Continued from red moroeo note book page 187. In the ending of my journal in my red moroeo notebook I was writing of our returning home from Demsey Hot Springs July 25 1913. [fn63]* During my stay of two weeks at the springs this time I took 40 hot baths and felt much better when I returned home.

On returning from the Springs three heavy rain storms over took us, the last one just stoped as we reached our gate and low and behold a great surprise awaited me. It met my eyes as soon as our house came in view I see it was repainted. It looked beautiful straw color body white trimmings slate color roof, drab color porch floor and steps. It looked just grand to me set back among the green trees with green lawn & flowers in front and flowers also at each side. Every thing around inside and out looked nice and clean. Ozro and our girls Jennie and Lucile had worked hard to have every thing looking nice on my return home. Ozro had hired a painter to help him and they two painted the house. I truly appreciated the results of all the work done. I was so full I could have shed tears of joy. I walked up to my dear husband with a thankfull heart and kissed him thinking it is not much return for all his goodness but with the help of my Heavenly Father I want to continue on trying to make our home just as happy and comfortable as I possable can. At present we are very comfortable. I feel very happy and my heart is full of gratitude to my Heavenly Father for the blessings he has showered upon my self and loved ones.

Wednesday July 30 our son in law John Stoddard came bringing Mabel and Elva. He and family and Elva had been to Richmond Utah, by team, and from there to Logan in an automobile, had Edna's eyes tested for glasses. When they returned home stoped at Ruth A.'s and brought Mabel home for a week or two by team.

Sunday July 27 was our water day. Ozro remained at home to water the garden and etc. but he harnessed and hooked up the team on the white top for the rest of us to attend sunday school and meeting. Jennie, Lucile, Earl and me attended both and I truly enjoyed my self. I had been absent at Demsey Springs the two Sundays before.

August 1913

[Image of Downey]

Saturday Aug 2nd husband and I went to Downey in our one seated buggy. He attended to some business and I done some trading. He then sugested that we go to the returant for our dinner as it was getting late and we intended going to Lone Pine to call on our Edna and her sick baby about ten miles away so we went to the Star Resturant and enjoyed a splendid dinner and then off for Lone Pine. The weather was very warm. We found little Beulah very miserable with absesses. Lucile was with Edna helping her. We stayed an hour or two and then left expecting to see them at our house the next day. Husband and I enjoyed our ride home fine. The sun was getting low in the west a cool breeze was blowing which cooled the air and was very refreshing. The girls and Earl had attended to the chores Saturday work and picking fruit.

Sunday August 3rd was fast day. We all attended Sunday School and meeting. We had a large parents class in our Sunday School. [fn64]*

Friday Aug 8 the children attended Primary. [fn65]* Elva gave a musical selection. We try to have them attend as often as possable and encourage them to repond to calls made of them by their president.

August 8 The Headers came and cut our grain. 30 Acres of splendid wheat.

Aug 16. Saturday evening we received a phone from Ruth A. asking Jennie to go down to take care of the children as Mabel had work. She went back to Preston Idaho on the day of Pocatello Primary Convention which we all attended in Downey the Sunday before. It seemed so good to hear Ruth's voice over the phone.

August 17 we attended the Pocatello Stake Conference. Husband attended Priesthood meeting the day before. The conference was held in Downey in the Hyde Hall. We all attended both meetings. On Sunday husband, Jennie (Lucile who came over with Edna from Lone Pine for the day), Elva, Earl and me.

Apostle H Clawson and Apostle George A. Smith were in attendance at the meetings. The subjects were as follows. One of the greatest envestments we can make in this life is the rearing of our children. And the truthes we learn and put in to our lives teaching our children corect principels if we neglect to do so will never atain celestial glory. Another subject was mind reading. Said we stamp our lifes History on our bodies by our acts either for good or evil. We should honor our parents and proabition. The singing was very good.

Another subject obeying the comandments of God all words of warning or comandments given by the Lord is for our happiness. He never gives a comandment save it is to make his people happy. After conference adjourned we rested awhile in Ozro's Office and then took Jennie to the train. She went to Dayton and was met by Ruth and children in an automobile and taken to Preston Idaho.

Monday morning Aug 18 as I arose from the breakfast table one line of a pretty song rang thru my mind. Some time we'll understand. I had not heard it for over a year and had never learned it but what little I had been able to ketch of the tune rang thru my mind off and on the following three days. I had Elva pick it up on the organ and togeather we practised it thru many times and I enjoyed it very much. I feel like I want to learn it.

August 20 Wednesday 9 A.M. Ozro and I started for Bancroft* to visit our Edwin and family. We stoped at Demsey Hot Springs and each took a bath. We reached Edwins "Palcromun Farm" named for the Palmer Crockett and Munson familys who all started homesteading the same time and were neighbors. We found the folks very buissy. The Headers were cuting their grain. We stayed three nights with them, had a splendid visit. Edwin had eight stack wheat (We heard since it threashed out something over 1200 bushels.)

We left his horse Paddy (that he had kindly let us use as long as we wanted) and took our Prince and a six year old blak mare O.O. had just bought of the Goorch bros. She had never been broke in. They brought us home. The mare hung back all the way. O.O. had to continuely use the whip on her, wore out a cheap whip and three sticks on her and resorted to wire twisted on the end of a stick which made her go some. Well we reached home all right at dust and found all well at home. Prince done us good service as he allways has. He pulled us over all the hills and over the mountains, the mare langing back. We reached home 23 August Saturday.

Sunday Aug 24 we all attended Sunday school and meeting. The weather was very very hot.

Monday August 25. Geo R. went to chattanooga Tenn from Salt Lake to be clerk at the L.D.S. headquarters and study law. Estella and the children left Salt Lake City the same day for Marsh Center to live with her folks who had envited them to stay with them during George's absence. The night before they left our daughter Mary Nuffer and her husband Luther Nuffer got up a farewell party (she wrote me). They had Geo and family, David and family, Chars Smith and wife and brothers Henry W. Crockett came with them. They all enjoyed a jolly good time. When I read in the letter of the surprise or party, I wished that the folks in Bancroft we here at home the folks at "Lone Pine" and in Preston Idaho could have all marched in on them with our picnic and surprised them and had a joyfull time with them, but am very pleased to think of how Mary was able to do for Geo and family what we were unable to do. George had his furniture stored in a ware house for $1.50 per month.

Aug 25, Ozro is working at his good crop hay raking and bunching. Charles Hancock cut it. The weather is very hot.

September 1913

Monday September 1. The weather last week and week before was very hot, ended with a heavy rains and thunder storm and stoped the hay hauling. So we took a trip up brush Canyon and picked all the nice ripe choke Cherries we wanted to eat and to make jellie of.

On Sunday Auguest 31 O.O. and the children attended Sunday school. I stayed home with Edna and her children who were visiting us. She attended meeting with us in the afternoon. Elva remained at home, taking care of Edna's children. Poor little Beulah is getting well now. She has been bothered with absesses along while. John was in Richmond on business while Edna was with us.

Today Sept 1 is labour day a holliday. Have been writing in my journal. Ozro will take us to the dance at Downey to night for Luciles sake. Edna and the children went in their buggy and met John at the Yenda Switch to day.

Tuesday Sept 2. We started drying sweet corn for winter. Lucile enjoyed her dance last night all night. This evening about dusk, our black mare (we brought over from the Gooch Ranch after visiting with Edwin and family) wandered off as the gate was left open and when missed it was to dark to look for her.

Wednesday Sept 3. Ozro started taking school senses and finished the next day.

Thursday Sept 4. David's Wedding anni. and also the anni. of Ruth A.'s widowhood. David has been married twelve years and Ruth has been a widow six years. Edna called to day. We are allways so pleased to have our children come visit and call on us and also to receive letters and cards from them. It does us a world of good. Edna returned home the same day. Was expecting the Headers.

Saturday Sept 6. My dear mother in law's birth day. She was certainly a dear good mother to me and since her death have missed her very much. We have been very buissy drying corn all week. Ozro is getting his hay hauled. At last he had to wait for help and was disapointed several times.

Sunday Sept 8. Fast day. We at home all attended Sunday School fasting. When it was out we all went to Downey depot and met Jennie, Thelma and Wilora from Preston Idaho. We had written for Jennie to return home and bring the little girls with her for a visit. It would be a nice change for Wilora to, I thought, as she had not been feeling very well for some time. We were very pleased to see them. We reached Cambridge Ward meeting house in time for meeting and we all attended.

Monday Sept 8. Raining again. Stoped the hay hauling. A days work would have goten it all up. We received a card from Geo R. last week written while on his way to Chatta Tenn.

Sept 9. George's wedding anni. Good weather. Hay hauling continued and finished on the 10th.

Thursday Sept 11. Ozro and I took Lucile to Preston Idaho to attend school in the Academy. We also took Thelma and Wilora with us back to their mother. We went by team. Nooned at Stockton Creek. We enjoyed our trip fine. Reached Preston Idaho four O'Clock in the after noon. Thelma and Wilora was to start to school on the following Monday. Lucile's school opens Sept 27. Ruth A. and Mabel was very pleased to see us. We were also pleased to have a chance to visit with them. We found them well but they had been very lonly without the little girls. Ozro and I drove down to brother Geo E. Crockett's residence but we found himself and Bell his wife both absent. Two of the children were at home. We left the team and walked back to Ruth A.'s. George E was in Preston Idaho and Bell was in Logan waiting on her sick sister.

Friday Sept 12. My birth day. I had received several pretty and usefull presents from my husband and children (some of them) before hand and after returning home found letters and birthday cards from some of my children showing how they thought of their mother on her birth day. My dear children will never know how very much I appeciate their thoughtfullness untill they have children married and away from their chilhood home and they send them tokens of their remberance of them. Well am now fifty six years of age.

[Image of Heber's grave. . [Image of Will's grave

After breakfast and the wash was done up I sugested that we all ride up to the cemetery. We took flowers from home for Ruth A. and to put on the graves should we go to the cemetery. Ruth A. obtained leave to stay home a half day from the store to visit with us, so Ozro had the team and white top soon ready and we all were soon off taking our flowers with us. We found the graves were free from holes or harm of any kind. I had not been able to visit the Preston Idaho Cemetery for five years. We decorated the graves with our flowers after cuting away the dry grass and returned to Ruth A.'s . It was six years on the 4th of last Jan since my last baby boy was born dead. I was so pleased to have the privledge of visiting his little grave and decorating it with pretty flowers.

After taking the girls to Ruth's, Ozro and I called on Edwin's (our sons) father and mother in law. It was also her (Sister Peterson's) birth day. They were very pleased to see us. They soon had some chickens killed and they prepared a nice dinner that we enjoyed with them. We all went in the Parlor and enjoyed a nice visit togeather and listened to some nice music on the Piano from their daughter Oneita. Brothers and sisters Peterson also made us a present of some nice ripe plums and apple.

After our visit we drove back to town and called on sister Millie Galightly but she wasn't home. Ozro then had to go to Main St. to attend to some business and I called on Mrs Flassie Carbridge (Mrs. Galightly's daughter) and there I found her mother. It was also both of their birth days. Mrs Millie Galightly was born on the same day, month and year as my self. We had found that out several years before. Sister Galightly was just able to be out, had just gotten over a long sick spell, hay fever. We enjoyed a nice little visit. They also treated me to peaches and delicious frosted lemon pie that Mrs. Galightly had made her self.

I then called on Ruth A.'s sister in law, Sarah Jenson and had a nice little visit with her then returned to Ruth's. Met Ozro on the way. It was dusk. The girls had a nice beef supe and Ruth A. brought about 2 qts lovily ice cream home with her so we had a nice treat. She brought a delicious water mellon home the evening before in deed. My dear husband and girls did all they could to give me a good time on my birth day.

I also received birth day presents from my little grand daughters Thelma and Wilora. Ruth A. generaly has them remember their grand pa and me on out birth day and Xmas.

September 13. Ozro and me returned home. It started raining hard when we reached Downey. We arrived home in a heavy rain storm. Jennie and Earl had been getting along all right during our absence. Ozro's sister Nora E Ream's son Fabian* was also in our home. Arrived on the early train that day to teach in our District School. Was to be principal. We had not seen him for several years. He is cheerfull and talkative. Reminds us very much of his parents whom he resembles in looks and gestures. He will board with us.

Monday Sept 15. The Cambridge school opened. Elva went in the sixth grade and Earl in the fifth grade. The whole of the remaining week Jennie and I were very buissy puting up plums and peaches, working, ironing, cleaning and doing the general house work. Ozro getting our new storeroom and cellar built and watering his lawn.

September 9. My sister Ida's birthday. I sent her a letter, birthday card and handkerchief the day before. She sent me also a letter and birthday present of a very pretty handkerchief for my last birth day.

Sept 20. Last night we had our first heavy frost. Killed all the vines and etc. in the garden.

Sunday Sept 21. We all attended Sunday school and meeting. The school teachers were invited in to the parents class to get aquainted and discuss the question what can the parents do to help the school and what can the teachers do to help the home. It was agreed that good government of the children would help both the home and school. The discussion was very interesting.

Monday Sept 22. Cold and snow. Received by mail to day a present of a pritty velvet and lace bow for my neck from Mrs. Millie Galightly with her compliments. It certainly pleased me very much.

Tuesday Sept 23. Very cold. Froze last night, snowing to day, blustery. They girls in Preston Idaho telling that Wilora is very sick. We answered it and sent off by return mail.

Wednesday 24. Cleared up but cool. We wrote letters to George R. I also wrote in my journal. On September 25 1912 I started reading the New Testiment (but had read it then before) some of the time read a chapter or two each day then again would forget to read in it and several days would pass with out reading it. Was trying to form the habit of reading the scriptures for strength and guidance. There was one month in the year 1912, the month of May I never read even one chapter. From the above date Sep 25 1912 untill Sep 25 1913 I read the New Testiment from the 1st to the 3rd Chapters of Hebrews total 206 chapters in the year and will continue on trying to read some each day in the scriptures.

September 28 we all attended sabbath school and in the afternoon attended Brother Hyrum Jones' funeral in the Cambridge Ward. It was a beautiful warm sunshiny day. After meeting our nephew, F. Ream took some pictures of our selves and home with his camera.

Monday Sep 29. Elva's twelth birth day. Her pap and I consented to let her have a party. So we went to work and made all arrangments for a lawn party. But just as it was time to light the lantern, it started raining so her papa stretched wire over head on the porch, hung up and lit the japanese lanterns so the companey played out there most of the time as it was lit up beautifully with a dozen lanterns. We had chicken sandwitches, fruit cake and home made candy passed around and then more games. The rain had stoped when the party broke up at twenty five minuets to eleven O'clock. They all enjoyed them selves fine. Elva received a number of nice presents from her friends.

Sep 30. Brother Geo Lake is building a milk cellar with store rooms (for us) over it cement cellar. Ozro is helping him. On the 30 of September a beautiful warm sunshiny day, it was finished. We also received letters on that day from Ruth A. , Mary, Mabel and Lucile and a photo card from Mary's sweet baby Glen, his first picture.

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