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Ruth Clarkson Crockett - Journal, 1942

Presented to
Marian J. Crockett
My granddaughter
Boulder, Colo.
June 1944

Read the last page first, then begin at the first page and go on.

(Ruth was 84 years old at the beginning of 1942)

January 1942

            The year 1942 opened with me still being sick since Dec. 1st of the old year. Mary Luther and Elva had all gone to their homes. I was feeling a little better every day or so and then would get worse again but on the 9th (9am) I really began to feel better and the 6th Jan., was my last hard attack of dizzy vomiting. The Dr. said I have not enough blood and I am taking the best blood medicine with three glasses of milk a day.

            On the 16 Jan. my dizzyness came on quite bad. I was very sick and my Dr. was in Calif. I had used all my medicine and could not tell whether I should have my prescription refilled or not. So we decided to call Dr. Leo Hawks. He came and advised me to get the blood medicine refilled and gave me some small tablets for sleep and rest. They are helping me and I am again taking the blood medicine and 3 glasses milk a day with it.

            16 Jan. 3 of my friends called on me of the Daughters of the Pioneer camp and brought me ice cream and spent an hour or so with me. I surely, enjoyed their company. They wee our Bishops wife Mrs. Kerns, Mrs Linzy, and Mrs. Heber Winn.

            20 of Jan. Four of my friends called on me, Mrs. Gibson, Mrs. Moor (the late Peet Moor's wife), Sister McIntire, our Relief Society Pres., and her counselor Irene Carter. They stayed a while and gave me a nice little visit and made me very happy.

            22 Jan. First as I awakened from my afternoon sleep my neighbor, Sister Erickson, called on me also my granddaughter Ruth E. Stoddard Roberson called with her two children, Richard and Kay. We had a nice little visit and they left me felling very happy. And able to start writing in my new 1942 year journal. I am feeling fine this evening. In the early part of the new year Jan. Sister Wickland called on me she is also a counselor to our Relief Society President she gave me a nice visit I was quite encouraged and felt much better by her nice visit. So my dear friends have done me a lot of good. The last three days I have been feeling much better.

            25 Jan. Edwin and Della called on me.

            27 Jan. Two of my friends called on me Sister Nettie Roberson and Leona Erickes of our Preston 3rd Ward. It makes me very happy to see my friends it makes me feel encouraged and gives me nice things to think about.

            29 Jan. I have received 2 invitations from my brother Charles R. Clarkson's children to meet with them on his birthday. I do so wish I could go, but I am not well enough am weak and troubled every day or so with dizzyness and sick feelings. He will be 80 yrs. of age on 2nd of Feb. and is well and active. He usually goes to Salt Lake Temple one night a week and does temple work for the dead.

            Jan. 29 I gave to the Primary Hospital 85 cents. A Primary officer called. So far I think we have had a hard cold winter but the last two or 3 days it is thawing and mild.

            30 Jan. Edwin took me to Dr. Hawks office. He tested my blood. It is alright. I need no more blood medicine. My blood pressure was 112 he said it was alright for me now. He tested my heart and pulse. I asked him what they were and he never told me just said they were alright for me at my age and condition. He gave some tablets for dizzyness, sleep and rest.

February 1942

            1 Feb. I was very ill with one of my dizzy sick spells in bed most of the day, Edwin and Della called. Also our neighbor Sister Lewis Earickson and her daughter Mrs. Milley called on me I was very file used to see them all.

            2 Feb. This is my bro. Charles's birth ann's. He is now 80 years of age all his children will be with him I had two invitations from his children to be with them but I am not able to be there. Oh how I wish I could go but my health is so poorly it would be impossible.

            5th Thursday My neighbor Mrs. Helick spent most of the afternoon with me for company, Ruth arranged with her to come stay with me while she and Andrew went to Logan to the wedding party of this grand daughter, Cory Nickelson and Mr. LeRoay Thrill, about 5: P.M. my grand daughter Ona Edgely called on me. We had a very nice visit. This forenoon I was feeling, quite miserable but I was feeling well this afternoon.

            6th Feb. A L.D.S. cottage meeting was held here at Ruth's and Andrew's home. It was very interesting. 16 of us I felt real well and was very happy to meet my friends.

            7th This morning at 7: A.M. our near neighbor Sister Maggie Fellow's died.

            8th This is the Anni, of my own dear mothers death. Edwin and Della called on me, I was feeling dizzy most of the day but was free from the sick feeling that generally comes with it.

            9th Feb. Was our departed neighbor Mrs. Maggy Fellow's funeral service and I was feeling well enough to go to the home and see her in her casket by Edwin taking hold of one of my arms and Della the other and walking slow (just across the road). I am weak and had to lie down when I got home Sister Fellows looked very nice and peaceful. We have a lot of snow. The weather has moderated some.

            11th Feb. I was feeling very miserable all forenoon my friend Mrs. Julett Ward was called on me here cherry talk and presence made me feel a lot better. In the afternoon my Relief Society teachers called and they made me feel much better. I gave them 25 cents donation. The evening of the 11 Feb. our ward teacher called on Ruth Andersen and I. We were surely pleased to see them. They were High Priest Pineheart Kerns and his grandson DeMar Kerns. I was feeling much better all through the evening and I enjoyed their visit very much.

            Feb. 13 Edwin and Della took Ruth and I in their car to town today by request I wanted to get my eyes tested and see if it would be alright for me to read, write and hand work as my medical Dr. told me cataracts were coming on my eyes Dr. M. O. Merrells told me catarack were coming on my eyes but it was alright for me to use my eyes for searching, writing, etc. It was exercise for them and that was good for my eyes if I would be careful and let them rest when they were tired. That good news was worth a lot to me. I was afraid he would tell me I must not use them for close sight. The larger cataract is a little on my left eye temple that eye has not been able to give close vision for several years. Also my hearing on the left side has been gone (except to hear sounds) for six years. Dr. M. O. Merrell did not charge me for the testing of my eyes as his advice. I was certainly grateful for his kindness. The same date as above (13 Feb), I seed, a loving sentiment on a very pretty valentine with a 5.00 bill enclosed from my daughter Elva. The reading and seeing the gift brought tears of happiness for my dear children. I am very grateful for them.

            Sun. 15 Feb. Edwin, Della, Ona, and Phenoi called on me today. I was surely happy. I spent the day reading some. Had a nap listened over the radio in the evening, fire fared and ate my supper. Wrote a letter to Elva and listened over the radio to "Fullness of Times."

            The 18th and 19th of Feb. was terrible cold. I couldn't keep warm in my room with a big fire in my stove. The remainder of the week passed without much of any change. I received nice letters and cards from my absent children and some of my grand children which are a great comfort to me and help pass away my lonely hours and gives me some thing pleasant and cheerful to think about.

            21st Saturday evening Ruth A. attended to all my Saturday work as she has been doing even since I took since the 1st of Dec. I don't seem to get strong I can't be on my feet much. I get tired very soon, but I am so thankful I am well as I am and I never suffer severe pain. The weather started to moderate.

            20 Feb. Our Mabel came and gave me a nice visit and took dinner with me. Oh it's so comfort to have my children visit me when they can.

            22nd Feb. I took suddenly ill 15 to 5 a.m. with a dizzy sick attack. It lasted about 9 hours when I finally fell asleep and awoke about 5:30 p.m. feeling well and arose and dressed soon after. Edwin and Della came from our Stake quarterly conference. They brought some delicious ice cream for me. They told me a lot of very interesting things about the conference news, wonderful talks. There was a good attendance, they said. Although there was a blizzard raging nearby the whole day.

            23rd It seems to be a lovely day, so far it is now 1:30 p.m. We have bright sun shine. It seems good to feel well too, I have written a letter to Jennie and Maurice this morning. In the afternoon two of my grand daughters called to see me. Lucile Stoddard and Fontel Stoddard (sisters). I was very pleased to see them, they could only stay about a half hour. Their home is in Salt Lake City.

            Weds, Thurs, Friday I didn't feel well.

            Sat. 28th Felt better. I have not been really well all winter. Today, 28 Feb., is the last day of the winter months and I took sick 1st of Dec. I have not been able to clean up my rooms, sweep, and dust during all that time. Ruth A. has done it for me. She attends to all my business and shopping and many other things, when Mary and Luther were here it was time they took me in their car for a ride down through Main St. to see the Xmas decorations and back home, then I went to the Dr. twice. That is all I have been away from home this winter. I am not well enough long enough to go any where. These was a cottage meeting, held in Ruth A's room one evening. I attended it first happened I was well enough. Many times I am sick on Sun. Edwin and Della come to call on my Sundays; Friday Feb. 27th is Ray Pratt's birth day. Ruth A. prepared a nice supper and invited him and his family and I. We all enjoyed a nice visit and supper.

 March 1942

             Sun. 1st Mar. I was ill all the fore noon then slept awoke and felt better, I arose dressed, bathed my face and hands, combed my hair and then Edwin A. called and invited me to take a ride with him and Della to Fairview and back. I gladly accepted. Got my coat and hat and was ready. I enjoyed the ride and felt much better for having that nice change.

            Tues. 3rd Mar. Sister Lewis Erickson called on me and I showed her how to make cankes medicine. The kind made with one level teaspoon sulphur, one level tea S powered Alvsors, one tea S. level burned cofferas, one level tea cup white sugar, place all in a earthern or enameled pitcher stir well then add one level tea cup boiling water. Stir well with a table spoon, above was revealed to the Prophet Joseph Smith's mother in the early days of the L.D.S. church. My mother in lace Mary S. Reed Crockett told me the above when I was a young married woman. Sister Precenda Kimball (Heber C. Kimball's wife) told her. She used to live with Sister Kimball and work for her when she was a young girl about 1878 or 1879 and Sister Kimble showed her how to make the Canker medicine.

            4th Mar. The ward teachers called on us this evening. Ruth A., Andree, Maurine Pratt and me, we engaged their visit.

            Sun. 8th Mar. I am feeling well on Sunday for the first time (all day) for sit or several weeks and I was happily surprised when my nephew surprised when my nephew George Adams his 2nd wife Alta (likely died over 2 yrs. ago) and his sister Ethel Irons came to call on me this fore noon. I was so happy to see them. We enjoyed a nice little visit from them but they had so many places to go and visit their folds their visits had to be short. They felt a large paper bag of larg. oranges with me 2 doz. Shortly after they left me son Edwin called and I had a fine visit with him but he was in a hurry as he was expecting Quinten's wife to visit them, she came from Santa Monica Calif. last week to visit her mother at Logan Utah. She (Dorothy) and Della called on me one day last week. She cooks fine. She said Quinten is well and still working in the defense work. She said they expect to make their home here. The snow is going fast. The weather has moderated. I can hardlyt wait for spring to come. The first four days passed about as usual with me this winter.

            Fri 13 Mar. Edwin and Della invited us to a good show the benefit to go to the Red Cross. Ruth A. and I went with them we enjoyed it, quite a heavy snow fell that night. We enjoyed the show.

            Sun 15 Mar. Fore noon I was very sick in bed finally went to sleep awoke feeling better arose and dressed felt quite good rest of the day, Edwin and Della called and towards evening Ona and her children came I was so pleased to see them. The callers make we very happy. I received nice interesting, letters from my absent children which also make me happy and help pass the time away, with something, pleasant to think about.

            16 Mar. I received through the mail day 2 letters. One from Elva and one from Ann Alger, my grand daughter in Florida

            17 Mar. One hundred years today since the Prophet Joseph Smith organized the first Relief Society. This day is being celebrated all through the L.D.S. church, in every Ward. Early this morning and this evening there were very interesting broadcast programs over the radio. We listened to them. I was not able to attend the gathering in our Ward today. In fact I have not been well enough to attend any gatherings in our Ward since last November 1941. On the above date 17 Mar. two of my friends called on me. Mrs. Anne Johnson and Mrs. Rasmasson. The snow is nearly gone but the weather is cold.

            Then 18, 19, 20 and 21st nothing of information happened, I continue about the same as I have all winter not well.

            22 Sun. Edwin and Della called on me, as usual I was at home all week and not well, Thursday 26 Mar. we had a woman come and clean my bed room and move my bed in there from the front room where it had been all winter on account of the very cold weather.

            28 Mar. about 6:30 p.m. I took suddenly sick with one of my dizzy spells. Was quite sick until after 3 a.m. When I feel a sleep and about 8:30 a.m. awoke feeling well enough to get up and dress, do my few chores, eat my breakfast and when Edwin and Della called was ready to go with them to our ward sacrament meeting. It was the first time since some time in November 1941. I have not been able to attend have been ill all winter was very weak to day. Edwin drove to a restaurant after meeting and treated us all three to a nice dinner then brought me home. I was rejoiced to shake hands with my many friends who surrounded me after meeting. When I was out it seemed so good to see them again. After returning home I had my usual nap then listening over my radio, did some reading, ate my supper, wrote in my journal, and then listened over the radio to the fullness of times, and thus ended a very pleasant sun shining day for me.

            Monday 30th Mar. Our Mabel gave me a nice visit towards evening. Archie came and we all ate supper together. We had a very nice visit, the weather was fine.

            Tues. 31 Mar. Last evening, I had a sick dizzy spell for 3 or 4 hours, but through the night I slept well and felt better this morning. I have answered cards and letters this morning. Three only. In the after noon our President of the 3rd ward Relief Society Sister McIntire called on me. We had a nice little visit. When she left to attend Relief Society meeting and I had a nice nap feeling fine with I woke.

 April 1942

             1st Apr. I was very sick all day.

            2nd Apr. I was feeling pretty well all day. Sister Nuffer Luthers mother came and gave me a nice visit and brought me some apples. After she left I wrote a letter to my daughter Edna who is sick with a strep throat.

            Sat. 5th Apr. April conference convened in the upper room of the S.L. Temple. No women or children, first the presidency, authorities of the church including all Presidents of stakes and only two meetings were broadcast. I was well enough to listen in over the radio to both of them and greatly enjoyed them.

            6th April One of the conference meetings I listed to today. This is the 5th day since I had a dizzy sick spell. It is the longest I have gone with out one since the 4th Dec. When I was so sick we called Dr. A. Luther

            7th Apr. I read, a nice letter from our Edna. She is getting better. I am very thankful the Lord has so greatly blessed here and heard and answered our prayers for he recovery. She had been ill 4 weeks with the strep throat and had to take 3 coarses of treatment of the Dr.'s medicine for it.

            8th Apr. We house cleaned my living room today, had two young women hired doing the work. This is evening, it all looks very nice. I am still free from dizzy sick spells and am very grateful.

            10 Apr. Elva came on the bus to visit with me and stay 2 nights, a little later some date Earl came. We were all over joyed to meet. Earl brought his family, too I remember and they all looked so well and happy. Ruth A. prepared a nice dinner for us all and we surely enjoyed it and had a lovely visit and the after noon. Earl came the next morning.

            Apr. 11 and visited with us the fore noon and said his good byes. They stared for Boulder the same day. He has received an offer for a government job at Wash. D.C. has accepted it and is expected to be there to work 1st May. So they will rent their home and he will take the family with him. They leave 24 Apr. Success be with them, we had a lovely visit with Elva too and Sunday a.m.

            12th Apr. Leo and their children came in their car. They stayed a little while, we were so pleased to see them, they all left for Logan to attend Leo's mother's birthday party. They called on their way home and said their good byes so we had a lovely 2 days visit with 10 of our loved ones. Earl and family returned to Boulder Saturday evening 11 Apr.

            Friday, 17 Apr. I have been free from dizzy sick spells since the 1st day of April when I suffered all that day; but I am weak and tired all the time, but I get up around every day and lie down part of the after noon and sleep.

            18 Apr, 6:00 p.m. Saturday David and Pearl came in their car from Salt Lake City to visit us. They stayed over night with us and next a.m. after breakfast 19th. They took me in their car for a nice ride.

            Sunday 19 First we drove to Preston cemetery for them to see our late Luciles Marker they thought as we do that it is very nice. The whole cemetery is in a lawn the grass was very beautiful. Next we drove back to town we called on Ona, but no one was at home. Then we drove to Edwin and Della's. They were expecting Quinten and his wife Dorothy from Calif. They were coming to settle and work on their farm a little south of Preston City. They have a nice car, we had not been at Edwin's long until Quin and Dorothy came. They look well and happy had a good trip. They stopped there at Edwin's as Della had dinner nearly ready and we left for Ruth and Andrew's home as she also had dinner ready. After dinner at Edwin's they all came over to Ruth and Andrew's so we had a very nice visit all together and were very happy early in the afternoon they all had to leave for their homes. Their visits made me very happy and I was feeling well that day, but my right leg was painful.

            Monday 20 After a lovely day I did my morning work then wrote in my journal, listened over the radio, and read some in the church section of the Deseret News.

            22 Apr. It snowed. The ground was covered.

            23 Apr. I felt better today, then I had for 3 days, this evening our ward teachers called on us we always are pleased to have them call. This evening the snow is all gone. The lawn's are beautiful.

            25 Apr. Our Edna and her Lee came to visit us. She prepared the dinner for us first after we ate dinner our Mabel came. Edna fixed dinner for her then they washed the dishes and Ruth came in and we sat around enjoying a fine visit for 2 hours or more. When Edna and Lee had to leave to take the bus for Salt Lake City, Archie came and took Mabel home and then it seemed lonesome like when Earl and family left and David and Pearl.

            26 Apr. I was impressed about 20 minutes to 12 noon to get my self ready to attend our Sacrament Meeting, as I was feeling pretty good and Edwin and Della Wright called for me to ride in their car as I can not walk excess a half block on account of my lameness, as soon as I wash already. They called for me. We were there at the chapel just in time. We had a wonderful meeting, a full chorus and a young missionary, Elder Winn spoke quite lengthy on the subject of prayer and faith and wonderful answers to prayer, then we had two wonderful songs and music from Lile Shipley and his wife. The first 23rd Psalm "The Lord is my Shepherd". The 2nd "I am the captain of my Soul". I was so pleased to again be able to attend our Sacrament Meeting and partake of the sacrament and my many friends and shake hands with them.

            26 Apr. We received word that Ray and the late Thelma Pratt's little Larry Ray Pratt had passed away this morning. He was 61 (?) years of age last Feb. His funeral services were held in the 2nd Ward Chapel Wednesday, Apr. 29th. There were many beautiful flowers, good speaking, and lovily singing. Ray Pratt's brother took us (Andrew, Ruth A., and I) in his car. I was feeling unusually well that day and also rode to the Preston cemetery where little Larry was entered by the ride of his mother Thelma's grade.

 May 1942

             1st Friday A cold dark cloudy day.

            3 May Sunday Last day Edwin called to take me to meeting, but I was feeling miserable to go. I was feeling better in the evening. On the 4th and 5th of May I was feeling, much better.

            6th May I feel fine I did my work and have written two letters one to Sister Nora E. C. Ream and one to my grand daughter - Verda Nriffer Thelen. In the afternoon the Relief Society teachers called. We had a nice little visit, and as usual I gave them a donation. We have been having terrible weather for over one week, but today the storm clouds have all disappeared and this is a lovely day.

            9 May Sat. Tomorrow is Mother's day. Today I received beautiful flowers from my $1.00. Ruth and from her granddaughter (flowers). Ruth Pratt beautiful Mother's day cards from Edna, her Beaulak, Estella, Elva Clyde my grandson and a lovely Mother's day from Jennice. A lovely poem from Estella. A lot of choice chocolates and 3.00 check from Elva and family. I have been able to do quite a few jobs of work the last few days tending to my house work mending, reading, and writing. So I feel happier since I started 4th of May to feel stronger.

            10 May Mother's Day I awoke happy and feeling quite good this was another day for our Oneida Stake quarterly conf. and as I has a feeling I would like to attend at least one session, in my morning prayer I asked that the way might open up for me to go that I might be well enough and get a ride as I could not walk, so I done my few chosen and got myself all ready and sat closer to wait about 11 a.m. Edwin A. called and invited me to dinner, and gave me a beautiful Mother's day card with a $1.00 bill enclosed, when I was at Edwin's and Della's home Quin and Dorothy came. They gave me a lovely card and box of candy. We all ate dinner together and then attended the 2nd session of conference. Our new apostle Harold Lee was in attendance and gave us a very interesting sermon on living up to the requirements of the gospel and the benefits derived there from by doing so, it throws a flower of light and strength around us which is a guide and protection to us, he said; I think the above seems very reasonable, I believe by living the fuller life we build up for our selves a strong personality. After meeting was dismissed Edwin and Della took me home and I thanked them for giving me a very happy afternoon. Soon after returning home Mabel and Archie called they gave me a lovely Mothers day card and a dollar enclosed. I asked them to stay to supper. They accepted and we had a nice visit. They left first before dark. I had enjoyed lovely Mothers day made happy by my children and grand children, after prayers I retired and enjoyed a good nights sleep

            11th May A dark cloudy raining day am writing in my journal. The mail brought more Mothers day gifts: a beautiful card and letter from our Mary, a lovely Mothers day letter and dollar bill from David, a lovely Mothers day letter and $5.00 check from Earl and from my grand daughter Mrs. Verda M. Thelen, Spokane Washington a lovely long newsy letter with greetings so I have another happy day.

            13th May Our ward teacher Brother Rineheart Kerns called on us, his subject for this month was tithing. I have always believed in paying our tithes and offering. We still have cloudy cold weather and some rain, am still gaining strength each day.

            17 May Sunday Two of my friends called. Sister U. Smith and Sister Margret Moor and my grand daughter Ona Edgely. We had a very nice visit.

            19 May Tues. Leo and Elva called and invited me to go home with them and visit as long as I wished a month if I wished, I accepted. I got ready while they went to Logan and back, we arrived at Lund Idaho in the evening. I was with the family 11 days and enjoyed a lovely visit especially with Elsa and the girls. I could write a great deal about that visit that would be interesting if I was more able to write, my hand is very jerky. I felt well and happy, was feeling stronger every day and could work quite good. I was ready to come home the evening of 30 May, Decoration Day, and Leo and Elva brought me home in their car and had me promise to come back later for another visit. It was surly a happy change for me to be with them they all showed use a good time. They took me to one sacrament meeting and rode out with them to Buncroft 3 or 4 times.

            31 May Sunday Edwin and Della called on me. It seemed good to see them, they stayed about an hour. I was home all day was feeling well but not able to walk to over chapel and attend sacrament meeting.

 June 1942

             1st I was answering some of my childrens letters.

            2nd I answered more letters from my children and grand daughter Verda Muffer Thelen. The weather is very changeable, I am feeling fine. I also wrote a letter to my sister in law Mrs Roxine C. Hopkins she has been sick for mothers but is getting better she is with one of her daughters in Calif. The remainder of the week I was I was feeling fine. Attending to my meals and doing my house work. The weather cool and cloudy much of the time.

            7th June I am feeling fine and will try to attend our ward Fast meeting.

            About 11: A.M. I was happily surprised when my Edna her daughter Beaulah her husband Richard Wright, her daugh. Ruth and her husband Ret. Roberson, and her son Reed C. Stoddard called on me I was delighted to see and visit with them my daug. Ruth also come in to see the folks. We all spent a happy visit about an hour when they left to call on Edwin and Della, they (Beaucah Richard and Edna) intend going back to Salt Lake this afternoon. After the folks left Ruth A. and I got ready and went to Fast Meeting in our ward. We were fasting, I greatly enjoyed the meeting and was able to walk there and back for which I thank my Heavenly Father. After meeting I was shaking hands with many of my friends. After returning home I had dinner and took a rest and nap on the couch first as I was ready, to arise from the couch I was again happily surprised to see our Elva walk in with her dau. Dean Lin, and her nephew, a young boy, from Logan. They had driven to Logan with Leo's sister in law from Calif. who had visited with Elva and Leo one week, so they called to see me on her way back home. Ruth A. came in too and we all enjoyed a good visit for a half hour or more, when they had to leave about 5: P.M. So this has surely been a very happy day for me. The weather has been lovely to day.

            10th June I was invited in to my Ruth's to a dinner party, two of Andrew's daughters, Elva Mickelson and Florence Albertson and a newly wed grand daughter came from Logan, Utah and Franklin, Idaho to visit them. We had a nice chicken dinner also peaches, cakes and ice cream with a lively and cheerful conversation going on all the while.

            Wednesday June 10th Today I wrote a long letter to my grand children Glen and Dora Nuffer, thanking them for a lovely picture of their baby Carol Ann. And, asking Dora to read our church books and investigate the principals of the Gospel. She is not a member of our church.

            12 June I just heard today that our Edna is in the L.D.S. hospital and on the 10 June was operated on for appendicitis is getting along alright. I wrote a letter later and sent it to the P.O.

            14 Sunday Weather is nice I wrote a letter to my brother Charley, attended to my work and did some reading, our sacrament meetings in our chapel have changed from 12:15 to 8: P.M. evenings. Edwin and Della called and took me in their car to our Sacrament meeting

            15 June Idaho Day, it has been raining most of the day is a good thing for the farmers, I wrote two letters one to Jennie and one to Elva and after dinner I had a two hour nap.

            17 June My ward teachers called. They come quite regular this year. I have always enjoyed the teachers visit in our home

            18 June Have written a letter this A.M. to my daughter who is sick in the L.D.S. hospital S.L. City (Edna Stoddard). She was operated on or appendicitis 10 June this year. I hear she is getting on alright, also on the 18 called on Edwin's Della with our Mabel she invited us to dinner. We also called on my grand daughter Ruth E. S. Roberson in her new home, after returning home Mabel stayed until 5: P.M. and took me home with her in Weston Idaho for a a visit, I stayed 5 days with them I had a lovely visit. Edwin, Della, Ruth A., and Ruth Pratt came on the evening of 23rd Jun e and brought me home, on our way we stopped to call on Quinten Crockett and his wife Dorothy, who live on their farm they are getting on fine, have a comfortable house; nice farm and 8 colts. While at Mabel's I helped her with her work and did hand work sewing. Which I greatly enjoyed and which she greatly appreciated. I seemed very nice to be home again. Is nice to go visiting and it is nice to go home again. The remainder of the week passed with nothing of importance or unusual happening.

            Sunday 28th June I spent the day attending to my work and reading in the evening, Ruth A. and I rode to our sacrament meeting, with Edwin and Della

            Monday 29th I was not well, was troubled with my old complaint dizzyness. I felt better in the evening.

            Tues. 30 I was dizzy.

 July 1942

             1st and 2nd I felt better.

            3rd I was not well

            4th July I felt better, ate a nice dinner with Ruth A. and family had ice cream and cake for our supper. We were at home all day. The weather was hot and dry.

            5th I fasted and attended our Ward fast meeting. I bore my testimony. I felt well and enjoyed the meeting many bore their testimonies. I ate dinner with Ruth A. and Andrew about 2 p.m. and then lay down on my couch and slept for nearly two hours and arose and wrote a letter when in walked our Elva a happy, surprise. She always comes in smiling and happy like a beam of sun shine. Leo had to go to Logan and she got out here to visit with Ruth and I until Leo drove back. So we enjoyed a very fine visit with her siting on the lawn in the shade on chairs for the weather was very hot. Leo came about 7: P.M. and they left for home. It is now 10: P.M. and thus ends a very happy day.

            8th July Della W. G. Crockett took Ruth A., Ruth Pratt and I to Logan. They all went to do shopping etc. I went especially to visit my dear husbands grave. We all went to the cemetery, first thing and then to town I rested in the car by a large maple tree by the city Park and part of the time in front of the Logan Tabernacle on a bench in the shade where we ate ice cream cones and drank soda water. We had a nice ride down to Logan and back home. The weather is very warm.

            10th Friday The Relief Society teachers Mrs. Ethel Taylor and Mrs. Baker called to day. I gave them 15 cents donation

            11th Saturday I attended to all my Saturday work.

            12th Sun. Brother A. D. Crockett called this morning. He is feeling much better. A little later same day my Edna, her son John T. and wife and Eva called. Edna and Eva will be visiting in Preston a while. They will be back this evening. I am surly pleased. Later some evening Edna came and stayed all night we had a nice visit. She went to Ruth E. S. Roberson's her daughter, about 10: A.M. 13th July. It is Eva's birthday, 12 years of age.

            13 July After Edna left I wrote a letter to Mr. L. J. Keilman of Poplar, Montanat who is buying our home. There were two missing payments on Feb. 1942 and one May 1942 (30.00). I asked in my letter if he would please put those payments in the bank for me. The letter was all ready and I handed it to the postman when he called that same day 13 July 1942.

            15 July Weather is still warm and sultry. I received a letter from my Mary today. She is felling better then she has for 3 years she and I know the prayers we have offered to our Heavenly Father have been heard and are answered. We are very grateful. Toward evening our ward teachers called. We are always happy to have them call.

            16 July Thurs. Edna and Eva and Ruth E. S. Roberson and children came and brought their hand work and spent the afternoon with Ruth A., and I, they also brought us a treat of ice cream. We had a nice visit, Edna is giving strength and feeling much better.

            17 July I read a letter to day from our Mary. She wrote all arrangements have been made for here to have an operation the morning of Tues. 21 July 1942. She surly has our faith and prayers. It is now 20 to 6: P.M. 17 July and the rain is a pouring down it is needed badly for grains and sugar beets.

            18 July I did all my Sat. work and feel fine

            Sun. 19 I spent the day and visiting Edna reading late in the after noon Edwin and Della took (Edna who was visiting m) for a car ride to Richmond Utah and back home. At 8: P.M. Ruth A., Edna and I attended our ward Sunday Night Sacrament meeting. Edna stayed all night with me, she and Eva are dividing their time between her Ruth E. S. Roberson who also is in Preston.

            20 July Towards evening Edna went to her daug. Ruths

            21st July This is the date and this morning for our Mary's operation. I am fasting and praying for her and the Dr's, Nurses, instruments, and every thing concerned with the operation, this it may be successful. After learning of Edna's operation she surly had my faith and prayers for the restoration of her health and she can notice she gains strength each day for which we are very grateful.

            21 July Our Mary was operated on in the Sacred Heart Hospital, Spokane Washington. She came through alright. She has a very good Dr. who said she is getting along alright and there is nothing to worry about. We have received 4 cards from Verda and Florence since the operation.

            25th Everything is alright.

            26th Sunday Was home all day. Edna and I visited with our Mabel in her home Sat. 24 July. Stayed over night and went home Sat. P.M. Edna stayed with me Sat. night so did Eva.

            Monday 27 Edna and Eva was with me last night and went to Ruth E. S. Roberson's today. The weather is still very warm. I am feeling well, I wrote to Sister Nora E. C. Ream to day and Ruth A. wrote a card to her Aunt Rotie C. Hopkins who is in S. L. City Utah. Nora E. C. Ream is at Dingle Idaho on a visit.

            29 July I called on E. A. Erickson to see about the payments on our home he is buying of L. J. Keilman. He put a payment in the bank for me same day.

            30 I have done a lot of little chores to day. I am fine. I also called on my neighbor Mrs. L. Erickson across the road from us. She has called on me many times when I was sick.

            31 Friday Our Mabel came to visit for a day or two

 August 1942

             1st August 1942 I did my Saturday work. Ruth A. and Mabel was up town signing up for Sugar to can with, that we must do these was times.

            Aug 2nd Sunday Evening 8: P.M. Ruth A., Mabel and I attended Primary festival in our Ward it was very fine. Edwin's Della is 1st counselor to the President of our Ward Primary and is very prompt in attendance.

            3rd Aug. Mabel went home today. We had a very nice visit. We heard news from our Mary through her daughter Verda today. She seems to be passing through a lot of pain since the operation. She has a very good Dr. and he says she is getting on all right.

            6th Aug. Sister Leona Greaves and Sister Eliza Martin Holingsworth called on me I was surely pleased to see them.

            7th Aug. I received a very nice letter from Mr. L. J. Keilman who is buying our house it was an answer to the one I wrote and sent him 13 of July this year. He also sent to the bank 30.00 making up for one of the missing payments on our house. The weather is very warm. Today I also received word thru the mail that my Mary is still improving yet suffers much pain. She is in her daughter Verda's home at Spokane Washington. She is in a very comfortable room south east corner of the house and a row of large locust trees along, the side walk shading the whole side of the house. Mary wrote me a nice letter 2 of Aug., she took 2 pills to ease the pain and had to lie on her back while she wrote. It was the first thing she had done since her operation. I surly appreciate the effort she made to write me that letter. I have been writing her every few days, since she first went to the hospital.

            8th Aug. I was feeling fine had been doing my Sat. work and putting some apricots to dry.

            Sunday 9th Spent the day reading most of the time. I slept 2 hours. Edwin and Della called and took me to our 8: o'clock evening sacrament meeting. I greatly enjoyed it. I received word through the mail today that our Mary is still improving. I am very thankful.

            10th Monday I put up 6 pts. apricots fresh today. Wrote a letter and card and wrote in my journal and did some reading.

            11th Aug. We had a heavy rain.

            12th Aug. Word came through the mail today from our Mary. She continues to grow stronger. She feels that the Lord has heard and answered our prayers, fasting, and faith we have offered in her behalf. This evening the ward teachers called on us. Brother Kerns and his grandson, we are always pleased to welcome the teachers in our home. One month from today, will be my birthday, 12 Sept. and I will be eighty five years of age.

            14 Aug. Sister Nora Ream and her daughter Ida Crockett and her two children Fred Don and Beaulah Lee came from Dingle Bear Lake Idaho to visit his relatives in Preston. They live at Long Beach California and are here on a little visit. Will soon be going home. They took me to Bro. Alvin Davids home after dinner. Ruth A. went also. We spent a happy afternoon with them. Had lunch and returned home in Ida's car. They stayed all night with us and next day Sat. 15 I went calling with Nora and Ida on Ona our Edwin's and Bro. Alvin while Ruth A. was cooking a nice turkey dinner for us. Edwin, and Della, Ida was helping Ruth. About 1: P.M. we ate dinner, I must remember to state that Ida bought two turkeys young and grown and brought one from Alvin and family and one for Ruth and I. We greatly enjoyed the nice dinner and nice watermelons. Ida treated us to after dinner. We enjoyed the best visit. They left for Dingle about 4: P.M. Sat. 14 Aug.

            Sunday 16 I arose not feeling very well as they day wore on I felt worse. I ate a light breakfast at 10: A.M. that was all I ate that day. Towards evening I was in misery bowl cramps. Most terrible. Edwin and Ruth thought they should call the Dr. I gave my consent and Dr. Leo Hawks was called and was soon here. He gave me a hypo. He pronounced my trouble was intesternal flu. Said it was going, the gounds. He gave Ruth instructions what she should do for me and left. Edwin and Della stayed a while.

            Monday 17 I was a little better but was lying down most of the day and ate a very little.

            Tuesday 18 I was much better, but very weak and tired. I ate a little more.

            Wednesday 19 Aug. I was a little stronger and feeling well enough to do some little chores about the house and get my food ready, did not eat much. Friends called on me, Sister Gibson and Selma Johnson, Lillie Kofoed called on me the day before, I love to have my friends call. I continued to get better each day the rest of the week, by Sat 22 Aug, was able to attend to all my Saturday cleaning. I was at home all through Sun. 23rd

            Tues, 25 Aug. Have been writing to my son Earl today. He and family are in Washington D.C. has an office job researching government work. He was asked to take the job. The family all like living there. Today 25th Aug. in the afternoon we had a heavy rain, a regular down pour with thunder and lightening.

            Aug 27 I arose feeling well and was able to attend to my work. I had first finished sweeping and dusting when my great grand daughter came in. We enjoyed a very nice heart to heart talk for nearly one half hour and we both enjoyed it fine. It was Ruth Pratt.

            Aug. 29th Saturday, afternoon Ruth S. Roberson and her Sister June Stoddard called on me, a very happy surprise. We had a nice little visit. They will call again tomorrow.

            30th Sunday Our Stake conference I had no chance to ride so was at home all day. Our Mabel called between meetings. Our Edna also called and her Ruth so I was not lonesome. Was very happy to have them with me.

            31st We have cold fall weather, but so far no frost.

 September 1942

             1st It is three years today since Germany bombed Poles and in two weeks conquered them. Was has been going on even since our nation after another. War has been going on ever since one nation after another until we now have another world war with no signs of ending in sight. December 7th 1941 at 7:55 A.M. the first shot fired by the Jap's at Pearl Harbor it was destroyed and many lives of the American soldiers were taken. Then war was proclaimed 7th Dec. 1941 by the United States of America on Japan. The terrible war goes on although, Europe and in the Philippine Islands.

            2nd Sep. Last evening our Edna (who is in her daug. Ruth's family for a week or two) called on me and told some good news, her Ruth Roberson is in the Preston Hospital and on the 1st Sep. her 3rd child was born a little dark haired baby girl.

            4th Sep. Friday I did all my Saturday work and was feeling well.

            5th Sep. Edwin A. called and invited me to go with them to visit with Elva and family at Lunch. As they were going 18 miles past Soda S. on business and were a going to Lava Hot Springs also to take baths. I gladly accepted the invitation and they called for me same day at 2: P.M. We had a nice trip and we found Elva and family. Well Leo busy cutting grain with a Harvester. I enjoyed a happy 3 day visit. Edwin and Della called to bring me home Tues. 8th Sep. We had a nice trip home, I found Ruth A., and family. Well, I was quite tired and layed down on the couch and had a nice rest.

            9th Sep. Edna called told us Ruth E., was getting along alright and would be brought from the hospital friend, 11th Sept. Also her baby girl was fine.

            10 Sep. I am feeling fine. I have done a number of jobs and written three letters one each to our Mary Estella, and Jennie and have not had my usual afternoon nap. While I was in Lund visiting Elva's family she took me in their car to visit Sister Delia Lesterberg and her daughter in law Trvila. We had a very nice hour visit. O yes here daughter Leperea was there. Also, my Mabel stayed with me 2 nights 11th and 12th.

            12 Sep. We did all my Saturday work in the afternoon. My grand children and great grand children called on me (those in Preston by Ruth A., and my request). We treated them to watermelon and all day suckers to the children. Towards evening, Edna, Edwin, and Della called and soon after came David, Pearl, and Carol. They all brought me smiles, kisses and greetings. Also, presents beautiful flowers, lovely cards. Also money. So did Archie and Mabel, our Bishop Alfred Kerns and wife called and gave me a lovely birthday card and a large flower basket of beautiful gladiolas, my friends Ozie Golightly and wife called and gave me a large boquet of chrysanthemums and a lovely birthday card and a lot of stationary. Ray Pratt called and gave me a large bouquet of gladiolas, Allie Bodialy also called with her daughter. I was very pleased to see them. I also read through the mail - lovely letters, cards and money from the absent ones with there kind love and greetings. Also a very fine birthday letter from Sister Nora, and nice letters and lovely cards from brother Leharley and his two daughters, Verna and Ruth. And thus ended my 85th birthday.

            Sunday 13 Sep. Ruth A., Della G. C. and I got a lovely dinner for us all and we surely enjoyed it all. With cheerful talk and smiling happy faces. Della S. Crockett made a beautiful 3 layer birthday cake for me with decorations and white frosting. It looked lovely on the table and tasted delicious. It had 8 war candles which I lit, It had 85th Birthday on the top layer. Pearl cut the cake. I didn't feel like I wanted to. I would rather someone else cut the cake. After dinner the next on the program was taking my picture by Kodak with the flowers and cake. They took them on the porch and on the lawn about 5 or size times and last one was a group picture. Then the visiting ones soon got ready and felt for their homes. And I lay down on the couch and slept for over an hour I got up feeling fine it was 7:30 p.m. I got ready to attend our ward sacrament meeting and first as it was time to go Phenor and Ona called and took me in their car. Ruth A., also went - interesting (we had a very close counselor , Heber Winn, announced to the congregation it was Sister Crockett's birthday and he gave me greetings. After meeting was dismissed my friends came around me with smiles giving me greetings ask if that was my birthday. I told them it was the 12th,the day before, but we had celebrated 2 days more. Then 12 shook hands with me and wished me greetings, and thus ended a very happy birthday. Phenoi and Ana took me home in their car. I prepared to retire for the night, kneeled in prayer thanking our Heavenly Father for the above blessings. All my dear children remembered me on my birthday all that could come to me did so, and the absent ones that could not come sent lovely letters, cards and presents. Also, some of my grand daughters gave me presents. I received of flowers in all 3 baskets of gladiolas and 6 large bouquets of other flowers. One of the roses and one of gladiolas. I also received flowers from our ward sect. Gene Kofed and wife Lillie.

            14 Sep. I did my usual house work changed water on all my flowers, set my rooms in order, cooked dinner, washed my dishes, and wrote of my 85th birthday in my journal was through and read to rest at 4:00 p.m.

            15 Sep. I wrote 4 letters to my absent children: Mary, Jennie, Elva, and Earl, telling them of my birthday celebrations.

            16 Sep. I attended to my usual duties, done some reading, and took my nap in the evening. My ward teachers called. We are always pleased to have visits from our ward teachers. Yesterday I bought a utility closet to put my dishes in with some of my birthday money, and put my old pioneer cupboard out doors. My children gave me $26.00

            19 Sep. My sister Ida C. Adams birthday. She would have been 83 had she have lived. My Edna called on me today. She will be leaving for her home in Salt Lake City tomorrow.

            20th Sep. Sunday I ate dinner with Ruth A. and family. She always invites me to dinner Sundays and holidays. I have written two letters today one to my grandson Clyde Crockett and wife, and one to my grandson Reed C. Stoddard. Who is in the U.S.A. soldiers training camp at Great Lakes Ill.

            20th Evening Ruth A. and I attended our ward sacrament meeting and I was well enough to walk there and back home. I enjoyed the services. The weather is good with very cool nights.

            22 Sep. Theoren and Tvila, Delia Lestenberg with Sister Rotie called on me for a short time. Sharon brought Rotie with them and left her to visit with we Preston folks. She stayed over night with me we had a very nice visit and next day (as day 23). We got a rise with Bishop Kerr and wife to Bro. Alvin D's home and we returned to my home and Rotie to the station near 6:00 p.m. is Reed Crockett's car after a very nice visit with Alvin Millie and Reed, Rotie went to her children at Logan. She was feeling fine.

            23rd I received a very nice birthday present through the mail today from my grandson Reed C. Stoddard who is in a U.S. Training Camp at Great Lakes Ill. The present he sent me is a beautiful silk cushing top covering with pictures of airplanes, submarines, destroyers, and battleships. Printed on the cushing cover and heavy silken image on it. It is beautiful. He also sent me a very nice birthday letter and card with an anchor on it.

            Sun 27th I spent the day reading in the Deseret News Church section, took a nap, and in the evening I went with Edwin and Della in their car to our sacrament meeting. It was very interesting. We are having very nice sun shining weather warm and pleasant.

            Monday Tues and Weds. 28th 29th of 30th on the 29th was our Elva's birthday forty one years and it was here day. Lou Deans wedding day. She was married to James Moor. A very nice young man. He has a good job at Pocatello Ida. and for the present they will make their home there. He is buying his late parents farm and he is guardian of his youngest brother, abt. 14 years.

 October 1942

             2nd Friday Edwin and Della called and gave me a nice little visit.

            3rd I did all my Sat. work.

            4th Sun, P.M. To ward evening our Nausly Weds. called on us. Jim and Lou Dean Moor. They had been to Salt Lake City on a short honeymoon. We were surly happy to see them and pleased to congratulate them and wish them much joy and happiness. They could not stay long as they were going to Lund and Pocatello that evening. They looked very happy.

            Monday 5th Ruth A. and I went to a movie picture full of war scenes. One could surly imagine what bombing means to people and their homes. Oh this is a terrible war. All our prayers are full of war news every day. Our Army and Navy keep growing in numbers by our young soldiers in the many training camps.

            6th on the 3rd morning and 4th Oct. morning We listened in to very good speaking in the L.D.S. conference at Salt Lake City. Sat. 3rd the large tabernacle was filled with the Priesthood only, Sun. 4th forenoon the choir was there to broadcast and the Tabernacle again filled with the Priesthood. We greatly enjoyed the speaking and singing over the radio.

            Monday 5 Oct. I started reading the life story of the late President Wilford Woodruf. I read it through about 32 years ago. I like it very much. It is wonderful. Pres. Woodruf was a very humble and faithful man and preformed a marvelous and wonderful work in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

            7th Wednesday The weather is beautiful. The sugar beet digging has commenced. Our town is full of Japs from the concentrated camps here to help harvest the sugar beets. I suppose most of them are American citizens many were born in America.

            10 Oct. I did my Saturday work and had my bath. Spent the evening reading the Sat. evening Deseret News.

            Sun. 11 Oct. I fasted and attended fast meeting in our ward chapel and partook of the sacrament and listened to a very good program in honor of the 23 young men from our ward who are now serving in the U.S. training camps and some in the war. The program was very interesting. Some of it very touching and brought tears to our eyes. I was very thank-ful to my Heavenly Father for blessing me that I was able to go to our fast meeting. About an hour or so before it was time to go to our chapel a sick miserable feeling came over me. I for a moment feared I might not be able to attend and I did want so to go and keep my fast. I thought of my Heavenly Father and my faith in him and went in to my bed room and kneeled in earnest prayer and faith asking God to take away the sick feeling and make me able to keep my fasting and attend meeting and walk there and back home if I hadn't a chance to ride. I then arose from my kneeling and prepared to get ready to go. I knew my Heavenly Father had all power and could help me. I kept feeling better. By the time I started on my way with Ruth A. I felt well. I enjoyed the meeting and walked home feeling fine. I prepared my dinner and ate about 2:30 p.m., washed my dishes and lay down on the couch and slept for an hour. I awoke was lieing there when a knock came on my door. I arose and walked to the door and there stood my sister-in-law Mrs. Suzettie Turner Crockett from Salt Lake City. The late Hyrum E. Crockett's wife. I was so delighted to see here, Ruth A., came in and we surely enjoyed visiting with Zettie. She could not stay long, she was going to Salt Lake this evening on the bus. I was so thankful she called on me. She and her mother had been visiting with her Aunt Mary Gorden Messell a few hours. After she left, one of our deacons called and I gave him my fast offering

            13th Monday Evening and all day Tuesday I was sick caused by bowel trouble.

            15th I felt much better. Did my work up and answered 3 letters and done some reading. We are having a rainy spell on it is still cloudy. This is sugar beet digging time so it is discouraging for the beet topers.

            16 Oct. Edwin's Della took me in their car to John Muffers where I bought $1.25 worth of apples for my winter use.

            17 Oct. I was not able to do all my Saturday work so Ruth A. helped me. In the afternoon Sister Gibson, my old neighbor, called on my bringing her dear little baby with her. She is a very nice person.

            18th Sunday, 8:00 p.m. Edwin and Della called and took me in their car to our sacrament meeting. The weather is beautiful fall weather. This morning the ward teacher called on us this was their report day. Every man that can and boys and girls are very busy, ever day, working in the sugar beets digging, toping, loading, and hauling sugar beets. Every think went on during the remainder of the week. About as usual all with no important event happening.

            25 Oct. Sun. Edwin and Della called and took me in their car to sacrament meeting in our ward.

            Mon. 26th Oct. Edwin called and brought me about 2.00 worth of good kindling wood. We are still enjoying, lovely fall weather.

            30th Our Mabel came and gave me a nice visit. Stayed over night and went home Sat. 31 Oct. p.m.

 November 1942

             Sun. 1st Nov. Clyde called with his car and took Ruth A. and I to Lenas brother Joel Peterson's home. He died 29 Oct. of a stroke and his funeral was to be on Sun. 1st Nov. in the Preston 1st Ward chapel. We wished to call on his wife an family in the home. We also met their relatives and several of our friends there. Then Edwin brought us home and Della came and took us to the funeral held at 2:00 p.m. I was invited to ride to the Preston cemetery with Clyde, his wife, and Edna in Clyde's car. Ruth A. had to go home, she believed but decided to go with us. Quin and his wife Dorothy were with us when we rode home. Edwin invited Ruth A. and I to go home with him to dinner and visit with them but Ruth said she must go home. I stayed and had a nice visit with Edwin, Della, and his children and grand children and enjoyed a very nice dinner with them and spent the evening with Edwin, Della, and Dorothy. The others went to their hoes. Quin would be back for Dorothy after his chores on the farm were taken care of. Edwin took me home at 25 to 9:00 p.m. and so I had enjoyed a lovely visit and attended the funeral service called at the home of the dead, and visited the graves of our loved ones in the Preston cemetery. Truly, the Lord answered my morning Prayer that I might be blessed through the day with health and strength. I surly felt fine and very happy. I felt like our loved ones, on the other side, were with us although the day. The funeral services were fine and there were many beautiful flowers, and the chapel filled with relatives and friends.

            Sun. 1st Nov. And fast day was on the same day, as the above funeral service

            3rd Nov. evening Our first snow - storm came.

            4th This is my oldest child's birthday, sixty three years. We remembered her with pretty cards and presents. Ruth C. Larsen.

            5th Nov. The snow is still here and dark and cloudy over head. Today the Relief Society teachers called on me, and in the evening our Mabel came to visit us and get her teeth fixed. She stayed two nights. We had a nice visit.

            6 Nov. Friday Leo and Elva called and invited me to take a ride with them to Logan and call on Leo's mother and take me to visit my dear Ozro's grave in Logan cemetery. I surly did want to go I was soon ready. We had a lovely trip and visit. I was so happy to get the chance for that nice change. The day was beautiful weather mild and pleasant, roads fine.

            7 Nov. P.M. Ruth A. C. Larsen went by auto to Ogden on business. After Mabel left I did my Saturday work. Ruth Pratt helped me. The weather is fine. Ruth A. came home 10 Nov. her trip was successful. She stayed over night with the Jones's in Ogden. They used to be her neighbors in Preston. On Tues. Nov. 10th Maurine Pratt, my great grand daughter came to make here home with me by my request. I have known for some time I must soon have some one with me as my strength is giving way gradually. She is quite willing, so she is with me and attending school in the Preston High. She was 15 years of age 29 June.

            11th Nov. Armistice Day, Stores closed, but no celebration. The weather fine, no snow but cold nights. Tomorrow is 12th Nov. and at 4:30 P.M. it will be 3 years since our Lucile died.

            12th Nov. The ward teachers called. We are always gald to see them. There visit was once each month.

            13 Nov. The weather is fine still with cold nights. I am feeling well.

            14 Nov. Maurine has been helping me good with my Saturday work today.

            15 Nov. We had another snow storm. Sunday evening, Edwin and Della called and took Ruth A., Maurine and I to our Ward Sacrament Meeting in their car. Maurine and Ruth Pratt attended Sunday school in the morning.

            16 Nov. Monday Snow still on the ground cold and cloudy. Ruth A. washed today on the 18 Nov. evening. The snow had disappeared.

            19 Nov. A.M. A blizzard was on and the ground and trees, houses, etc. were covered with a wet snow.

            22 Nov. Edwin and Della took me to our Oneida Stake quarterly conference. Apostle Joseph Fielding Smith was in attendance. I was attending the 2: P.M. session. In that meeting our Edwin A. Crockett was sustained as a member of the Stake High Council. Joseph Fielding Smith set him apart, the same day 22 Nov. 1942, Preston, Idaho. The rest of the week passed with out any thing unusual happening.

            Sun. 29th Nov. My dear husband's birth anniversary. Had he had lived he would have been 86 years of age today. It was twelve years 2nd of last Oct. since he passed to the great beyond. 12 long lonesome years for me. I have missed him so much. I shall be very happy when my time comes to leave this mortal life and meet him and all our dear ones on the other side. Today, 29th Nov., Edwin and Della called on me. I was very pleased to see them. They were on their way to Sacrament meeting the night is cold, wet and stormy, so I did not try to go. The whole day has been gloomy, dark and stormy. I have been reading the church section of the Deseret News and Testament. Ruth A. invited me to eat dinner with them today, as she does every Sunday.

            30, Nov. I attended to my house work and wrote one letter. We have miserable weather.

            On the 22 Nov. Maurine had been with me 3 weeks and I felt that I couldn't take the responsibility of caring for her longer, it was too much for one of my age. She now stays with my daughter Ruth, her grand mother.

 December 1942

             1st We are having a heavy snow storm today. The snow is wet. When I was a girl I used to enjoy getting out after a storm like this one and role snow balls and build snow dolls. I have plenty of coal to keep me warm, plenty of kindling wood, plenty of food, two good comfortable rooms and plenty of money in the bank to save and draw as I need it and children, grand and great grand children who are always willing to do any thing for me. So I am greatly blessed, my absent children always correspond with me and I love to answer their letters.

            2nd Dec. I am alone again. Maurine Pratt stayed with me three weeks. She was very nice to me and helped me all she could with my work. She left last evening, is attending school here at Preston.

            3rd I wrote and sent off a letter to My LeRoy J. Keilman, how is buying our home. It is nearly paid for. They are thinking of setting up for it this year.

            7th He sent the last payment on our house to the Bank 7th Dec., $200.93 and the bank sent him his deed for the home. We sold him, so that is all fixed Okay. We read in the Deseret News Dec. 2nd 1942 a message from Japanese Broadcast, Tokyo announcing "the virtual termination" of mopping up operations in the Philippines against American and Filipino remnants hold out in mountains or other inaccessible ports of the Islands. (Despite past claims to have wiped out all resistance the head quarters statement confirmed that survivors from the defending arm had waged a bitter if hopeless fight for six months or more after the fall of Bataan and Corregidoz) Head quarters reports said, The bulk of these Americans and Philipno marauders have been annihilated in operations from August until Oct. 1942". It was stated, Imperial forces achieved these outstanding war results". 3,940 enemy bodies abandoned, 2,000 enemy troops taken prisoners, seizure of 23 rapid fire guns, 71 heavy and light machine guns, 105 automatic rifles, 7,458 other fire arms, 1,000,000 rounds of ammunition and 44 motor cars.

            6th Sun. My daughter Edna, her sons Reed and Ozro Dale and her daughter Lucile came from Salt Lake City and gave me a nice little visit. I was so happy to see them. Reed is home on a furlough, and has to go to a new training camp in a few days. He passed all exams in the American University at Wash. D.C. He looks fine. He is a picture of strong healthy, clean, fine looking young manhood. Reed C. Stoddard was 21 years of age on the 9th of last April 1942. They all left in their car for their home in Salt Lake City about 7: P.M. A happy bunch. Edwin and Della also called on me today to take me to fast meeting, but I had company that had to leave soon so I did not go.

            9th Dec. Our Mabel came and gave us a short visit. We are always very pleased to see her.

            10th Dec. Our Relief Society teacher Sister Baker called on us. She had a lot of war instructions (printed) to hand us about health foods, rations on sugar, meat, etc. and saving fats and scrap iron for war purposes. We are expecting a cottage house meeting here at Andrew and Ruth's this evening, 10 Dec., our Bishop Alfred Kern has arranged for one.

            10th Dec. Evening at 8 P.M. Bro. Heber Winn and Rinehart Kern and his grandson DeMar Kern were here and began the cottage meeting service. We sang a hymn, then Anderson Larson opened with prayer, another hymn was sang, and Bro. R. Kern gave a nice talk. Then Bro. K. Winn called on me to bear my testimony. I responded and felt well in doing so. Then Bro. H. Winn made a few remarks. Then we sang a hymn and DeMar Kern dismissed us. We all enjoyed the meeting and invited them all to come again.

            11th Dec. Bro. Frank Pratt called on me to get Gerald Crockett's data of birth, etc. He wanted to send it to Gerald in the Army camp in Florida. All soldiers must have a birth certificate. I have the birth data of all my children, grand, and great grand children.

            12th Our Mabel came to visit me today and took dinner with me. I always enjoy her visits. We have some snow and the weather is quite cold. I did all my Saturday work today and have been feeling well.

            15th Dec. Edwin called on my this morning. I have been reviewing my 1942 journal to make out a yearly report of my activities and have it now up to date 15th dec. It is a great surprise to me to see what a great number of callers I have had while I was sick all last winter and after I was well.

            16 Dec. I had two callers today. The first was my granddaughter Ruth E. C. Roberson telling me her sister June Stoddard will be married tomorrow to Albert Cornnealious Smith. He has been in the Army, but is now on a furlow. They will be married in Pocatello. Her mother Edna C. Stoddard and sisters will be with her. My 2nd visitor today was my neighbor Mrs. Allie H. Packer. She invited me to the Daughters of the Pioneer Camp which convenes tomorrow and she asked if I would give a talk on my pioneer days in Preston. All day the weather has been very gloomy and dark, fog much of the time.

            17th Dec. The mail brought me 3 Christmas cards and a very nice letter and a 10.00 check from Maurice P. Alger, our Jennies husband. A little letter my grand daughter Fontel Stoddard and two of here friends called on me from Salt Lake City.

            18 Dec. I attended a Daughters of the Pioneer Camp in our Ward. I met many of my friends and listened to a good program. A dainty lunch was served. I was asked to give a little sketch of my pioneer life in Preston as I came with my husband and our two little children, the eldest 3 years and our baby one year old 9 Feb. 1883. I told them of aour 1st year in Preston which was the hardest of all our married life, but through the blessings of our Heavenly Father we got through the year without any serious sickness or trouble. And each year following we had better prospects and made a better living and gained in productions of our farm afterwards named Sand Crest Farm. My daughter Edna made me a nice visit today, and attended the Daughter Pioneer Camp Saturday 19 I attended to my Saturday work and did some reading, received more Xmas cards and nice letters.

            Sunday 20th evening I have been at home all day, reading the church section of the Deseret News. Had a nice nap, as usual Ruth A. invited me to eat Sunday dinner with herself and family, which I enjoyed. I felt well enough to attend Sacrament meeting in our ward, but had no chance to ride and can not walk to our chapel the walks are slippery.

            21 Have been getting the rest of my Xmas card off today or ready to mail. I have received more then a handful already of xmas cards. Mrs. Linzy called on me today and gave me a bag of candy from the Relief Society Presdiency.

            22 Dec. Ruth A. and I were invited by Edwin A. to attend the Roatery Xmas program. Phenoi Edgely called in the evening and took us to the 4th ward chapel where it was held, and we enjoyed listening to a very fine program. We also met and shook hands with many of our friends. Edwin A. was in the program, was one of the wise men in the story of Christs birth by drama. Phenoi was also taking part was one in a large gorup of singers. Singing xmas carols and anthem. It was all grand. We had a real treat, Edwin A. took us home in his car. There was a wet snow following.

            23 and 24 Dec. We were busy preparing for xmas. I received many xmas cards, some letters, and many presents from my children, some grandchildren and some great grand C. Brother Charley, 3 sisters in law. Niceses, nephews, friends and Relief Society Presidency. I was invited to eat xmas dinner with my grand daughter and her husband Pheona, their family and company on xmas day. I spent xmas evening with Edwin and Della she was not well. Quin took me home.

            26th Was my wedding anniversary. I awoke that morning from a sweet dream, very happy. I was visiting with my dear Ozro and we were very happy. Ruth A. invited me to a nice dinner.

            27 Dec. I spent the day attending to my work reading and writing in my journal Edwin A. called and told me Della was getting along alright. He was on his way to a meeting in our chapel. The weather is very cold. The walking is terribly icy every where not much snow. The sky one sold whitish cloud.

            28th Elva and Leo called for a few minutes. They were on their way to Logan to see Sister Reddish on Christmas. We were surly pleased to see them. They were soon on their way; soon after Edwin A. called on an errand, his Della has been ill two or three weeks, but is now feeling much better.

            29 Dec. Elva and Leo called on their way back from Logan and gave us a nice little visit and ate lunch with me. They left about 1: P.M. for home. In the afternoon Irene Carter called on me as one of the Relief Society Presidency, as counselor. They are making their yearly visit among the members of the R.S. The day was sun shining for a change.

            30th The sky is covered with clouds. The weather is mild. There is plenty of snow in the mountains. I hear but there is not much in the valley. Our Mabel spent a few hours with us.

            31 Dec. The roads and walks are all wet and icy. It's thawing today, still cloudy. We were happily surprised today to see our Edna walk in with her Eva Lee and her grand children Richard and Kay. They could only stay a little while as they were a going back to Salt Lake City at 11: A.M. But, oh it was good to see them and have that little visit. I spent the evening reading and retired and thus ended the old year 1942.

A short report on the following page of my activities.

Activities of year 1942

 Tithing settled full tithing       32.60

Fast Offering                           3.00

Relief Society annual due        .50 cts

Relief Society donation           2.05

Daughters of Pioneer due        .35

Daughters of Pioneer donation .50

To Primary Hospital Salt L.    .85

To Sunday School                   .10


            Number of L.D.S. Meetings attended

Sacrament                   17

No. Conf. gatherings   6

Morkis                         2

Funerals                       2

Was given three nice parties at home

Attended 3 dinner parties away (2 at Edwin's and one at Ona's)

Was ill all winter and spring, had many callers then and during the remainder of the year in all 133. They did me a lot of good, my own sons and daughters, grand children, other relatives, many friends, Bishopric, Relief S. Presidency, our ward teachers every month, Relief S. teachers often.

Gave to Larry Pratt funeral flowers    2.00

Gave to U.S.O.                                    .50

Trips off from home                           7

Visits from the Dr's                            3

Visits to the Dr's                                 2

7 Dec. The final payment $200.93 was put in the bank to my name. So now our old home has gone and all paid for.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

My Dear Readers

Hope you will excuse all mistakes and repeating's in going thru my journals. I see I had forgotten what I had written before and so had repeated, just skip along and only read what will interest you. Am alone so much with nothing. Much to do and really not able to do much and I love to write.

Hope all who read my journals will find something interesting for them and will help them to get a little more acquainted with me.

Lovingly Grand Mother

Ruth C. Crockett
June 1944

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