our first mess of straw berries this summer.

Thurs June 25. I attended R. Society in the meeting house as I should say. Met with our Pres Eliza Brim and sec Sarah Newbold. We three were all who came. We waited 40 minutets and then concluded to go home. I rode in our buggy and they walked, so I took them home my self, just in time to escape a heavy shower. We seem to have a heavy rain every few days. The roads hardly get good until they are all mud again. The heavy frost on the 22 of June froze all the grain in Brancroft Ida and the people are cuting it for hay. The Bankers, money loners, mearchents, and farmers are feeling very disapointed over the heavy loss in grain this year from the frost.

June 26. We all rode to Downey. Done some trading and Mabel took Jennie's place at Mrs Hardwicks and Jennie, who is home sick returned home with us. I receaved a letter from Elva to day. They are all well. Husband and Earl put up a swing in our back door yard to day. The next day we were all very buissy with house work and sewing. Lucile is quite sick with sick headache and she caught a very bad cold in Salt L. City.

On Sunday June 28, we all attended sabbath school conference at Cambridge, both fore noon and after noon. The program in the after noon was splendid. In the evening O.O. attended a comittee meeting in behalf of the 4th of July Celebration.

June 29. Edna and her little ones came to see us. We were pleased with her visit. Lucile and Wilora rode back with her and stayed over night to get some goosberries and O.O. drove up to Lone Pine and brought them home.

On the 12 of June, we stared selling cream again. We sold cream while living in Red Rock and for a month or two after we moved to Cambridge. Then we had to sell nearly all our cows and sepporater for the want of hay. We now have about 24 acres of lucern. We have 4 cows and 4 heiffers.

July 1914

July 4. The morning dawned cloudy. When we arose, thought of our expected celebration and feared it would rain. We had breakfast early, did our work up quickly and dressed and was all to the meeting house in time for the program. Husband, who was chairman of the committee's read off the program. We had the Downey band which gave us good music. The program rendred was fine. We envited four of the band boys home to lunch, also Fabian Ream and Blanch Coffin. We had plenty of cooking and baking done on the 3rd and a heaping pan full of nice ripe strawberries picked in the cellar, so was well prepared. Our white top was well filled agoing home, fourteen of us. Just after reaching home, it began to rain hard. Before we served lunch, we got a phone from Ruth A. in Downey. She and Thelma had just reached there on the train. Her father hurrayed and was soon on his way to meet her in the little buggy and Wilora was so tickled she could hardly wait. Her mama had come to spend her vacation. We were very pleased to see them, and we all of the second tabel sat down to a splendid lunch. After we were thru, we all rode to Cambridge Park in two buggy loads, where we spent the after noon. The rain had cleared away and the weather was cool and pleasent. We returned home in the evening and Mabel, Lucile and Jennie attended the dance in Cambridge Amusment hall. The day passed away quite pleasently.

Sunday July 5. We all attended Sabbath school, fast day. In the afternoon, George R and June Evans came. Geo stayed over night. We were pleased to visit with him. He returned by train the next day.

July 7. I finished reading the book of Mormon thru. It is so meny years since I read it thru. I had forgoten so much. I think it a wonderful book and I enjoyed reading it so well that I started reading it right thru again. It teaches the Gospel and plan of salvation perfectly. Will go on reading in it every leasure moment I have.

Wednesday 8 of July. We arose earlyer then usual, did our chores, prepared and ate breakfast, done up all the work and got ready and started for Lone Pine to visit Edna and family, eight of us. Ruth A. and children were with us. We reached there 10-15 A.M., found them all well. Stayed about 6 hours. Had a good visit.

July 10. We received a phone from Mabel that her ankle was swolen and painful, she could hardly stand on her feet, caused by wearing slippers. Her ankles are weak. We sent Earl in the buggy and he brought her home. I went right to work with her ankle, applying hot applacations as fast as I could, 15 minuets at a time, then change to three or four cold ones, then bandage it up in carbolised salve. Done this three times a day. She soon got all right, but had an awful bad cold. Lucile was also sick with a bad spell of neuralegy in her head, lasted two or three days. Jennie was our old stand by and helped us fine.

Saturday 11. We started 8 A.M. for Demsey Springs. Ruth A., her children, O.O. and me. She to stay one week with Estella at the springs as the latter was going under the rub, Dr's care again. Her arm was stiff and not improving very fast. Ruth done lots of cooking and baking the day before, preparing to go. We arrived at camp in four hours, rented a tent, cleaned it up, ate our lunch, took bathes. We stayed over night. The next day, George and family came from Bancroft, an hour or two after O.O. and I returned home. Went by Portneuf Canyon, down thru part of McCarnon and then thru Arimo. It was a beautiful drive. I enjoyed fine. We reached home long before sundown. The week past was usual with our work and nothing in particular happening.

Saturday July 18. O.O., Mabel, Lucile and me went to Arimo Idaho in our White top to attend Priesthood meeting, Relief Society officers meeting, and primary officers meeting. Mabel and Lucile are teachers in the Primary. We took lunch and ate before our meetings which were at 2 P.M. in the centeral school house, a nice brick building, beautifuly clean. Each meeting had a room to them selves and all met to geather for opening and closing exercises. We enjoyed our meeting splendid. I also enjoyed the ride there and back home very much.

Sunday July 19. We all attended Sabbath school and meeting. I also called on old lady Vanluven and gave her a pritty boquet of flowers from my flower garden. I have a nice lot of pretty flowers.

Monday July 20. O.O. went to Demsey Springs to bring Ruth A. and the children home, taking Mabel with him to stay a couple of weeks with Estella. On the same date I wrote four letters asking for geneology information as I wish to write records of the Clarkson and Clegg family, all I can get. One letter was to sister Ida, one to cousin Rollie in England, one to cousin Bell Knight Woodland Summit Co. Utah and one to brother Charlie. O.O. returned home from Demsey Springs the same day with Ruth and her children. She had enjoyed the baths fine.

July 22. Our new bedstead came. White enamaled $7.50 from Sears and Robuck for Husbands and my bedroom. We think it very nice. A new saddle came with it for the girls and Earl to use. He has a nice kind and gentle riding poney name "Peggie".

July 24, Pioneer day dawned clear and bright. We arose early, done all our chores, had breakfast, done all our work, up dressed and rode to Downey Ida to celebrate. The Pocatello Stake got it up. It was quite a grand affair. There was a long parade with dressed Indians, (make believes) pioneer waggons, floats from different wards and mearchants, attomobiles with pioneers in, and boys horse back also young ladies. We had a float for Cambridge Ward. Lucile (a teacher in Sunday School), Earl, Thelma, and Wilora rode in it. The parade ended with a battle between the Indians and pioneer emagrants in waggons. Then there was a good program in Hyde Hall. We went to moving picture show in the after noon, returned home in the evening. There were ball games, races and games also. The next day, towards evening, we all rode down to Marshels hot springs and had some good baths. Felt fine on our return home. Was refreshed and enjoyed the ride.

Sunday July 26. We attended Sabbath School and a funeral in the after noon of brother and sister Hebe Blolums little child.

Monday July 27. Ruth A., Jennie, and me went to Lone Pine and paid Edna and family a visit. Enjoyed our visit, left Jennie with her to help her with her work one week. Husband stayed at home watering our hay field and garden. We have good prospects of grain and hay this year. Our cows and horses are doing fine. Our chickens are doing well. We have considerabel small fruit and some apples. Our garden has also turned out pretty well inspite of the frost. We are blessed and prospered for which I feel very greatful to our Heavenly Father. Our desires are to continue paying our tithing, attending to our church duties and our prayers and striving to obey the Priesthood always and encourage our children to do the same as we may have our testimoneys in the Gospel grow stronger and have a claim on the blessings of God and working out our salvation in his Kingdom.

29 July. O.O. and I went to Downey and bought a new set of chairs and paid down for them. We are trying to pay as we go, not run in debt any more if we can possable help it and pay all we do owe as soon as possable.

July 30. We received a very welcome letter to day from David, our son telling he, Mary, Elva, and little Glen would be up on the evening train, August 1st, Saturday. We are rejoiced to get the news and eagerly look forward to their coming. To day is the anniversary of the day we moved in to the Cambridge ward and rented a house while our new house would be built on the farm we had bought and to day we heard from all our absent children except Edwin which I think quite remarkable. Edna phoned and Geo came from Bancroft.

July 31. O.O., Geo R. and I went to Lava Hot Springs, Demsey. We stayed over night. Husband and I hired a tent with bed and ect. for the night of Mrs Bristole. Rested well.

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