January 1st. Mary cooked a nice dinner and Luther Nuffer came from his work and David from his work in the Post Office in time for it. and we all sat down and enjoyed our new years dinner fine and spent the afternoon in conversation among the subjects was of David's troubles which had been many and of his prospects in the near future. I told him it seemed as tho he had been lost to us the last twelve years and it seemed as though we were to have him again which seemed a happy change. In the evening Chess and his wife Hattie came and spent the evening hearing Ozro and I were at Mary's, were pleased to see them.

David went home and done his chores and brought his two little children to see us. We were so pleased to see them. We spent a pleasent evening. Then David, his children, Chess and Hettie took their leave and we retired. The next morning early we bade good by to Mary, her husband and baby (after breakfast) and husband and I took the train for home. We found all well at home. Our sick cow that got foundered before we went (on straw) was getting better. Ruth A. had returned to Preston the before as she had to start clerking on the 2nd. We expected George home that day but he did not come.

On the evening of Jan 3rd we received a phone from George R in McCammon. Had just arrived from the east and would be down on the early morning train. That was glad news to us. We set the alarm and retired and arose at 3 A.M. Jan 4th. Jennie and Lucile arrived from the dance in Grant Ward and went to the station with their father, Earl and I. The weather was very cold. We took plenty of quilts and wraps, jumped in the sleigh and away we went to meet our dear boy whom the Lord had so greatly blessed and permited to come back home. We found him looking much better then we expected. but he was very weak still. He stood the journey quite well considering he had no appatite and ate but a very little. He said as soon as he reached the mountain air the oppression seemed to lift from his lungs. We all feel so very thankful to have him at home with us again. His wife and her father came from Marsh Center the same day having received a phone that Geo was here. They told us her children were sick with colds and unable to come and she must go back the same day to care for them. She had left them in their grandma Shumway's care and as George couldn't think of remaining behind so ventured out in the cold with them and had a long sleigh ride to Marsh Center.

George had had a good sleep and hot bath and had ate more then he had for many days so he felt quite rested up and able to ride. We heard later he stood the trip fine. While with us he showed us a beautiful gold watch that had been presented to him by this class mates in the study of law worth $25.00 showing their love and appreciation for his company and work among them. It is a very pretty watch. He also met with kind friends who cared for him during his illness in which I feel that my prayers were answered. For I plead with my Heavenly Father in my prayers with my heart full of grief and eyes full of tears that he would sent some kind soul to care for him as he was alone in a strange city among strangers and no Latter Day Saints in the place.

The same day that Geo and his wife and father in law went to Marsh Center, Mabel and Jennie went back to Preston by train, their father taking them to the station. Thus ended a very eventful day the seventh birth day of my last baby boy who was born dead.

Jan 5. Husband went to Downey and sent cards to all our absent children (who had not heard) of George's return home.

Jan 8th. I attended a Relief Society meeting at Sister Hyrum Newbold's residence beginning at 2 P.M. Husband took me there in the sleigh. Brother and Sister Newbold were thrown from this buggy some time ago and hurt pretty badly but are able to sit up around and getting better.

Jan 9 done some sewing, wrote in my journal, and in the evening done some reading in the Doctrin in Covanents. Lucile went to the Y.L.M.I.A. ball with her cousin Fabian Ream and took a cake. Refreshments were servered.

Jan 10 we received a phone from Edwin telling where our last black mare was. He and family were well. We were very glad he phoned and told the good news. The weather is very cold freezing hard.

Jan 11th. We all attended Sabbath school and meeting.

Monday Jan 12. O.O. attended Priesthood meeting in the evening.

Tuesday Jan 13. O.O. went to Lava Ida. to get our last black mare. I finished and mailed off eight letters to my absent children, writing yesterday and to day encouraging each one to start in this the begining of a new year to pay an honest tithing, attend to their family and secret prayers, attend to as many church meetings as they possable could and continue in the same and see what rich blessings are in store for them. How they will receive a testimony that the Lord is pleased with them and by living up to the requirements of the Gospel. It will bring a peaceful Heavenly influence to our souls and fill us with charity, love, patience and every thing that is good and we need all these blessing to help _____ this world. At the end I prayed that a peacful Heavenly influence would accompaney each letter and go streaght to the heart of each reader.

Thursday 15 of January. George R. and his father in law surprised us. We were very pleased to see them. We just happended to have a nice chicken dinner ready. They ate with us and after being with us two hours as so had to return. George told us Estella was sick. We were sorry to hear it. We had been counting on them all coming and staying with us for some time and had had Fabian our boarder get another place so we could get a room ready for them.

14th. O.O. returned to day with the last block mare. Just had to pay $1.25 for the feeding her.

Saturday Jan 17. We received a very nice interesting letter from Ruth A. in answer to my letter on tithing. It met her mind and she intended to try and live up to it.

Wednewday Jan 21. Husband took me to Demsey Hot Springs to help George and Estella who had reached there the day before. Estella was sick with imflamatory rheumatism. She was almost helpless. Her right arm layed on a cushion entirely helpless and her first finger on the left hand was very swolen and painful. She felt very discouareged and was in much pain but had goten over the worst pain before she came to the Springs. We stayed their nine whole days in a handy little Bungalow just east of the amusment Hall. It was all furnished for $4.00 a week. Estella took six baths three days. She was unable to go to the bath. George would carry hot water from the springs for Estella to bathe her arm in twice or three times a day and rub with linament. I took five bathes while there.

On Sunday Jan 25, Edwin and family came to the Springs on the pingpong. Stayed about two or three hours and went back on the same train. We enjoyed their visit very much. They brought us about a peck of nice apples, large piece of fruit cake (very good) and one gallon of morning milk. It all came in good. Edwin told George he thought there was a good opening in Bancroft for him (Geo) to set up in law business and if he would go up in a day or two would give him some studebaker work to start on, so George went on the ______ morning following, broke his way thru snow drifts before day light and flaged the train with a burning paper torche. He was away the next night from camp. While in Bancroft he made $10.00 and received the cash which came in good to pay expenses. He was much encouareged. Edwin had made him aquainted with the business men and had talked up George's settling there in the future.

When George returned to camp, Edwin and Lena sent by him a delicous large layer cake, a bottle of peaches a lovily large pork roast and a nice young chicken dressed all for us to use in camp. Now wasent that splendid.

Edwin and Lena are making a record for them selves and a good one. We phoned to "Estella's folks" to tell she wanted to go to them on the next Saturday. As she couldent stand the bathes very well. She was so weak and we were quite a distance from the pool. On Friday evening Brother A. Shumway came. He treated us all to an oister supper that night. We had had some of the coldest and stormyest weather while in Demsey.

January 31. Brother Shumway took us all to Arimo by sleigh where we met my dear husband whome George had phoned the evening before to meet us. He came with a sleigh. Was there when we reached Arimo. I went with him home and the others went on to Marsh center. I was so very pleased to get home and to meet husband and the children. Lucile, Elva and Earl ran out to meet us and each received their kiss. The house looked so large and comfortable after living in the little Bungalow 9 days.

February 1914

Sunday February 1 fast day. We all attended Sabbath school and afternoon meeting. After which we rode down to Sister Wm Coffins to call on her sick daughter Ethel who was very low with bleeding of the lungs. The Bprick and husband were called there to administer to her. She looked as tho she wasent long for this world. She died on the 2nd of February 1914.

On the 4th Feb we all attended Ethel Coffins funeral. The meeting house was filled with people. Her casket was more then covered with beautiful flowers, tributes of love and respect from the Y.L.M.I.A., Sabbath school and the Primary and also day school teachers of Cambridge District. The speaking and singing was good. Many followed her to the grave. She was ___ny it all for she was a very good young woman unmarried.

Feb 5th. Our sick cow got well some time ago and since we have made nine lbs of butter. We feel very thankful to think she was saved to us. We received a letter from Mary yesterday telling she baby and Luther Nuffer have moved in to David's house and he is living with them. They are all settled and quite comfortable. We also had a letter from George R. Estella is getting stronger. Her general health is better but her arm stiff and helpless. He expects soon to start work in Bancroft, Ida.

Friday February 6. O.O. went teaching in his district. We also had teachers visit us the same day. Am always very pleased to have the teachers Bprick or home missionaries visit our home.

Sunday Feb 8. The anniversary of my dear mothers death fifty two years ago to day she was called from her earthly home. We all attended Sabbath school and afternoon meeting to day. Lucile and Elva attended Mutual meeting in the evening. The following week was spent by the girls and me attending to our house work cutting out and sewing quilt blocks. Done some reading. O.O. worked a great deal with Real estate besides doing his many chores.

On Saturday evening end of week Edna phoned. We were pleased to hear her voice and learn she and family were well. We all attended a show that night in Downey opra house, name of play "Idaho." Margets Co. a home company from our old town Preston Idaho. The plot and acting was very good.

Sunday Feb 15. We all attended sabbath school and afternoon meeting. Beautiful warm sunshine. In the evening Lucile, Elva and Earl attended a lecture and picture show explaination of Mormonism pictured the life of the prophet Joseph Smith, his death and other scenes in the early history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Monday February 16. Husband bought Will Nuffers share in the Downey Realestate Office for $100 and his pending business for $90.00 and made in commision $75.00.

The three first days of the week Lucile washed and done most of the house work while I cut out and sewed quilt blocks.

Thursday Feb 19. I attended a Relief Society meeting at sister Geo Lakes residence. The snow is fast melting away. We have received letters from some of our children the last few days and a phone from Lena. Geo R is now in Bancroft, gone to work. May success attend him. Edwin kindly let him go in his office untill he can get settled in an office he will ___ to rent. Estella is still getting better. We received a letter from Ruth A. with a $3.00 check enclosed asking me to go down and visit her self and children and Mabel and Jennie all in Preston. Am making arrangement to go and I am ancious my self to visit them.

I went to Preston by train and Livery rig Feb 21. Was very pleased to see the folks (my children and grand children and friends whome I visited). They were all well.

The next day Feb 22 Sunday we attended Sabbath school and after noon meeting met many of my old friends with smiles and hearty hand shakes. The meeting house was full to over flowing both in sabbath school and meeting oweing to a parent class social the ward had lately enjoyed. The exercises speaking and singing was very good.

I visited with some friends and relations during the week. Was always with Ruth A. and the children mornings and evenings. She treated us to a good picture show. I done considerable mending and some house work while there. I enjoyed my visit just fine. Wilora was tired of school and wasent feeling the best. We concluded she should go home with me. She wanted to go too for a change. The folks at home were looking for me to be home on the 3rd of March. Ruth A. and Jennie and Thelma accompanied Mabel, Wilora and me to Preston station where we took the early morning train and went round by Cache Junction as the roads from Preston to Dayton were very bad. We waited at Cache Junction 2 hours and 25 minuets but we did not mind it for we had a good warm waiting room where smoking was not allowed, rocking chairs and a nice lunch which Ruth and Mamie S. Larson had prepared for us. When our train reached Downey, husband, Lucile, and Elva were there to meet us. We were very pleased to see each other. We done a little trading at the store and drove home. It seemed so very nice to be at home again. It is nice to go to my children and visit them and its nice to be at home again it all helps to make life very pleasent for we all love each other and have love in our home.

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