October 1913

Oct 2. This morning the mail brought to us a letter from David our son. We were very pleased to hear from him. Jennie went off on the noon train also on that day to S.L. City to get her right eye tested and visit with her brother David and family and her sister Mary and family and attend the semianual conference. We are having bright sunshine weather.

Sun Oct 5. We all attended Sabbath School and meeting.

Saturday Oct 11th. A beautiful day. Elva, Earl and I walked up to the Cambridge Cemetery (joining the south east corner of our Bungalow Farm) to see the Dewey Monument placed there the day before Oct 10th by Sister Deweys grave. We took flowers with us and placed on her grave. The monument is nine feet high, clear white marbel and is very beautiful.

Sunday Oct 12. Elva, Earl and I attended Sabbath school. We had a very interesting parents class. Subject what can parents do to gain the confidence and companionship of their children. Ozro attended Priesthood meeting in the District school house that morning. In the afternoon we all attended our ward conference. Pre. Pond was in attendence and spoke well.

Monday Oct 13. O.O. and I met Jennie at Downey Station. She had just returned from S.L. City. Had enjoyed her vist splendid.

Oct 14. We received word this evening over the phone that our brother Alvin D. Crockett's wife Sarah died in the Hospital in Logan City Utah Sunday Oct 12. We felt very sorry at hearing the sad news and we straight way set to work preparing to take the early morning train and attend her funeral the next day.

Oct 15. We attended Aunt Sarah's funeral. There was very good speaking, singing and a great many beautiful flowers. Aunt Sarah was a very good woman and we had learned to love her and shall miss her so much. We met our daughter Ruth A. and Mabel also brothers Geo E., his wife, Bell, Aunt Roxie, Mamie S. Larsen and other relatives. We rode to Preston Idaho with the girls, Ruth A. and Mamie that evening and Mabel got a ride to Preston Idaho with some friends. We stayed with Ruth A. and the girls that night. Had a good visit with them. The next morning Oct 16, Ozro, Mabel, Thelma, Wilora and me rode to Dayton in a livery rig O.O. hired for $1.50. Mabel took it back to Preston Idaho. The rest of us got on the train for Downey. The little girls went home with us to visit as there was no school the next week. We arrived home all right and found all well at home. The weather clear and cool.

Oct 17. I sent a letter to Geo. in Chattanooga Tenn. and enclosed a letter from W. Monson.

Oct 19. We all attended Sabbath school. Went home and Jennie and I prepared dinner fryed chicken and potatoes and enjoyed a fine dinner. Then we all attended afternoon meeting. Fabian Ream went to Pocatello in the evening to attend Institute.

Oct 21. O.O. is putting up his 3rd crop of hay. Earl helping bunch hay. Elva helping wash. No school this week. 500 teachers meet in Pocatello to attend Institute. Thelma and Wilora injoying their visit. Recd. a letter from Geo R. wife Estella. She and children enjoying good health.

Oct 22. Beautiful day. Sent a letter to Mary. We are ironing, cleaning and getting ready for the threashers. They came, had 3 meals. We had 700 bushels charged 60 bu worth at the time $35.00. The Headers charged the same. $70.00 in all. Then the haulers and help were payed $21.20 Cts. Tithing on wheat Ozro says is 29 dollars.

Oct 23. I attended Relief Society meeting in Sister Jeff Bybee's home. Had a good meeting. We have just started holding them and will try and keep them agoing. After meeting some of the sisters and I called on Mrs. Simson who is sick.

Saturday Oct 25. Thelma and Wilora got on the train. Met Mamie S Larsen who took them home that same evening. Ozro, Jennie, Elva, Earl and I went or started to Downey to attend a picture show. The night was dark. The team didn't keep the road. The was a wash out in the road. The horses went over it. I pitched out first, then O.O. and Earl next. Wheel run over two of my toes on right foot which layed me up two weeks. Did not work, had to keep off my foot. Ozro hurt his head and chest but was not layed up. Earl never got hurt at all. Jennie and Elva never got hurt and did not fall. We waited untill O.O. got the team turned for home and we all got in the white top and returned home. When O.O. fell out, he held to the lines, never let go and by some miracle, the horses stoped perfectly quiet as tho some one stood at their head. By the time our horses were stoped, three young men of Cambridge jumped over the fence, came runing in great haste to help if we needed any. They were returning home thru the fields after threshing had just go up from supper, heard our noise and the screaming of Jennie and Elva and Earl who were so frightened. Their father and me were seriously hurt. The young men came to our rescue as quickly as they could get there. When we reached home, I couldent walk alone to the house. My foot pained so badly. O.O. and Jennie helped me to the house. Fabian was home developing pictures and had a good fire. Jennie doctored my foot for about an hour with hot application and then about five minutes with cold and wraped it up in carbolised salve. Ozro's chest and head hurt pritty bad but he would have nothing done for him. We soon retired and passed a pritty good night's rest. We were all so very greatfull for our miraculas escape.

Sunday morning Oct 26. Was alone at home while the rest attended Sunday school. My foot very painful but otherways felt fine. Spent the morning doing a little work reading, writing, and was happy enough to sing also if my foot had got hurt. The first few days I was layed up, Ozro read the story of Barbra Worth (his birthday present a head of time) aloud. It was very interesting.

Oct 30. Jennie and Fabian are getting up an Holloween party. The invitations have been sent out by mail. Jennie decorated the parlor. I helped do some baking and all preparations went off in a lively way.

Oct 31. Jennie and Fabian's party passed off very nicely and all enjoyed them selves. They were thirteen in number. They stayed about two and a half hours. Played games, ate picnic and then more games, then the whole bunch rode to Downey on a hay rack with some hay on and attended an Halloween ball in the Hyde Hall and enjoyed them selves fine. Elva and Earl went to Madelin Hancocks near home and attended an Holloween party. Came home early. 9:30 P.M. The day was beautiful and warm, like summer. Thundered and showered a little in the evening then cleared up.

November 1913

Novemeber 2. Fast day. We awoke and found it was raining. I had a severe head ache. Did not get up untill 11.20 A.M. All the rest attended Sabbath School. We all fasted untill noon at 2 P.M. We all attended Primary conference. My head was feeling much better and my foot also. Elva was on the program with others for a song the Lord is our sheppard. It was very pretty. Earl recited there is work for all. We enjoyed the program very well.

Monday Novemeber 3. My head ached very hard untill 3 P.M. Edna came and doctered it up with hot application.

Novemeber 4th. Ruth A. birthday thirty four years of age. Sent her a birth day card. Edna helped Jennie wash as I was still unable to get around much on my sore foot. O.O. attended Brother Griddle's funeral in Downey.

November 5th. O.O. and I went to Preston Idaho by team. Was cloudy and cool. We wanted to get some apples for winter and visit with the girls. I went and returned with out a shoe on my foot that was hurt. Wraped it up good and warm. We started 10 A.M. reached Ruth's at 6 P.M. soon after we arrived it started to rain and rained nearly all night so it made the roads bad. We were successful in getting some very nice apples and cheap too as it was getting late in the fall , frost expected every night to spoil them and they were picked off the trees by O.O., Mabel and Lucile. We got them for 15 cts a bushel. Apeles picked and stored were worth 75 cts. a bushel. We found Lucile dissatisfied with school owing to the sewing teachers leaving for want of an assistant, another sewing teacher was put in her place but could not give satisfaction. So many of the young girls left school. Lucile was not well and taking all in to consideration we thot she better go home with us.

Nov 7th 10 P.M. We started for home. Reached home 10 P.M. The roads were very bad. We found all well at home.

Sunday November 9th. We all attended sabbath school. Fabian, Jennie and Lucile called on their way for the Kingsford girls our neighbors. (Jennie has been working hard to get them started going out to sabbath school and mutual. They finaly got started and one of them was put in sec.) In the afternoon we all attended Sacrament meeting and the young folks attended Mutual at night.

Monday November 10th. O.O. and I went to Bancroft by team to visit with Edwin and family and get a horse he offered us to use. We were in need of a good work horse. We stoped at Demsey Hot Springs* to noon and each had a nice hot bath. We reached Bancroft about 3 P.M. Had a nice drive, roads and weather good. We found all well but Lena. She had a bad head ache but was up around with her work. Her mother, her two little ones (Lena's brothers and sisters) Deila Lexingberg and two of her children were there. We enjoyed a splendid visit. Returned home the next morning 8:30 A.M. when we started. Lena put us up a dellicious lunch and we had a fine treat of fresh trout while there. We had rain most of the way to Oneida on our way home so did not stop at the spring for a hot bath. We nooned just south of Arimo. Arrived home 2.30 P.M. My foot feeling much better. Feeling that the trip done me good. We reached home all right with Edwin's grey mare and colt. Found all well at home.

November 12. We went to Downy. Bought lenolium. Came home with it, put it down in our south east room and moved our range and kitchen furniture in that room for the winter. All done on this, our little grand sons Russell Crockett's 1st birth day. (Edwin's boy). And our Gurnsey heiffer had heiffer calf too on this day.

November 14. O.O. and C. Hancock are ploughing our east field.

Saturday Nov 15. Jennie came from Edna's (had been there since Wednesday before helping her make a dress for Edna.) brought John T and Buelah with her to stay with us while John and Edna went to Pocatello to trade and attend conference.

Sunday November 16. We all attended Sabbath School. Weather cold and clear, freezing hard nights. We stayed home in the after noon. Jennie and Lucile drove to Downey and met John and Edna. They had a nice time in Pocatello. They returned to their home Monday Morning Nov. 17.

Tuesday November 18. Charlie Hancock finished ploughing for us. $50.00 is coming to him for the work done. O.O. has sold our first crop of corn in the stock, got $50.00 down on it.

Saturday morning November 22. Ozro and I received a confiding letter from our son David, a heart to heart talk in writing. We both answered it the same day and evening giving him words of encouragment and also showing him much love and confidence in our letters to him.

Sunday Nov 23. We all attended sabbath school a beautiful sunshiny day. We had a splendid parents class. We also attended afternoon meeting. The young folks attended mutual.

Monday November 24. Ozro has all his ploughing done and started painting our new store room.

November 25. We sent Thanksgiving cards to our absent children. In the evening we all attended a social at Mrs. Coffin's gotten up by the Primary Officers of Cambridge Ward. We were invited by Mrs. W_____ and her daughter Blanch. We had games, riddles, picnic, _____, music songs and resetations. We passed a very enjoyable evening.

26 Nov. Fabian Ream went home by train to visit with his folks Thanksgiving time in Dingle Ida. The weather is cool and cloudy.

November 27th. Thanksgiving day. Edna came with the children. John went to Pocatello with his brother charles on business. We enjoyed a very good dinner but longed for the absent ones and wished they could have been with us. In the evening, Jennie and Lucile went to the Thanksgiving ball in Downey with E. Salverson and Roland Burip.

Saturday November 29. Was O.O.'s 59th birth day. We had a nice chicken dinner in honor of the occasion. He received a number of nice presents from the girls and me. Among them was a new watch from Ruth A, books and slippers and etc. from the rest. Just as we were ready to sit down to dinner Estella and the children came. A happy surprise to us. We were soon seated around the table and enjoyed our selves talking and eating. Estella and children stayed over night. We had a fine visit with them It was next thing to seeing George. They returned home the 30th Sunday 11 A.M.

The children attended Sunday school on the above date and Ozro and me went to Downey, met the 12:48 train a brought Fabian Ream home with us. The train was 1 and a half hour late so we were to late for afternoon meeting. The young folks attended mutual in the evening.

December 1913

Monday December 1. Ozro and I wrote a letter to George R and enclosed a $10.00 check to help him out in school. He is out of work at present and having a very discouareging time but is detirmened to press on, study hard and become a first class lawyer.

Dec 2nd. Cleaned house.

On Dec 3 Ozro and I made a flying trip to Lone Pine and called on Edna and children. She was sick with a bad cold. We ate dinner and soon returned home.

On the 4th of Dec, Jennie went by train to Preston Idaho to work for Mrs Call Foss. She had received a phone asking her to go.

Dec 5. Lucile attended a basket ball given at Downey benefit for missionary Lewis Hancock about $1.50 dollars was taken in.

On Dec 6 and the day before, I had the hardest nervous sick headache spell since the 19 of January 1911 and suffered a great deal of pain. Ozro and Lucile done all they could to releive me. We have receive another letter from David with heart to heart talk. We certainly appreaciate his confidence.

Sunday A.M. Dec 7th fast day. A.M. alone at home. The rest have gone to sabbath school. I did not feel strong enough to go there and to meeting also. I passed a poor night's rest last night could not sleep untill between 2 or 3 A.M., blood seemed to flow to my brain. Was made awake no pain. I awoke Ozro at 1-15 A.M. and told him how I could not sleep. He stayed awake with me and tryed all he could to rest and soothe my nerves untill I fell asleep. I awoke a little after 7 A.M. and soon after arose. Have never before in my life had so wakful a spell. In the afternoon of Sunday Dec 7, Ozro and I attended fast meetings. On the evening of the above date we all attended conjoint meeting in Cambridge Ward. Lucile was on the program. She recited "In the usual way." The program was well rendered followed by a debate between George Hancock and Fabian Ream. The first resolved that men should marry before the age of 23 and the other they should marry after 23. They both brought up many queer points why they should and should not, which caused a great deal of fun and laughter. The night was fine beautiful moon light. I felt well and rested fine that night.

Monday Dec 8. I sent letters off, sewed an mended. Ozro attended Priesthood meeting at night.

Tuesday Dec 9th. This morning we received a letter from our son George R stating he was down sick in Washington D.C. with a bad cold. Had been coming on for two months. We felt very sorry indeed to learn the sad news. Ozro was in the store room packing away our winter flour in the bin. When I took him the mail, we both sat down while he read the letters. I had a hard cry and there was no more packing flour that day. We hurrayed and got ready. Wrote a few lines and was off to Downey. Got a $10.00 money order enclosed it in the letter and sent it off with the noon train to our sick boy. How sad we felt to have him so far from all his loved ones sick among strangers. All we could do for him was to exercise our faith and prayers (he asked in the letter for) and send him money. We felt quite over come with grief when his letter first came, but this evening feel that the Lord will watch over him and send him help. The reason he left chattanooga was because he thot he could get more work in Washington D.C. to help pay expenses. He landed there on Thanksgiving day and took sick right after, never started to school there at all.

Dec 11. We recd a card from Geo. He felt a little better. Dr that he was getting on OK. I felt very down hearted last evening about George's illness and awoke this morning with the same feelings. When ever my thots fly to him now they all ways end in a prayer for his recovery.

On the 14 of Dec we all attended sabbath school. We had missionaries Brother Henderson one of the High Consel from Aruno and broth Seshions from Pocatello. They gave us some fine talk. We also attended afternoon meeting and then drove to Downey to see if there was any word from George R. We did get a card from him written on the 10th. Was about the same. We also recd. a letter from Edwin enquiring about George. Just after getting word of George's illness we sent word to all the absent children so they could pray for his recovery and they are all very anxious about him.

Monday 15. Recd letter from Geo one page. Was so sick it hurt him to write. Dec 12 Ozro took Lucile to train and she went to Bancroft to help Edwin and his boys as Lena was quarentined in part of the house with Ona who had scarlet fever. There is frost on every tree bark, fence and blade of grass with a deep fog hanging over the valley.

Dec 17. Ozro and I went to Downey. Was election day. We voted for the county to continue dry. We heard the next day that it went dry. It was joyful news to us. We called at the station and me Lucile. Edwin would not keep her for fear she might take the scarlet fever when he heard from her she had never had it. We were not afraid but he would not hear to it. He payed his R.R. fare up there and back and phone messages. It was very thoughtful in him though, but in the end it proved to be all right, her coming back for on the evening of the next day she took down sick with an awful cold and was very sick four days.

Thursday Dec 18. I attended Relief Society meeting at old lady Hancocks residence. There were eleven in all present. Had a good meeting.

Dec 20th. I attended a Relief Society officers meeting in Downey Ward house. The stake R.S. officers met with us, Pres. Henderson and Counselor Sarah Farr. We had a good meeting. We (O.O. and I) received a card from George. Thinks he is getting better. Snowed on the 19 and part of the 20th.

Sunday Dec 21. Elva was the only one attending Sabbath school from our home. The rest of us were ailing and did not attend any public geathering on that day. Ozro drove down to Downey to get the mail and see if there was any word from George. There was a card from him, was still improving. The weather is very cold and ground is covered with snow.

Tuesday 23. Ozro went to Downey and met Mabel and Jennie at the train who had come for the Holidays. We were very pleased to see them. We also received a letter from George. Was sitting up in bed to write. It is much better. Said his Dr was surprised with the progress he is making in his recovery. We all feel that the Lord has answered our faith and prayers offered in this behalf. Following is a paragraph from George's letter.

The Dr seems to think that there has been almost a miracle worked with my recovery and I think so too. And it was brought about by the faith and prayers of my loved ones at home.

We also received a nice letter from Estella to day.

Dec 24th. We sent a letter with $15.00 enclosed to George. I put my visiting girls Mabel and Jennie to work sewing Elva's Xmas dress. Lucile and I washing on account of her illness our washing and preperations for Xmas were put off untill the last thing.

Dec 25 Christmas day. We received thru the mail a letter from George. Is still getting better. Also recd Xmas cards from Archie, Lydia, Ida, charlie and from David and Mary and a letter from David too telling that Clara had sued for a divorce and on the 27 of Dec they had got the interloctuery decree and in six months will get the final divorce papers. We were satisfied in our feelings that it was the right thing for them to get a divorce as they had never lived happily. David had tryed his very best to do the right by her but it was of no use and they agreed it was best to part. He gave her the chance to ask for the divorce and if she wouldent he would so she took steps to get it her self. We also received a Xmas card from Edwin and Lena and Edna phoned to us from Lone Pine, could not come. Ozro met the train for we were expecting Ruth A and her children. They came. We were so please to have them with us again. We had a nice large turkey roasted plum pudding, mince pie and etc. for dinner and all sat down to it and enjoyed the meal wishing our absent loved ones could have been with us.

Friday 26. Our wedding anniversary. Ozro and I have been married thirty five years. We had a nice dinner in honor of the day. Ozro took us sleigh riding (Ruth A, Wilora and I) to Downey to do a little trading and get the mail. I received a letter and very pritty dust cap from sister Lydia Lamoreaux wishing us many happy returns of our weeding day anni. and sending lots of love from her self and husband. I was so very pleased with my pritty cap and wore it the rest of the day. My girls were also delighted with it giving exclamations of praise and telling me how well I looked with it on.

Saturday Dec 27. Cleaning, churning, ironing and bathing going on and sewing too (for Ruth A. is making a nice new dress for me that she Mabel and Jennie made me a Xmas present of) so we are all buissy. John, Edna and the children came in the evening. Ate supper with us and went to the dance in Downey at night taking the girls with them.

Dec 28 Sunday. John and Edna left for home. We enjoyed their visit fine. Ozro and I attended meeting and then to Downey for the mail but no word from Geo.

December 29 Monday. Ozro, Ruth A. , Wilora and I went sleighriding to Marsh Center to visit George's wife Estella and her folks found them and the children all well. On our way over was called in to a telephone to receive a telegram message from Geo R. in Washington D.C. The girls at home got it and phoned to Paris'es in Marsh center to top us and have us go to the phone. The telegram stated that the "Dr advised George to come home." Was afraid he wouldent get well as quickly there. He was quite weak and his lungs troubled him. We were glad to learn he was comeing for we had been thinking how he would need the best of care when he began to get around and could get cared for better at home. We all know he must be very disapointed at not being able to finish his law course but his health is of far more importance then schooling. We enjoyed our visit with Estella and folks. Ate a nice dinner with them and returned home by way of Downey. Stoped there while Ozro put in a telegram message at the station to George to send him a R.R. ticket and $15.00 besides $69.90 Cts to bring him home. And then we supposed he would be home four days from then.

Dec 31. Ozro and I went by train to Salt Lake City. We got Holliday rates. We wanted to have talk with David and visit Mary and family. He met us at the depot. We were so pleased to see him. He was suffering with a bad head Ache but passed part of the evening with us at Mary's and promised to meet us at her house the next day 12 noon. We were pleased to see Mary and family and enjoyed our visit with them. Little Glen, Mary's baby had grown so much and looked just fine. We retired on the night of the 31 of Dec about 10 P.M. thus end the old year that night at 12 O'clock. Every bell in the city rang out, every whistle blew and town clocks struck but Ozro and I slept on and never heard a sound. The others with us on new years day said they all heard the ringing and whistling of the old year out and new year in, and was greatly surprised that we should sleep so soundly.

Started reading the New Testiment September 25th 1912 in one year read to the 3rd chapter of Hebrews 206 chapters. Sep 26 1913 started reading where I left off the day before. On the 16 of December 1913 read the last Psalm in New Testiment and thus finished the book. December 19th 1913 started reading the Doctrin Covenants thru read the first lecture on faith. By the end of the year 1913 read 7 lectures and 38 sections in the Doctrin Covanents.

1913 we threshed 700 bushels wheat. Headers charged 60 bu $35.00 and threasher charged but $35.00. Our chickens cleared $90.00. We raised two large stacks of hay. O.O. made quite a bit on Realestate and loans. We raised 103 quts fruit. I made 112 1/2 lbs of butter. We raised a good garden plenty of corn, potatoes, squash, cabbage, peas and beans all in the year 1913. Ozro and my tithing in 1913 on chickens eggs cash and all $54.68 still owe a few dollars.

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