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Ruth Clarkson Crockett - Journal, 1918

(Ruth was 60 years old at the beginning of 1918)

November 1917

Nov. 3- Earl went to Dayton with horse and buggy to meet his father who had been to Downey on business, he brought a large dictionary, envelopes, notes, and etc. from the office. A cot had been shipped down also before.

On the evening of Nov. 3- O.O., the girls, Earl and I attended a social in our ward meeting house, it was gotten up in honor of ex-Bishop H. S. Geddis and family who had sold out and was going to move to Banida. We enjoyed the program, am still troubled with numbness and a sleepy feeling since the 2 Nov.

Sunday 4 Nov.- After meeting we went to Ruth A’s home and ate her birthday dinner with her (a chicken dinner just fine) we had a nice visit, I had been a mother thirty eight years on that day. After dinner about 5 P.M. Edwin A. took his family, Lena’s brother Tom, O.O. and me in his car for a ride to the Lewiston Sugar Factory. The men folks were seeking work, they were successful. My ride helped my circulation and the numbness and sleepy feeling left me. I enjoyed my ride.

Monday Nov. 5- O.O. took bedding and went to the Sugar Factory by the interurban train, to start work.

Tues. Nov. 6- I attended the Relief Society, was voted in on that day as Relief Society Teacher.

Thurs. Nov. 8- Was sick all the forenoon after dinner, felt better and visited ladies on our street with Sister Thomas Viney, getting members for the Red Cross stood the work pretty good and was very successful, all the evening I felt sick and miserable. Rested fairly well thru the night.

Saturday evening Nov. 10- O.O. came home from the sugar factory, took a bath and cleaned clothes, had a good night’s sleep and returned to the factory early next morning was going to start working on day shift, had been working nights.

Sun. Nov. 11- After sacrament meeting I attended Red Cross Meeting 4:30 P.M. I handed in the membership fee money to Mrs. Manerva Hale, I had taken in on our street. There was a good turn out, many had joined the Red Cross chapter of Franklin Co. quite a lot of money was handed in committees, were chosen and accepted a great amount of business was gone thru with. I returned home 6 P.M. we had taken dinner with our daughter Mary that day and had a nice visit with her.

Wed. Nov. 14- O.O. came home from the factory, they have given him another change, will come home every forenoon and sleep and go back every evening on the 6:30 P.M. train, he is night watchman now, at the factory.

9 of Nov- Mabel took nine treatments of the chiropractor, Mr. Wheeler, and started taking treatments of chiropractor I.T.J. Hoafer

Monday Nov. 12- Lucile got her new eye glasses came by mail from Dr. Evens of Twin Falls who tested her eyes, they cost $15.00)

Tues. Nov. 13- I attended Relief Society and gave report.

Nov. 16- O.O. had another change at the factory, was put in day watchman, started coming home every evening 9 P.M. and going back every morning at 7 A.M. I still attend to my house work, the girls helping all they can before going to work and school. Earl attends to all the chores.

Nov. 18- I attended sacrament meeting with Ruth A. and Mary in the 1st ward. We ate dinner with Mary, Ruth A, Edwin and family and Mary and children made us a pleasant call that evening. A short time after they left I was called in to our neighbors home Mrs. Mary Maughn who had that day met with an accident while in her buggy alone, the horse ran away and she was thrown to the ground bruising her up very badly. I worked two or three hours helping what I could to relieve the pain. O.O. called on his return home and helped administer to her. We left her feeling some better, the next day she was much better when I called.

Nov. 20- I received a letter from daughter-in-law Estella, it had news from George R. he was well, had work, his back did not bother him, (it had been bad.) All very good news, we were thankful.

Thurs. Nov. 22- Mary and children made me a nice visit.

Fri. Nov. 23- Started raining.

Nov. 25- I attended S. School with my children, from there went to Ruth A’s ate dinner with her, spent the afternoon , about 4 P.M. Ruth and I took a walk out called at Mary’s Luther, her husband just arrived home from Kansas City where he had been attending the Sweeny Automobile School. He graduated and received a diploma and letters of introduction, he looked well, we were pleased to see him home again. A mist had been falling most of the day in the evening it rained.

Nov. 26- 1 A.M. our Mary gave birth to a pair of twin boys only one lived about three quarters of an hour, I named it before it died while the Dr. and Lucile were waiting on Mary. I was called to their home between 12 and 1 A.M. but the babies were born before the Dr. or I could get there. They came too soon, but we and the Dr. had hopes of the one living. I called on Mary each day doing what I could for her and the baby. Luther’s mother also called very often and stayed for hours at a time, doing all she could for them and Luther was a great help. I took the washings home.

Thanksgiving Day was Nov. 29- O.O’s birthday, Edna and her family came to celebrate with us, also Ruth A. and girls, O.O. our five unmarried children (except Jennie) and I with the above named all ate dinner together, we had a large turkey cost $3.15, mince and squash pie and etc.

December 1917

Dec. 3- Awake early in the morning with a bad nose bleed, was cold all night.

Dec. 4- After going to bed kept getting colder and colder, could not sleep between 12 and 1 A.M. O.O. arose, made a fire, warmed water and irons to get me warm, I then soon fell asleep.

Dec. 5- Awoke feeling cold, arose and dressed, continued feeling cold, took a hot bath and put on extra clothing and felt warm.

Dec. 8- Lucile got thru working in the City Grocery and stayed home to help me and get ready to go to the L.D.S. Hospital to take the nurse course.

Thursday 9 P.M.- Mary’s other twin baby died last day or two, it had been growing weaker and weaker until it breathed it’s last I was there so was O.O. we stayed that night, I took care of the dear little babe just as I had done with the other, dressing them neat and nice, padded and lined and covered little caskets (Luther had made) with white material. They looked very nice, was good sized babies, their weight was five and a half lbs. each. Luther made boxes to place the little white caskets in, they were buried in the Preston Cemetery, side by side, in one grave. LeRoy and O.O. blessed and named Royden, were their names, their grave was dedicated. It was a great disappointment to us to lose the babies, was so very grateful that Mary got along as well as she did.

Dec. 10- Sister Kate Carter and I visited the 14 District as Relief Society Teachers, Sister Mary Merrell was sick.

Sat. Dec. 11 and Sun. 12- We attended quarterly conference. We continue calling every day on Mary and helping all we can. Dec. 11- I attended Relief Society Meeting and took part in the lesson had to tell what I could of Enoch who with his city was translated to heaven. Dec. 11- Jennie was accepted at the Hospital, had passed her probationary three months acceptable and signed up for three years and was put on night shift for one month.

Dec. 14- Mary was well enough to ride out the day was a nice one, weather mild and pleasant so O.O. took the horse and buggy up and brought her and Verda down home to stay with us where we could take care of her, Luther was absent at work, I cleared up thw work, some at Mary’s then Glen and I walked to our home.

Wed. Dec. 19- We mailed X-Mas cake, box of choice candy and apples for each. I put in two hours work at Red Cross Headquarters helping sew and got br.

Dec. 20- I feel very miserable, have taken cold and am again trying to leave, off taking capsules have not taken any since Tues. Dec. 11. The first week I did very well, but today. I feel as tho, I was coming down with LaGrip on the 21 I was very miserable, started taking capsules and was relieved.

Dec. 23- O.O, Mary, Mabel, and I attended Relief Society X-Mas program which took place in the afternoon Sunday meeting, it was very interesting it was also in honor of the Prophet Joseph Smith’s birthday.

Dec. 24- Luther came, he, Mary and the children were a happy looking family, they all rode up to his mother’s to stay over night, he had to go back to work the next day, she (Mary) and the children came back the next day and helped us celebrate X-Mas and out wedding anniversary. O.O, Mabel, Elva, Earl and me attended the X-Mas program in our ward, returned home, we received presents from each other, X-Mas cards, and a package thru the mail, box of choice candy from David. I sent letters and X-Mas cards to the absent children.

26 Dec.- We prepared a nice dinner for our children in Preston, our grandchildren and ourselves have been married thirty nine years, this being our wedding anniversary.

Dec. 28- I received very interesting letters from David and George R. which did me a world of good, I sent off answers to above letters Dec. 29.

Sat. Dec. 29- O.O. and I attended Priesthood and officer meeting. O.O. also settled tithing counting ours, Earls, and the girl’s tithing announced to one hundred and four dollars and thirty five cents. ($104.35) There is no snow, yet beautiful spring like weather.

Dec. 30- O.O. and children attended Sabbath school. O.O, Mary, Mabel, (Lucile, Earl, and me attended Sacrament meeting, the last meeting in our ward for Lucile before she becomes a probationary nurse.) We sent off New Year cards to O.O’s brothers and sisters. The Young folks, attended Mutual in the evening.

Dec. 31- We, (the girls and me) spent the last day of the year putting in all our time working helping finish Lucile’s sewing, getting her new wardrobe of clothes ready to take to the L.D.S. Nurse home in the evening as we surrounded the supper table, the door opened and we were happily surprised to see Edna and her family walk in. We all arose and hearty handshakes and kisses went the rounds. They came to celebrate New Year with us, came in a car, weather good and roads pretty good. They also wanted to visit with Lucile before she left for Salt Lake. A little later Luther, Mary’s husband, came to spend New Year with his family, us and his folks and thus ended the eventful year of 1917. Sacrament meetings attended—13 times. Sunday School attended—8 times. Relief society Meetings attended—16 times. Attended about five conference meetings. Our tithing for 1917 for our family $104.35. We have donated to Red Cross $5.50. We have donated to Relief Society, Temple building, and Logan temple, for wheat to store, socials etc. cash—$5.25. Potatoes to Relief Society—60.

(Ruth was 60 years old at the beginning of 1918)

January 1918

New Years day we enjoyed a delicious dinner at home. Ruth A. and her girls joined us. We asked Edwin and family to come, but they had received an invite at before so they went to Lewiston. Mary and her family visited and ate dinner with Luther’s folks.

Jan. 2 - We were very busy all day helping Lucile get ready to leave for S. Lake City the next morning. No snow yet. Beautiful spring like weather pansies in bloom in the flower garden, fruit buds swelling grass and locum growing. We have never in our lives known of such remarkable weather in Cache Valley.

Jan. 3 - Lucile kissed and bid us good by and was soon on her way to Depot in a Ford with her father John Stoddard and Earl. She left Preston on the G.S.L. train 7:30 a.m. to go to Salt Lake City - take the Nurse course in the L.D.S. Nurse home I did with her as I had with Jennie gave her much good advise warming of dangers. And told her to come back to us pure and sweet as she was leaving us I started my prayers for hers and Jennies safety before ever they left home and expect to continue my prayers for them and all my loved ones until the end. I was perfectly satisfied at her going but could not help shedding tears after they had gone. And I felt very lonesome and heavy hearted, most of the day, Edna and her family also felt for their home that morning that left the house very quite and lonesome. In the afternoon OCC took me for a buggy ride. It was a real treat. Nice roads, beautiful weather, on our way we see a man plowing his field something we had never seen before in the month of January. My ride helped me feel lighter hearted.

Jan. 4 - In the evening after a hard days work I felt very miserable had taken cold had rheumatism in my left elbow and left foot pain in my chest and sore throat.

Jan. 5 - Morning we received a card from Lucile stating she arrived in Salt Lake City all right, Jennie was there at the Depot to meet her. Her trunk also arrived OK and Lucile was soon located in the Hospital all safe.

Sun. Jan. 6 p.m. - Have been home today have a very bad cold on my chest, the young folk, attended Sabbath School and O.O. attended sacrament meeting I sent a letter off to Estella in Marsh Center, she remains with her parents she and the children have been getting along pretty well, she hears quite often from George R. very nice encouraging letters, this evening O.O. the young folks attended Dr. Millers lecture.

Monday Jan. 7 - Mary Elva and I attended a lecture given by Dr. Miller that evening. Ruth A. Mabel and Elva called on Dr. Miller and he gave them each a reading $1.00 each told them what they were best adapted for in choosing their avocations in life, he said Ruth A. would make a good chiropractor also a good reader of character would be good at clerking and nursing Mabel would be good in Millenerary and dress making. Elva would make a good Primary school teacher would be good in music, her vitality has good if she took care of her health she need not be sick if she should get sick would soon build up had a well balanced head.

Jan. 10 – We received letters from Jennie and Lucile. Lucile likes her work Jennie writes Lucile is giving satisfaction we answered their letters the same day. Have been copying my journal the last two days, I also sent off a Slipper holder birthday card and letters to David to reach him on his birthday.

Jan. 11 4:20 P.M. - It has been snowing all day the weather is cold, my cough and cold with headache bothers me very much, but remains up and around.

Jan. 13 - Sunday Earl had a reading given him by a Phrenologist for 25 cents. Elva and Earl attended S. School Ozro O. attended afternoon meeting. My cough being bad I remained at home, as Luther’s had returned from his work at Smithfield he, Mary, and the children went to their rented rooms and again started house keeping, Mary and the children were with us four weeks and is feeling pretty strong, she has helped one in many ways with hand work and helping get Lucile ready to go and take the Nurse Course.

Tuesday Jan. 14 - Ozro O. helped me wash besides hauling fertilizer for his beet ground, my cough is not so bad am getting better.

Jan. 16 - Mabel started boarding with Ruth A, the distance from our home to her work being so far through the cold, and she is not well and strong, she still takes treatments of the chiropractor, I advised her to give up work and stay home this winter and rest up, but she has no desire to give up work and is quite determined to keep on.

Sat. Jan. 19 - Was a very busy day for me at evening Ozro O. and I called on Edwin A. and family it being his birthday, we took with us a bucket of apples and a slipper holder his Edwin birthday present. We spent a very pleasant evening returning home, retired, in the night I awake with an awful fear as tho, some evil influence was in my room. I prayed many times rebuking it before I felt peace and could sleep.

Sunday Jan. 20 - Ozro O. went to Glendale with brother Joseph Johnson as High Priest missionaries, Mabel and I attended Sacrament meeting in our ward and after it was out I attended Red Cross meeting, all our young folk, attend Mutual Meetings Sunday evenings.

Jan. 21 - I called at Red Cross Head Quarters, got yarn and directions for knitting a sweater, returned home and started knitting our daughter Mary called.

Jan.Sat. 26 - I returned to Red Cross Head Quarters with the sweaters I had made for a soldier.

Jan. 22 - Received a letter from Edna and Estella, and a card from sister Ida, I also attended Relief Society, I missed attending the four Relief S. meetings before, but had a good excuse every time.

Jan. 23 - I did some shaping and sent off a bundle Parsel Past to Estella our daughter in law, after returning home Ozro O. and I called McNeils our neighbors to see how their three year old granddaughter was she had been very sick for one week Ozro O. had been called in a time as two to administer to her, when we called we found she had passed away two or three hours before, we attended her funeral two days later.

Sat. Jan. 26 - Ozro O. attended Priesthood Meeting. I attended Relief S. Officers testimony meeting we had a very good time many good testimonies were borne one sister Nancy Beckstead who had been working in the Salt Lake Temple, related part of a conversation she had with a lady acquaintance, she made in the Temple. The lady said when she was a little girl, two men called at their home her mother entertained them with food and milk as they were hungry. As they were leaving one of them told the little girl she would some day go to Zion, they were L.D.S. missionaries in time that promise came true, on the evening of the 26 of Jan. Our soon David came from Salt Lake to visit us we met him at the station was very pleased to see him, he stayed until the evening of the next day when he returned to Salt Lake, he was well, looked fine, said he was getting along splendid studying law also took great please in mutual and church work, in his ward and stake. We invited our children in Preston to visit us. While he was here with us they came and took dinners with us returning to their homes in the afternoon and evening, that evening after Elva and Earl went to Mutual Ozro and I called on our neighbor brother’s and sister Thomas Viny.

Monday Jan. 28- Ozro O and Earl attended Priesthood Meeting in the evening, weather very cold with blizzard on.

Tues. Jan. 29- Ozro O and I attended the Relief Society Annual 2nd Ward enjoyed the program and lunch I gave 35 cents towards finishing lunch.

Wed. Jan. 30- Cold and stormy, we received a nice letter from George R, but was sorry to learn he had been very ill with LaGrip but was better when he wrote, and able to work, was trying to do his best making a new start in every way.)

Jan. 31- Our daughter Edna had a new baby boy born at Downey Idaho their present home, tat evening Johsn her husband phoned to us, asking if I would go up next day if I could, the answer was yes, so on the morning of

February 1918

Feb. 1st- Ozro O took me by team and sleigh to Dayton Ida, where I took train to Downey, was pleased to see Edna and family was very pleased to see the new baby boy. I stayed five days morning Edna cared for the babies and helped what I could with the work, they had a hired girl to do the house work washing nd ext. Little June was sick but had started getting better when I left, Edna was getting along fine I left on Feb. 5th, leaving Edna and baby in care of Mrs. Rasin who had rented their front rooms, Mary and Luther met me with our teams and sleigh at Dayton, we had a rough ride the ground bare much of the way, reached home 9 P.M. Mary had had been going to our home during my absence and doing the work which was greatly appreciated by me as Elva’s time in school and study was mostly taken up.

Feb. 3- I had quite a nose bleed (at Edna’s)

On the 5 Feb. 1918 Ozro O grandfather David Crockett, daughter Effie C. Fullmer died at Long Beach Cal. She had a stroke had heart trouble also.

Feb. 7- I answered George R.’s letter and wrote one to David. The reason Ozro O did not meet one at Dayton was because he attended his Uncle Victor Crockett’s funeral at Logan City. I called on my neighbor Mrs. Jensen who had a sick child.

Friday Feb. 8- My relief Society teachers called I gave them, cash 50 cents towards paying for Relief Society Liberty Bond.

Feb. 9- Was Saturday and a very busy day and Elva with a bad cold but she and Earl helped me good with the work.

Sunday Feb. 10- Elva and Earl attended Sunday school, she is secretary, was sustained as such

Sun. Feb. 3 before that she was assistant a month or two and did all the work made out report and all. Ozro O and Earl attended sacrament meeting, Ruth A Mabel and Wilora called on us took supplies with us Elva felt to considerable to attended Mutual with them and Earl, the weather is cool and clear.

Monday Feb. 11- After dinner was over I prepared to go to Mrs. Mary Merrell’s Residence to company her around our District as Relief Society Teachers we did not meet with very great success as so many was absent from home, when we were thru, I called on my Mary in her home to rest a while, I felt all in tired and give out, I took a capsule and lay down on the bed, resting for a while and returned home, that evening. I felt very miserable and also the next day was sick head aching badly and wanted no breakfast. After Ozro O had gone to his work and Elva and Earl to school I arose from my bed feeling very sick I offered prayer asking God to bless me that I might be able to accomplish all I ought to do that day then I bathed and went about my work before I had gotten thru, with it all I felt as well as I usually do, I cooked dinner and was able to eat my share, after dinner was cleared away I prepared to attend Relief Society Meeting, called on my Mary and she attended with me, I gave on the Teacher’s Report of No. 14 District which Mary Merrell’s and I visited. We had a splendid testimony meeting, Mary bore testimonies to great manifestations of healing and of dreams, etc. from the spirit world three bore testimony of visits from the three Nephites (who remained on the earth) In the evening I wrote letters to Jennie and Lucile, went to bed at 9 P.M. and rested well.

Wed. Feb. 13- My own dear mother’s birthday and my daughter Mary’s. We enjoyed a nice little social in the evening and delicious supper in honor of the birthday, Ruth A, Wilora Edwin A. and Lena Mary and family and Mabel all came and spent the evening. In the forenoon my Relief Society Teachers called and told me of a poverty stricken family who had moved in our ward, had a new born baby with no clothes prepared for it no food in the house and no money and husband not working. She as only one of a number of Teachers around asking for either baby clothes, money or food, I donated cash 25 cents and called on the lady taking her a qt. of preserves and a large loaf of nice graham bread, her husband soon got work, received a letter from Edna she is getting along fine.

Fri. Feb. 15- Elva came home from school in the evening sick, was sick all night and next day. The next day following was Sunday she was much better but her cold still bad but she attended Sunday School as she was Secretary.

Sun. Feb 17- Ozro O went on home mission to Weston with Brother L.A. Mecham I attended sacrament meeting in our ward, after it was dismissed the Bishop and counselors set apart two Relief Society officers and some Relief Society Teachers, I was among the Teachers and Counselor Henry Lucherini set me apart. The weather was mild and pleasant plenty of snow on the ground.

Monday Feb. 18- There is a blizzard on the weather is too cold and fierce for Elva to attend school she however is feeling much better. Ozro O got his liberty Lone Bond of 1917.

Feb. 19- It is number 4138028 for fifty dollars the above liberty bond was the 2nd one we could not buy the 1st one and we could not buy the 3rd one either, (we received, a letter from Estella with sad news from George R. Some time in January he done some heavy lifting and hurt his back it must done him up for a while, he had to lay off over one week and then started a little light work for his board and lodging.)

Tues. Feb. 19- I attended Relief Society when it was out I went to Red Cross Head Quarters working one hour, returned home and found old friend and neighbor Mrs. Sarah Phillips in our home come to stay over night and visit with us we were very pleased to see her and made her welcome, the next day we accompanied her to the train where she left for Logan, from the depart I went to Red Dross Head Quarters and put in 4 hours work.

Friday Feb. 22- I worked at Head Quarters of Red Cross 2 hours and 30 minutes making over seven hours red cross work this week all laying hems of arm slings for wounded soldiers.

Saturday Feb. 23 I wrote and sent off letters to George R and David Ozro O and I attended Priesthood meeting, in the afternoon he and I with Earl went shopping, bought Earl a new suit of clothes his first long pants, Ozro O and I then called on Mrs. Millie Golightly talking over Real Estate and etc.

Sunday Feb. 24- Elva and Earl attended Sunday School, I wrote a letter to Estella and mailed it, Ozro O and I attended Sacrament meeting, President Joseph Geddis addressed the congregation subjects. Do all we can to help him out in the Great Worlds War and bring peace to the nations of the earth. After Meeting we returned home and Ruth A her girls and Mabel, called on us.

Monday Feb. 25- Ozro O took Edwin A to Dayton to take the trains to Topaz Idaho, where he expected to do some business for his father, with a man David Monson he had been owing Ozro O a debt, for some time, we have beautiful sun shine but weather is cold.

On the 18 of Feb. Elva sent off three orders for the American woman.

On the 24 of Feb. Ozro O donated $2.00 to the Red Cross.
Tuesday Feb 26- I attended Relief Society and took part in the lesson after meeting Ozro and I called on Lena and Mary and that evening we called on our sick neighbor brother James McNeil he had started with nose bleed and couldn’t get it stopped no way the Dr. could not, said he had a blood disease the fiber part of the blood was gone and it would not follow thru the blood vessels natural.

Feb. 27- I called on Mrs. Mary Maughn she is getting well, after dinner I went to Red Cross Head Quarters and put in 3 ½ hours work on that day Edwin A returned from his business trip for his father collecting debts, he was very successful, at Topaz of David Monroe he got an excellent work horse just what his father needed, worth 125-dollars. He also called on Mr. Fink of Arimo staying with him almost all day before he could collect the debt, he finally collected cast $40.00 so his trip turned out well and we were all very please his father paid his expenses and gave him ten dollars for his trouble and he was well satisfied.

Feb 28 Thursday- Ozro and I called on Brother George E. Crockett and wife he was not at home but the family were Bell made us very welcome we visited with her and the children an hour or two, she treated us to ice cream and cake she had left from the day before which was their wedding anniversary, after returning home Ozro O called on Bro. J. Memeil he was no better his nose been bleeding over one week.

March 1918

March 1st- I awoke near 4 A.M. Very dizzy arose 9 A.M. took a hot bath, took sick and vomited twice went to bed vomited again remaining dizzy all the while Ozro and brothers Maugh administered to me by my request about 12:30 noon. I felt much better, ate some bread butter and fish and drank some coffee thinking it might counteract any poison I might have in my stomach, I arose and dressed 3 P.M. the rest of the day and evening felt much better slept good at night.

Sunday March 3- Arose early but was dizzy could scarcely wait until I was dressed before lining room I lay there most of the time until 2:30 P.M. When my my dizziness was gone and I arose and helped Earl get dinners. Elva and Earl attended S. School Ozro O attended afternoon meeting it was fast day and he fasted until supper the rest of us fasted until noon. Ruth A Mary and Mabel called on us, Elva and Earl attended Mutual, with the girls. The weather is cloudy thawing snow going slowly. I sent letter and birthday card to Edna.

March 4 Monday- I arose early but was dizzy dressed and had to hurry and lie down on the cot remained dizzy until 9 A.M. When I arose and after prayer and sitting a while with some sewing started to do my house work.

Tues. March 5- I felt pretty good attended Relief Society.

March 7- I continued to feel pretty good I attend to my house work, Today Ozro O sent off notes to their owners some of Geo. R’s business held over since going to Downey when Ozro O closed out Geo. R’s office for him as he was a far off at work at the carpenters trade, on the above date I received a good letter from George R. His back bothers him tho I answered the letters and mailed it the next day, with birthday card enclosed I had sent for a nice handy sized bible for his birthday present but it never came in time. I also sent a letter to David, we are having wet snow falling most of the day roads muddy and slushy.

March 8th- Our (Ozro’s and mine) twentieth grandchild was born to George R and Estella Crockett a boy the news came over the telephone wire and we were so pleased to learn all was well, they wanted us to send word on to George R. we had a letter sent off by the next mail telling the joyful news.

Sat. March 9- Our quarterly conference commences. Ozro O, Elva, Earl and I attended the two Conference meetings and took dinners with our daughters Mary and family. Aparttes Rudger Clawson and O.F. Whitney visited our conference gave some very good discourses. The subjects were describing the sphere we live on, Salvation likened to a person fallen is to a pit in which the Gospel Ladder is placed to help him out by his own free agency round by round obeying each principal and requirements for him to either receive obey and climb or reject disobey and remain in the pit, stewardship (was a subject) of our temporal and spiritual affairs stewardship of our bodies will all have to be given an account of some time by us in the future, a poem was read entitled “When Nature make a Man” It was a just splendid showing how we must be tried and tested, we must not murmur or find fault, guard against it and meet our trials like a man and like a woman; they are for our good bringing out the better parts of our natures, refining and molding and shaping our characters, Music another subject, when well arranged properly given or rendered also singing prepares the way for the Gospel to be preached, it mellows the feelings and gives inspiring thoughts. Poetry too is also elevating and inspiring to the mind and feelings and prepares the way for the Gospel, meekness was also a subject in our lives we should be meek and humble as our Savior was when on the earth. The singing and music beautiful and inspiring, we ate our dinners.

Sunday- With Ruth A her girls and Mabel being close to meetings it came very handy for us to accept of Mary’s and Ruth A.’s invitations to eat dinners with them conference times. We returned home after conference. I was quite tired but very thankful I had been able to attend that splendid conference, once during conference Brother James McNeil our Stake Patriarch was prayed for in meeting he had continued bleeding at the nose for three weeks growing weaker and weaker and suffering much pain.

Sunday March 10- After meeting Ozro and two other Elder’s were asked to call on him and administer to him. Ozro O and our neighbor Brother Harison Maughn had been there several times administering to him, I called a few times with Ozro to see how he was, he looked very weak and sick, very white.

After dinner, March 11- Mrs. Mary Merrells and I visited the 14 District as Relief Society Teachers found all well that were home excepting one lady who was not of our faith very sick with Rheumatism, that same day Ozro O fell from a load of fertilizer on the frozen ground, he was standing up and crossing the R.R. track to drive in our yard, it gave him a regular shaking up but did not hurt him seriously but it was a very narrow escape for him we were all very grateful it was no more harmful to him then it was.

Tues. March 12- I did up the morning work as usual got dinner over with prepared and attended Relief Society meeting. It was Teachers report day and testimony bearing, that evening Ozro O and I called at James McNeils Residence asking how he was, we found him suffering was very low not expected to live, he was surrounded by all his family and they were all reconciled to the will of God. After we returned home our ward Teachers called on us they visit once a month.

March 13 Wednesday 7:30 A.M.- Our neighbor Brother James McNeil passed to the Spirit world and his earthly mission was fulfilled. We were very sorry to loose our good neighbor. We shall certainly miss him, he was a good man and will meet a rich reward. The snow is disappearing fast. I answered Edna’s letter and sent it off to Past. Ruth A. called and took dinner with us, that evening Ozro and I called on our new neighbors (in the Viney house) Brother and Sister Reed and family who moved from Salt Lake City, we spent an hour or two pleasantly.

March 15 Friday- Ozro O and I called on Brother James McNeils family and viewed the
Remains in his casket, he looked very nice and peaceful. Then we attended his funeral there was a large congregation, beautiful singing, lovely flowers, and some splendid discourses given by Bishop Mazen Merrells and Apostle Melvin Ballard of the North Western States Mission the latter related a wonderful testimony of his being carried away in the spirit to the Salt Lake Temple while he was in the mission field among the Lamanties he was praying to the Lord at the time, He beheld a ground and beautiful personage he had walked towards him (the person). He arose with a most beautiful smile on his face. He put his arms around him and kissed him Pres. Ballard fell and kneeled at His feet and beheld the prints of the nails in his feet. O! It was wonderful, the tears rolled down Brother Ballard’s cheeks while relating it and he was so full his voice trembled he said he told us the circumstance to encourage us, he also said a large congregation had gathered with the mourners those from the spirit world he mentioned some of the names said he could feel their presence (the dead relatives) Pres. Ballard also sang the hymn “I Know that my Redeemer Lives” by request he has a lovely voice and the singing was grand he bore a strong testimony in every time.

In the above date Ozro O received thru the mail from Sister Roxie Hopkins two photos one was his grandmother Delia Reed Curtis, the other was his great grandmother Byam mothers of the first, she was married to John Byam the picture was taken when she was 102 years of age and she died very soon after, his grandmother Delia Reed Curtis was 82 years of age when she died, we are very proud of the picture of the dear sweet grandmothers. I placed them where we could see them every day we wanted to get acquainted with them.

Sunday March 17- Our ward Relief Society Conference came off, there was a good program and all responded. There were six old ladies sang, “Hard Times Come Again no More” I was among the number, I was also asked to bear my testimony in that meeting, was asked while we were singing the 2nd hymn. I said I would but was filled with fear and my heart started beating like a sledge hammer for the house was filled with people and I was so timid and had taken so by surprise, but I prayed many times over in my mind to my Heavenly Father to give me strength and courage to bear my testimony to that congregation, I had become calm by the time I was announced by our Pres. And I walked to the pulpit and asked an interest in the faith and prayers of the brothers and sisters there assembled that I might be guided by the spirit of God in what I would say and that my voice might be blessed that it would not tremble, as it often did while bearing my testimony our prayers were answered, I bear testimony on these pages that a sweet calm spirit rested over me and I bore a strong testimony of the truth of the Gospel and of my work in the Relief Society with out fear and my voice did not tremble, for which I afterwards thanked my Heavenly Father, that afternoon Ozro O. had to fill a High Priest missionary appointment in Preston 1st ward so he was at that meeting. Ruth A, Mabel and Wilora, Elva and Earl were at our ward meeting that day and we all met in out home after meeting was out.

Monday March 18- Ozro O helped me with the washing, (we received a letter from George R his back is getting better and he was more encouraged I feel that my prayers offered for my poor George by me are being answered), Ozro O attended Priesthood meeting in the evening Earl did not feel well enough to attend.

Tues. 19 March- I attended R. Society meeting and called on Mary and family.

Wed. March 20- Very nice weather like Spring. Ozro O dug up the little patch South of home and put in garden seeds, we received a letter from Edna they are all well.

21 of March- I received another letter from George R telling me where to send the bible I was wanting to send him, had been asking if he would like one, he answered he had been wishing for one that he should take a great deal of comfort in reading it, accordingly I prepared to send it off I also bought two nice pair garments and marked them as Ozro O and I had talked over sending him some.

Friday March 22- I mailed two parcels to George R. the bible in one and garments and rations in the other, have since received word from him that he received the parcels and was well pleased with them.

Sunday March 24- Elva and Earl attended S. School. Ozro and I attended afternoon meeting, and when it was out, called on Mary and family, she treated us to banana cake and fruit salad in honor of her soon Glen’s birthday. We afterwards called on brother A.D. Crockett and wife Millie, we rode out in our buggy.

Monday March 25- Our neighbor Jensen’s girls baby died of whooping cough four weeks old and was buried on the 27 March I attended her funeral it took place in the home many attended there was good singing and speaking the room was filled with a sweet peaceful influence. Ozro O had been called in many times to administer to the sick baby and also to administer to its mother several times before she got well I called many times and offered to do help in any way I could.

Tues. March 26- We received a letter from our daughter in law Estella she is getting well and strong and baby getting along fine and the other children well, I did not attend R. Society as I could not very well, the remainder of the week was spent as usual attending to the house work, washing, grooming, cooking etc.

March 27- Our Mary and children came to stay with us a week or two, Luther’s, her husband had gone to their home stead and their furniture was being shipped to Swan Lake, she was lots of help and company to me, and did a great deal of writing for me, she copied my father’s journal that had been given to brother Charles R and which I borrowed and Mary copied it. Mary also done up her sewing while with me as she had no sewing machine in her home. I want Mary to have and own that Journal of her grandfather Clarkson she copied when I am dead.

Sunday March 31- Easter Ozro O and I called at the Reid Residence of the 2nd Preston sister Reid died two days before she had been Secretary of the 2nd ward Relief Society for several years was a good faithful sister, the hearing of her death was a great shock to me. She looked very peaceful in her casket we followed her remains to the Opera House where the services were held, the singing and speaking was good and there were many beautiful flowers. (On this day Easter March 31 our Lucile starts wearing her white uniform in the L.D.S. Hospital she had passed the probationary successfully and has been accepted, I wrote her a letter of congratulation the day before Easter sending Easter cards to her and Jennie) and a letter to Jennie on the 31 of March according to a proclamation from the Pres. Woodrow Wilson all clocks and watches over the United States were set one hour ahead and was to remain so seven months when they should be turned back one hour.

April 1918

April 1st- I worked in my flower garden planted Gladialians Lena called and gave them to me. Ozro O planted peas and other garden seeds, Earl done some harrowing a cold wind was blowing all afternoon.

Tuesday April 2- We had the ground covered with snow blowed and snowed all day. The weather was too bad for me to attend Relief Society Meeting.

Wed. April 3- Weather good, snow going off, I sent a post card to sister Lydia, am all ready to go with Ozro O to Salt Lake City to Moroni, to attend Conference and visit with our children there, and brother Charlie and family at Holiday, Ut. Mary out daughter will stay and keep house for me during our absence.

April 4- Ozro O and I left for Salt Lake on the O.S.L. R.R. on the early morning train we arrived about 12:30 noon, no one could meet us. We took the St. car to the L.D.S. Hospital had a nice little visit with the girls Jennie and Lucile in the Nurses home Parlor, we left with them a qt. made candy, “Pinach”, we made arrangements to meet them next day in town, we then took the car back to town). Met David our son, in Main Street, he walked with us to Salt Lake Hotel, where he stays, we rented a room for two nights in the above Hotel, we rested and went out to the restaurant to supper David also went to supper with us, after returning to our room Brother Hyrum Crockett and wife Yettie called on us, and stayed a short time we then went to a good show, went back to our room and retired.

Friday April 5th- We attended two conference meetings in the large Tabernacle, afterwards met Jennie and Lucile our daughters, took them to our room, David came in also and we had lunch together we had taken food from home with us, after we were through eating and soon set in order, Brother Hyrum and Brother William J. Crockett and Yettie called on us we enjoyed their stay about two hours when they left and (Ozro O the girls and me went to a good Vandervill we went for the girls sake, when it was over we escorted Jennie and Lucile to their car For the L.D.S. Hospital, and we returned to our room.)

Saturday April 6- We attended two splendid meetings in the Tabernacle, ate our lunch there between the meetings about 4 P.M. took a St. car for the L.D.S. Hospital had another little visit with the girl, while they were off duty, Jennie showed us thru the Hospital, we then made arrangements to meet them in town the next day when they would be off duty, and we took a car for town then got a Holliday car and went out to Holliday and visited over night with brother Charlie and family, found him with a very sore eye had been sore two weeks, their youngest child Della was also quite ill that night, also their daughter Allie had lately gone thru an appreciation for female troubles and she still felt weak and miserable, the rest of the folks were well. We returned to the city the next morning Sister Vira went with us, we attended the forenoon meeting but had to go in the Assembly Hall we got a very good seat and enjoyed a Splendid meeting, after meeting Vira made Ozro O David Lucile and me acquainted with Sister Jane Ann Newman of Holliday an old friend of my parents she was acquainted with them, before they were married in England, we were sure very pleased to see her, we soon after met Jennie then we all went to the Restaurant and had dinner, now I am just reminded we didn’t meet Jennie until after dinner, not long after she came Lucile had to go back to the Hospital on duty, Jennie walked to the Depot with us David also met us at the Dept we left on the 4:30 P.M. train for home, we reached home 10 P.M. Ruth A and Mary met us at the Depot, I was very tired, but stood the trip fine, we found all well at home.

Tues. April 10th- I attended R. Society Meeting, I received a letter from Edna and answered it, and wrote in my journal besides other work.

The weather is good, 11th of April- we received a very good letter from George R. his back is getting better all the time he enjoys working at the carpenters trade better then any other work he has ever had, he has met five Mormon Elders and attended a St. Meeting and enjoyed all just fine, made him think of his dear old missionary days. Has a stronger testimony of the Gospel then ever since passing thru so many sad experiences, we answered his letter the same day and mailed it, to Portland Oregon his present address.)

12 April- This is Lucile’s birthday I wrote letter to her Jennie and David also sent Lucile a birthday card mailed them all together with Deseret News with Conference news and clippings to George R. Lucile is seventy two years of age. O! What many many changes we have passed thru during those years. On the afternoon of April 12, I received a letter from my daughter in law Estella Crockett with a confidential reading enclosed from George R. for Estella to read and then send to me for his father and I to read to me for his father and I to read to me for his father and I to read the reading of which filled us with sympathy love and kindly feelings towards our poor boy, George R. I answered Estella’s letter the next day enclosing a letter for George R. I fasted from Friday evening 12 April until Sunday 8 A.M. April 14 and I felt fine.

Sunday April 14-Elva and Earl attended Sunday school Ozro and I attended afternoon meeting. The weather in very cold Mary and children and Mabel returned from Downey. They had been visiting with Edna and family also been to Marsh Center with John and Edna visiting their sister in law Estella Crockett her children and her parents with whom they were staying Brother and Sister Andrew Shumway, they were all very pleased to see the new baby of Estella’s, Elma Shumway Crockett. The girls found all the folks well and were also pleased with Edna’s new baby Eli Gordon born in Jan. they pronounced them very sweet babies.

Monday April 15- Ozro O received a sixty dollar check from the Sugar Factory a prize check for the best 5 - were of beets in the year 1917 we were very pleased to get it. My head has been bothering me quite bad for several hours.

Tues. April 16- Mary and I and her children attended Relief Society.

Thursday April 18- Mary and I put out a big washing besides doing the work and getting meals my head felt fine I had I had been having it ache badly for three and a half days.

April 19 Friday- We all attended commencement exercises at the Academy the new Apostle Richard R. Lyman was in attendance there was forty two graduates the program was fine the Apostle talked to the graduates, it was very interesting. The exhibits were splendid. Earl made me a pretty work box which was in the exhibits. Elva had some beautiful drawings and took part in a drill dance with some 2nd year class girls it was splendid.

Saturday April 20- Mary and her children left for their homestead up Cotton Wood went by horse and buggy to Dayton. Luther’s boy Carl by his first wife took them and they went by train to Swan Lake, Carl Nuffer stays with his grandparents Nuffer’s.
April 21- Elva and Earl attended Sabbath school Ozro O went with Brother Charles Goslim to Glen Dale as High Priests on home mission. Elva, Earl, and I attended sacrament meeting in our ward, after returning home we had callers from Logan, Brother Hyrum E. Crockett, his wife, four of his children, his mother in law, Sarah Tromer and her mother Mrs. Gorden they were in a big hurray came in their car just stopping on their way to say Hello.

Monday April 22- We were all ailing with colds, my head, neck, and shoulders ached so badly I could not work, Elva felt the best of us all and did the work, our teachers called in the evening.

April 23- We felt much better. Ozro O went teaching in his District. Edwin A. finished drilling in our sugar beets.

April 24- Copied in to my journal most of the day.

April 25 Thursday- After the morning work was done up Elva went to the O.S. Academy to help Ruth A. finish up her school work for the year, I went on copying in my journal. Ozro O is not feeling well has a bad cold, but keeps to work, he is finishing up hauling fertilizer for potato ground this year he has handled about 175 loads fertilizer for the Beet field and the 10 acres he has rented of Charles Shumway, now school being over Earl and Elva are a great help to us.

By the 24 of April our Beets were all drilled in and 3 acres of lucum seed with oats drilled in for hay.

Sat. April 27- Sent a card to Estella. Elva and I washed after which she went to the Stake try out and I finished reading the story, “Ben Hur,” and liked it fine. Earl done some plowing and harrowing for our neighbor Sorenson and then attended the Stake contest and took part in it with the scouts and was among those who won out and will go with them to Hyrum Stake, Utah Saturday May 4, 1918, it is called the M.I.A. Contest. We attended all our meetings quite regular and Elva and Earl attend Sabbath, S. quite regular.

On the 30th of April Ruth A. and Elva started house cleaning for me, on that day I attended a Red Cross Quilting in our ward, put in 3 ½ hours work, the house cleaning went on the rest of the week. OO and Earl plowed and harrowed and on the 7 of May put in all their potatoes Mabel and Elva go to Red Cross Head Quarters one evening each week to work, with the Bee Hive girls. Our married children in Preston visit us when they can and we visit them we always enjoy their visit. We also correspond regular with our absent children who are in Salt Lake City Swan Lake, Marsh Center, Downy and Oregon our daughter Edna’s children have chicken pox.

May 1918

By this 8 of May the trees are all leaved out the fruit trees and strawberries are in bloom, our lawn a beautiful green carpet and borders of lovely pansy’s all in bloom, still we are in great need of rain, our beets are beginning to come up. The first two weeks of May I was very miserable troubled with dizziness caused by a stagnation spell I had on the 5 of May near 5 A.M.

13 May Ruth A. and her girls come to our home brought rice and sugar and walnuts, she and Elva made ice cream, candy, and cake, we all ate supper together and celebrated Earl’s fifteenth birthday.

Friday May 17- A sad telephone message came to us from our daughter Edna’s husband at Downey, Idaho their baby died that morning. O! How sorrowful we all were, we got our breakfast and work over with then made haste and got ready and started to Downey before noon the same day we got the sad news. There was O.O., Ruth A., Lena, Elva, Earl, and myself who went in a white top. Edwin A. was in Downey on business so we found him at Edna’s when we arrived, we found Edna, John, and Baby Gordon Eli was only sick four days, died of Bronchitis. The funeral was Sunday May 19 in Downey Meeting house at 1 P.M. There was quite a large turn out, good speaking and singing and many beautiful flowers, Baby Gordon Eli was buried in Grant Ward, New Cemetery. Estella, our daughter in law, her children, her father, and her sister in law, Joy Shumway came to Edna’s on the day of the funeral, but could not stay to the funeral as Sister Shumway, Estella’s mother was sick. She (Estella) and children were well and looked fine, we see her new baby boy Elmo Shumway we were all very pleased with hum. Late in the afternoon of May 19 we returned home except Elva who will stay with Edna until she and family can make us a visit.

On the 21 of May we received letters from Jennie and Lucile in the L.D.S. Hospital stating that Lucile’s feet were so badly swollen and painful she had to go off duty and had been laid up one week, the best Dr.’s had examined them but could not do anything for them they finally ordered a change recommended her to go home for two months. We sent a letter with $8.00 check enclosed by return mail for her R.R. fare home, and to pay for medicines.)

May 24- After dinner I attended the school exercises and see the 8th grade graduates there was seventy five from Preston. On the above date Earl and Clyde finished cultivating our sugar beets the first time. Ozro O was watering our new hay and oats.

Saturday May 25- Lucile came on the 9:30 P.M. train her father met her with the horse and buggy. We were very glad to have her at home where we can care for her. She stood the trip pretty good, the complaint of her feet look very much like inflammatory Rheumatism. Mary and her children came the same day in an automobile from Cottonwood, Idaho. We were pleased to see them, they returned home the day after Declaration Day. Mabel also came home that day as Ruth A. and her girls expected to go up on the homestead, on the evenings of May 26 and 27 we had heavy rains.

May 28- Mary and I called at Red Cross Head Quarters, I got yarn to knit a sweater and we called on Edith Crockett Johnson on the 30 of May Decoration day Ozro O and I rode up to the cemetery taking with us a large pan of lilies and pansy’s and decorated our baby’s grave also others of our relatives graves. We then returned home, ate dinner and attended a splendid program in the Opera House at 1:30 P.M. soon after we returned home Edna and family and Elva came, John had to return home the same evening on account of business; Edna and children visited with us until Saturday, June 8, when John came in a car bringing Ruth A. and her girls with him they had been up to their homestead. (Edna and family returned home the same day taking Lucile with them for a change). The latter part of May I was troubled with lameness and feeling weak so could no go out in public much.

June 1918

Saturday June 8- We beheld a total eclipse at 5:17 P.M. a grand sight, stars were in sight, darkness spread around like night and surroundings appeared like moon light, the roasters crowed like in the night.

Saturday June 8- I finished the 3rd sweater for soldiers.

June 9- We have very warm weather now, the fields of beets the lawn flowers and garden all look fine. The beets were all thinned except five or six rows, by Friday June 7 and 2nd cultivating began.

Monday 10 of June- I visited with Mrs. May Merrell as Relief Society Teachers around our district, after returning home I was invited out for a car ride by my son-in-law Luther in his father’s new “Roadster” I went and enjoyed a fourteen mile drive, (after returning home I prepared to go to Demsey on the 11th of June for Lucile’s sake to see what the Springs would do for her feet, Mabel also needed a rest and asked for a vacation from the store so on the 11th of June Ozro O took Mabel and I with our baggage to Dayton by team, we took the train and arrived in Downey an hour later and took dinner with Edna and family and Lucile, the latter was feeling pretty good, on the same day near 5 P.M. John took Mabel, Lucille, and I to Lava Hot Springs in a car, there wasn’t a house to rent that night, so the girls and I took a room at Hall’s Hotel with two beds in for $2.00 the next morning we rented a two roomed furnished house on first flat for $4.50 per week, and we moved in, there was also a basement and porch on the back. Mabel and I unpacked our baggage, cleaned the house and soon had everything straight and settled, giving us a restful and homelike feeling, I wrote a letter to Ozro O and we took baths.

June 15- Edna and family came to the Springs bringing bedding and provisions to stay a few days or a week, that is Edna and children, John had to return to his work, we put in good time taking baths, and they seemed to do us all good.

Monday June 19- Mabel returned home to her work in the store, on that day about noon I was taken suddenly sick with pain in my stomach and vomiting, the sickness lasted three or four hours, was better in the evening and able to eat supper and take my bath, Estella and children called on us, they were visiting with her sister Ires Eden’s, we wrote and also received letters from home and our folks.

June 20- Ozro O surprised us by walking in carrying his suit case and a case of ripe strawberries and also other good eatables he came to rest up and take baths after his hard work, we were sure glad to see him and enjoyed his company and good things he brought us, he stayed until June 26 when we returned home by train to Dayton and was met by some one from home with a horse and buggy.

June 29- We received letters from home a two qt. bottle of delicious strawberry preserves.

July 1918

On the 2nd July- John (my son-in-law) came to camp in a car and took us to Downey. Edna and children had gone home about a week before, we paid up all our rent and cleaned up the house, just before leaving. Lucile was getting better but very slow, we had a swift ride to Downey found Edna and the children well, stayed over night, leaving for Dayton the next day (by train). Where we were met by Ozro, Elva, and Earl we were certainly pleased to meet. We rode home in a white top, our home looked grand and beautiful to us and it did seem so good to be at home with the folks again. I felt much stronger for the baths I had taken and Lucile was very much better yet was far from well. Elva got along fine with the house work while we were away, we found all things in order and house clean when we returned. Earl too had worked good and done his best taking care of things during his father’s absence.

July 4- We all attended one of the best programs ever, in the Opera house and enjoyed it just fine, returned home, had a delicious dinner of strawberries, bread, butter, and ice cream. In the evening attended a picture show and viewed the fire works afterwards.

July 7- Estella, baby Elmo, and Roma called, we were sure pleased to see them, they attended our ward meeting with us. Soon after we returned home, her father came in his car and took them home with him. Baby Elmo is growing nicely, keeps well and is a lovely child. On our returning home from the springs we found our garden field of beets lawn and flowers looking grand and beautiful. The beets had grown wonderfully; everything showed lots of care and hard work by Ozro and Earl.

July 8- O.O. took Lucile to the chiropractor to have her feet examined; he pronounced her arches near the toes broken.

On the 9th of July- I awoke with dizziness and was unable to get up until 12:30 A.M. Ozro O brought home some capsules and after taking two was able to eat my dinner and help Elva with the dishes and I molded 4 ½ lbs. butter, these were the first capsules I had taken sice about May 25 (on this day July 9 Ozro O took Lucile to the clothing store where she was fitted for arch supporters.) Elva went to Red Cross Head Quarters and got yarn for herself and Lucile to make sweaters. We doctored Lucile’s feet by soaking in hot water and rubbing regular every day we used flour jars mentholatum and a large bottle of ointment, the rubbing done more good then anything else.

On the 16 of July- I came near having a stroke was dizzy most of the time, for a week was very miserable.

Monday 22 of July- Elva went to Bear Lake on a pleasure trip with a bunch of Bee Hive girls and Mrs. Dar Geddis as chaperone, they were gone a week and had a splendid time.
Saturday July 27- All the past week we have been busy picking raspberries battling them and attending to house work. Jennie came home on her vacation.

July 26- For two weeks stay, Mary and her children are with us, she is having 50 dollars worth of work done on her teeth at Dentist Evens.

July 26- Ruth A. and Mabel started off on a pleasure trip to Lagan, Salt Lake City, and Holliday Utah and Salt Air, they returned home July 29, had a good trip.

August 1918

Sat. Aug. 3- Ruth A, her girls, Jennie, Lucile, and Earl went by team to Downey, they got a team from the Livery Stable. Jennie, Lucile and Earl returned home Aug. 5. They had a sorry old trip, the team’s gave out on the way back, or one of the horses, and their father and I met them at Bear River Bridge with another horse, we all reached home about dusk. We continue being very busy with the fruit house work and knitting sweaters for the Red Cross, my health is quite poorly.

Aug. 7- Ozro O and I went to the station and see 39 young men off who had been suddenly called to the training campus. Very many people gathered to see them off it was a sad sight, so many were in tears and all had expressions of sadness and gloom on their faces.

Aug. 9- Jennie left on the interurban train for her work in the L.D.S. Hospital, Salt Lake City. Lucile and I rode to the station with her, we felt too lonesome to go back home, so called on Ivy Kaffoed.

Aug. 10- While Elva and I were picking our last picking of raspberries we were happily surprised to see Ruth A. and Edna walk in to the Orchard. They came from Downey the evening before. On the 9 of Aug. Earl went to Bineida with our neighbor Harison Maughn to work for J.W. Casperson to help on the Header a few days, help is scarce in Harvest field due to so many young men being called in to the training campus preparing to go over sea’s to join the army in France. So boys and many girls have to go into the Harvest Fields. The grain crop is heavy this year, Earl came home.

Aug. 18- Was thru with his work and we were glad to have him home again. Ozro O goes off to other wards preaching as one of the High Priests once a month on Sunday’s.

Fri. Aug. 16- Our son David came from Salt Lake on his vacation to visit a few days. The following Sunday he attended meetings with us and from there we all went to Edwin A’s they had invited Ozro and me and all our children in Preston to dinner. Lena went to lots of trouble and prepared a very nice dinner which we all enjoyed, we also enjoyed our visit.

Monday Aug. 19- Ozro O took David, Lucile, Earl, and me on a fishing and hunting trip, and to visit our daughter Mary and family who live on the Eli Beckstead Ranch up Cotton Wood, we had a delightful trop and visit, had chickens, fish, and nice tender beef steak to eat, besides other good dishes of tasty food. Mary wished us to leave Lucile with her for a longer visit thinking the change would be good for her and she wanted to stay so we left her with Mary on the morning of Aug. 21. when we returned home.

The next day Aug. 22- Ozro and me attended old lady Shaffer’s funeral in the fourth ward meeting house, there was a large turn out of friends and relatives good speaking and singing and many beautiful flowers.

Friday Aug. 23- George’s wife and children started on their trip to Portland Oregon, where he met and welcomed them twenty four hours later, it was a happy meeting after being separated so many months. George R. had saved up two hundred dollars and had good steady work, carpenter’s work, ship building and his back had been getting quite strong and his health been good for several months, their furniture was shipped out to Oregon and they will start house keeping again. George R had joined a branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and is teacher in the theology class in Sabbath School and he enjoys his church duties very much.

On Aug. 23- I wrote a letter to my sister Ida C. Adams concerning temple work, on the morning of Aug. 24 I had a stagnation spell.

Sunday Aug. 25- I invited all my children living in Preston to take luncheon with Ozro and me in honor of our son David whose vacation had drawn to a close and he must go back to work, at two forty five P.M. same day he left on the train for Salt Lake City. We enjoyed his visit very much, his father took him in the buggy to the Depot his suitcase was very heavy. The girls and Earl attended M.I.A. meetings quite regular, Elva also attends all Sunday school unions as she is secretary in our ward Sunday school, Ozro O often takes me for buggy rides which I enjoy very much.

Sunday Aug. 25- Was the M.I.A. conference of our ward and they voted Ozro O in vocational adviser in the M.I.A. and Mabel, our daughter, was put in teacher of the Jr. Class in the Y.L.M.I.A.

Thursday Aug. 29- I attended an Officer’s and Relief S. Teacher’s social at the home of counselor Mary Coal, we had a splendid program and luncheon and we enjoyed our visit with each other it was the beginning of our work after our vacation to encourage the teachers. I attended Relief Society meetings as regular as I can and go around our district with Sister Mary Merrell’s as regular as I can.

Aug. 30- I finished a pair of white woolen socks for the soldiers. I washed and pressed them, wrote a letter and put in them and sent off to Red Cross Head Quarters, that makes seven sweaters, three pairs of wristlets, and one pair of socks that Mary, Edna, Mabel, Lucile, Elva, and me have knit for the soldiers. Besides us working at Head Quarters of Red Cross in the sewing room and the gauze room.

Saturday Aug. 31- Ozro O and I attended Officers and Priesthood meeting. After which we walked to a shop window in Main St. and viewed the exhibits displayed there, dress making and fancy work, bottled fruit and bottled vegetables made and put up by sixty girls in Academy cooking and sewing classes, our daughter Elva had bottled fruit and a very pretty tan Nun’s veiling dress smock trimming. There was also an exhibit of Agriculture from forty boys in Academy Agriculture class. Earl, our son, and Clyde, our grandson were among them and they had about the nicest sugar beets there, there was wheat, oats, potatoes, also displayed and all looked very nice and thus ended the Academy School for the past school year. In the afternoon I called on Sister Phoebe McNeil our neighbor and asked for information concerning genealogy as I wished to prepare names of my relatives who are dead so we can do work in the temple for them. She gave me all the information I needed.

September 1918

Sept. 4- Wednesday a very pleasant day Mrs. Mary Merrell and I visited our District as Relief Society teachers a new District had been given us, and this was our first visit to them, there are sixteen families, we enjoyed our visits and met with success, we were doing some Red Cross work, preparing to give a luncheon in our meeting house on a Saturday during our quarterly conference and what the society made that day should be turned over to the Red Cross. We had a heavy rain and thunder storm part of the day we visited but while we were out the weather was good. I donated three raisin pies and two cups sugar towards the luncheon.

Wed. Sep. 5- I received letters from Edna and Lucile, Edna fainted in the store the day before and was taken in a car to her home. I answered their letters by return mail. The remainder of the week was spent getting ready to go to Logan the following week to do temple work for the dead. The Relief Society’s of the Oneida Stake got up an excursion for the sisters and their husbands to go in the temple on the 11th of Sep. and word was sent to the temple and they were expecting the company on that date from Oneida Stake.

Saturday Sep. 7- O.O. attended priesthood meeting, and got recommends for himself, Lucile, Elva, Earl, and me to go in the temple. Lucile came from Downey where she had been visiting with Edna.

Monday Sep. 9- Ozro O and Lucile went to Logan in our one seated buggy with one horse, they started off 1 P.M. and stayed over night with sister Roxie Hopkins and family. The next morning Tues. Sep. 10 Elva, Earl, and me went to Logan on the early train. We met Ozro O and Lucile in the temple that morning about 8:30 A.M. Lucile was administered to for her health in the temple that morning and Elva and Earl were baptized each for twenty one women and twenty one men, married Clarkson’s and the one’s they married, born in the 1400’s, 1500’s, 1600’s, 1700’s, and the early 1800’s, we felt very happy and well prayed for the temple work done that day. After leaving the temple we ate lunch on the Tabernacle Square, the weather was very nice and pleasant and there were benches and plenty of beautiful trees to shade us, after lunch Lucile, Elva, and Earl rode home to Preston in our buggy. Ozro O. and I remained in Logan to work in the temple the following three days. We stayed nights with Brother Hyrum Crockett and family, he took us to the temple every morning in his car. He also took us in his car to visit Sister Roxie Hopkins and family, Uncle Marion Lewis and wife and treated us to a splendid picture show, Heart of the World. He and his wife and daughters certainly showed us a good time. We enjoyed our temple work very much, we could be endowed for two person’s each day. O.O. was endowed for six person’s, Crockett relations and I was endowed for six women of my folks Clarkson relations, whom Elva had been baptized for the day before.

On the 11 of Sep.- The temple was filled there was so many from Oneida Stake, the 12 was my sixty first birthday and it was sure a happy day for me in the temple. It was also quite an eventful day as it was registration day all over the United States for men from 18 to 45 years of age to register to serve their country, so our three oldest sons were registered on that day.

Sep. 13- We returned home Friday evening on the interurban train. Our son David, has joined the National Guard and is studying wireless telegraphy after working hours, two or three hours every evening. During our absence from home in Logan, Lucile had received a telephone message from her sister Edna at Downey Idaho, telling her there was a chance for her to work in the Studebaker office at Downey for $50.00 a month, Lucile told us she wished to go and try to do the work and see if she could attend to the work there until her feet were well enough for her to return to the hospital to finish learning to be a nurse.

The 14 and 15 of Sep.- Ruth A. Mabel, Lucile and I were very busy getting Lucile’s sewing and etc. Done up, as she was expected to be in Downey Sep. 16, if she wanted the work, so she was all ready and meanwhile I had given her plenty of good advise, Earl took her and her trunk to Dayton Station, where she took the train for Downey. She was to board with her sister Edna.

On Tuesday Sep. 17- Ozro took me with him on a business trip for a nice long ride up Glen Dale, he called on Brother Earnest Owens of that place who was owing him and he had the money in the bank waiting and paid Ozro O in full his check for $765.00, we were sure pleased with our success, and I enjoyed my ride very much.

On the 18 of Sep. Earl went out on Henry Stolkes farm to work for him, Clyde also went until Sep. 22- When he returned home. During the week Elva and I made two new quilts, O.O. started putting up hay as Earl cut, O.O. raked and piled it.

On the 19 of Sep.- Ozro O bought another good cow for $55.00 of Amel Nelson. Now we have two good cows.

Fri. Sep. 20- Ozro O and our son Edwin hauled our second crop hay in to the barn.

On the 23 Sep. it rained.

On the 25 Sep.- My companion R.S. teacher Mrs. Merrell and I visited our District, asking for clothing, shoes, or money for the suffering Belgians in the War Zone, 10,000,000 people must have clothing before winter set it, the United States of America much furnish it, and the big drive for the same is now on all over the stats, we were quite successful in getting many promises to donate and send in clothing etc. to Red Cross Headquarters.

Sat. 28- The appointed time on that date I sent a white sugar sack packed with good clothing, 19 lbs. in all for the Belgians, it was mostly clothes Earl had out grown, which I had been saving for a long time.

Sept 25- Ozro O and I called on Sister Page, of our ward, her husband had died the day before, we took her a beautiful bouquet of flowers from our garden. We attended the funeral the next day, Sept. 27- Ozro O. and Earl are digging and selling potatoes for $1.25 a hundred. Ozro O. bought a Liberty Bond the 4th and gave his check for $ 100.00 for it to a Mr. Hodges on the 27 of Sep. 1918 on the 28 Sep. the young L.M.I.A. or Beehive girls of the stake gave a Bazaar in the 2nd Ward Meeting house. I gave them a house plant “Joseph’s Coat” was it’s name, a very beautiful plant about two feet high, people went in to raptures over it thinking it so pretty, it was sold for $2.25 to Mrs. Serge Benson, the benefits of the Bazaar went to the Red Cross, I was indeed pleased to learn the good news, I also donated child’s apron, 25 cents.

On the 28 Sep.- Ozro O done some business transactions with Brother Charles Shumway of Treaswreton Idaho, from whom he and our son Edwin bought 10 acres land joining our home land on the north lone, for $2300.00. The members of the Relief Society’s were called up on to furnish sheets and towels and etc. to send to the hospitals in France where the American Army is, I donated 50 cents cash an old sheet and white cloths, Oct. 1st.

Sep. 30- Ozro O. and Earl finished digging and selling potatoes.

October 1918

Oct. 2nd- Ozro O. and the boys started digging our sugar beets.

Sun. Oct. 6- We had a heavy rain all the morning. It was to stormy for me to attend meeting that day, Ozro O attended and paid fast donation and our tithing up to date.

Wed. Oct. 9- I attended work meeting at Red Cross Head Quarters and put in 3 ½ hours sewing on shirts for the Belgians. Elva and I put in the remainder of the week doing our general house work, washed up bedding and did some sewing, we also attended the funeral of Delisle Hanson, a young man from Preston who had died in the training camp in V.A. of pneumonia, caused by Spanish Influenza, he was the first soldier from Franklin CO. to die, the funeral services were very touching and sad, he was buried with military honors. Spanish Influenza is sweeping the land hundreds of soldiers are dying in the camps; it is also taking many civilians.

Sunday 13 Oct.- Was a stormy day and no public gatherings on account of influenza this quarantine is going on all thru the states, the disease is making such rapid progress it is alarming and many people are becoming frightened.

On the date Oct. 13- Daughter Edna and her husband called for only about ten minutes on their way from Richmond, Utah where they had attended the funeral of John’s grandmother Stoddard she was ninety one years of age, passed quietly away, we were indeed pleased to see John and Edna, she told us Lucile was getting along fine with her work and her feet getting along fine also.

Wed. Oct. 16- I went to Red Cross Head Quarters and sewed for 3 ½ hours and on that same day our son David came home from a trip to Logan where he enlisted to serve his country, he also passed physical examination, 100 percent. He has to report at the A.C. Logan Sunday Oct. 20 for training and to study the wireless telegraphy. His trunk, bedding, books and furniture, and rug, was shipped to Preston and brought to our home. We have had rainstorms off and on for three weeks, but the beet digging continues.

Oct. 19- Ozro O. has a little over half of his beets dug 135 tons.

Sunday Oct. 20- David went to Logan his son Gerald slept with him the last night before going.

Monday Oct. 21- Elva and I went to town and sent off a box of apples, 9 dozen to George R, and family, wrapped each one in paper, they arrived OK and they enjoyed them.

On the above date I bought a pretty service flag, seventy cents, and placed it in our parlor window, showing we have a son training for a soldier. The weather is pretty good, but cloudy most of the time, we have very little sunshine; Spanish Influenza is still spreading and causing many deaths. We have lately received a letter from our son George R. in Oregon it states that he and family are sick with the “flu”. We are very sorry for them so far from us all and sick, on the 26 Oct. we sent them a letter with a $10.00 check enclosed. It came in good at the time for them, but they wanted to return it and did send a five dollar money order soon after they got over the influenza OK.

Sunday Oct. 27- The country is still quarantined no public gatherings, on account of S. Influenza.

Oct. 28- Was the day Ruth A. proved up on her 320 acres homestead. John O. Stoddard was one of the witnesses, he had been notified, so he hired a car and brought Edna the children and Lucile to visit for a few hours. They ate dinner, but had to start back home before supper time. We certainly enjoyed their visit very much.

November 1918

On Nov. 2- Ruth A. and Wilora stayed over Sunday with us, she Mabel and Elva made Jennie’s new tan dress, it was finished and sent off to her.

Nov. 4- Ruth A’s birthday we wished her to come to dinner on that day, she did so, we got up a pretty good dinner in honor of the occasion, on the 3 of Nov. I received a very nice letter from my brother Charlie and one from Sister Lydia Lamoreaux, the S. Influenza is spreading a round where they live and several of their children have had and are having it bad, our country is still under quarantine.

Nov. 5 Tuesday- We went to the poles and voted, called at the Post O. got a parcel from our son David he had received his uniform and sent all his other clothes home, he had also received from Red Cross chapter Col. A sweater, towels, socks, and a comfort kit, is well and enjoys the military training.

Thursday Nov. 7- Germany surrendered so said a telegram flashed across the wires, the word went like wild fire all over the United States. The people of Preston all turned our some marching with flags. Engines whistled, bon fires were made a dummy of the Kaiser was shot at and burned, the town was alive with people, stores and all places of business were closed clerks all joining in celebrating our family were also in town. Word came across the wirer later, that the American Army had just gained a great victory in taking another city Sedan and Germany had not surrendered the people all went home concluding (no doubt) to be more sure next time before celebrating.

Thursday Nov. 7- Our beets were all dug and toped by noon, and the hauling finished, by Friday Nov. 8 The yield was on the Shumway 10 acre field (we rented) about 18 ton’s to the acre, on a 3 acre patch of our land, 20 tons to the acre and a two acre patch (also our land) 25 tons to the acre, we were well satisfied. It was certainly showed all our beets and loaded one side. On the evening of Nov. 8- we ended the beet digging and hauling by inviting Edwin A. and family Ruth A. and her girls to our home and Ozro O. treated us to oysters and crackers so the soup was prepared and we served it, also delicious cake and fruit and enjoyed a dandy visit.

Sunday Nov. 12- There is still no public gatherings on account of the “flu” so we stay at home Sundays (mostly reading, and sometimes go for a buggy ride or walk, the Sundays with out public gatherings are very lonesome.) We receive and write letters to our absent children regular, Mary and her husband think they had the S. “flu” but a light attack. Jennie wrote us, she had been working on the Influenza division in the L.D.S. Hospital, five weeks and broke the record by not taking it, nurses had been changed on that division sixteen times because they took the “flu”. She feels very grateful and so do we all for the good health she enjoys. The Allies and American Army have been gaining victories and driving the Germans, Austrians and Turks for sometime. The daily papers for weeks have been giving us encouraging news, there are over three million men in the American Army. There has been many causalities. The training campus in America are full of soldiers training to go to the “somewhere in France.”

Nov. 11- Hurrah! Hurrah! And! Hurrah!! The Armistice is signed and the awful war is over. How thankful we all are no mortal tongue or pen can tell, just before sitting down to breakfast this morning, we were aroused by loud and prolonged whistling from all engines in town, firing of shot guns with loud shouts and screams of joy, truly the town is a live and each heart nearly bursting with joy, on this blessed day when peach and liberty dawns again on the world. We all ran out to the street just as we were, Earl on lead with Edwin, shot gun and he fired three shots into the air, his father following with a loud shout and scream saying, “wake up! The Kaiser’s dead!” then we all went in the house, our faces covered with smiled and sat down to breakfast, a very happy bunch. The stores and all places of business were closed and we all spent the day as a holiday, we were in town a good part of the day, and we gathered with the crowd in the evening on the public square. Hundreds of people from Preston and the surrounding towns were there, and watched the burning of the city of Berlin. Old art buildings from all over town had been moved to the square placed in rows to look like a town with signs painting on them Headquarters of the Kaiser and of other German war officers, at 7 P.M. the fires were lit with loud cannonading and firing of guns in the air, and we all stood with smiling faces watching the building burn to the ground. The band gave us some inspiring music at intervals, and the cannonading between times made it very exciting, as the fires died down we returned home.

12 of Nov.- Mary and her children came to visit us and Luther came on the 13 of Nov. and on that evening we all went to Edwin’s and spent a pleasant evening.

Sunday Nov. 17- We all stayed home most of the day, no public gatherings yet. 21 cases of “flu” in our town and one death.

Tuesday November 19- President Joseph Jr. Smith, (Pres. of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) died at his residence beehive 4 A.M. of general debility was eighty years of age Nov. 13. Had been Pres. of the Mormon church for seventeen years, owing to influenza conditions thru out the country, the funeral will be private. Arrangements for the official memorial services will be made later on a fixed date, when these services will be held, by every stake and branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, throughout the world.

The 3rd week in Nov. Ozro O. finished plowing his beet land all but two or three were, that he will put fertilizers on.

Nov. 25- We had a heavy frost.

December 1918

Sunday Dec. 1- Everybody had to start wearing white gause masques over their nose and mouth, to help stop the “flu”, that continues to spread. There are still no public gatherings other then funerals, and all such are held in open air on lawns or in the cemetery’s all thru out the states. More people of the United States have died thru the “flu” then in the American Army and training camps in U.S> from other causes, all the temples are closed on account of influenza conditions. November 28 was Thanksgiving we certainly felt very thankful for the many blessings we enjoy and the ending of the World War was such a great blessing that had come to us and other nations, we had a nice dinner on that day and the one following which was Ozro O’s sixty second birthday, he received some nice presents from some of the children and me, we sent off a Thanksgiving box to David at the S.A.J.C. training camp at Logan, Utah, also one to Jennie at the L.D.S. Nurse Home, Salt Lake City. As they were away from us all, among strangers and we wanted them to feel they were not forgotten, they enjoyed the contents of their box greatly by the letters they sent us.

Dec.- I gave an order and one dollar check to Mrs. William H. Jameson for the Relief Society Magazine for 1919. I also wrote a letter to David congratulating him on his going to be ministered out of the Army seeing as the war has ended, he had written the news to us and we are all as glad as we can be.

Dec. 8- Everybody is still wearing masques, thirty six people of Preston, Idaho have died of S. Influenza it is two months tomorrow since there were public gatherings in Preston. Last week I sent another sweater I have made to Red Cross Headquarters. I also put in seven hours sewing at Red Cross Headquarters in Oct.

Sunday Dec. 14- Still we wear masques when going in stores and business places, all clerks wear them, and still we have no public gatherings. The Stalks family, our nearest neighbors, nine in number are down with flu at the present date.

Dec. 16- Ozro received the last check on his sugar beets $527.80 cents, making all together $2794.75 cents received for beets raised in 1918. The expenses in all were for work and seed $610.00 machinery and rent on ten acres $700.00, total $1310.00

Dec. 17- Ozro O. paid half his taxes on our place and the Shumway 10 acres, the rest is due about June 1919 he also receive deeds on the ten acres bought of Charles Shumway, one deed for himself for four acres and a deed for Edwin A, for six acres, Ozro O paid $150.00 on it this Fall is owing $450.00 on it. Edwin A. has paid $1000.00 on his acres. Ozro O. will pay all the taxes on the ten acres for 1918.

Thursday Dec. 19- Ozro O and I called at the home of our niece Eadith Crockett Johnson and her husband they had a very sick little girl with blood poison, we found her in a very dangerous condition, the Elder’s administered to her that forenoon. (Eadith is the daughter of Brother Alvin D. Crockett) we went to town done some trading, returned home had dinner I wrote a letter to Jennie, sent it to the Post Office and went back to niece Eadith’s home and helped take care of her little sick Lillian. Sister Bell Crockett called on them in the evening she offered to sit up with me taking care of the little girl. So we sat up, the little girl rested fine. Bell left about 9 A.M. I stayed until about noon until someone else called which was just before I left was there 24 hours. The parents of the sick child had a good nights sleep, the child felt better in many ways, I returned home ate dinner had an hour’s sleep the sitting up did not hurt me in the least. We have been busy getting X-Mas presents made and arranging in parcels and mailed off to our absent children and those of our children in Preston. Elva is a great help to me in helping take care of our house work, cooking, washing, ironing, and etc. My health is getting so much better that I am able to work along with her and accomplish quite a bit of work.

Dec. 21- Our son David was ministered out of the Army and returned home from the training camp at Logan, he looked fine in his soldier clothes, his heath has been very good and he enjoyed the training, he got on so well with the wireless telegraphy so well he could send or receive messages anywhere on steamboats or land if need be, he was promoted. Corporal, he told us many interesting accounts of Army life. He had received word from the Past Master Salt Lake City to report at the office Monday Dec. 23, 6:40 A.M. for work, so he could only stay one night with us, he returned to Salt Lake City, Dec. 22 on the noon train taking his trunk and suitcase, he had a wretched sick headache too and he fasted with the rest of us, word had been sent out to the people from the First Presidency of the Church thru the Deseret News stating Dec. 22, 1918 is designated as a special time for fasting and prayer by all members of the Church for the arrest and speedy suppression by divine power for the suppression of the scourge Spanish Influenza that is passing over the earth, and as there were not any public gatherings, we were all expected to gather in our homes as families “and offer up our prayers and fasting and supplicate our Heavenly Father for the speedy relief of his people and of all who are suffering from this great affliction.” So we observed the above counsel and was pleased to do so. About 3 P.M. we bowed in prayer (after singing the hymn “Sweet Hour of Prayer”, and after prayer we sang “We Thank Thee of God for a Prophet,” we also bowed in prayer in the first part of the day, we fasted until 3:30 P.M. When we ate dinner, Ruth A. and her girls were with us and they also fasted. Ruth and Mabel had sat up with Eadith Johnson, little sick girl, the night before.

Monday Dec. 23- We washed, had dinner, and according to request, I went to Eadith Johnson’s home and helped take care of her little sick Lillian, staying with them four hours Ozro O. called and walked home with me that evening, he and I wrote and addressed X-Mas cards to our brothers and sisters. We spent X-Mas eve with our daughter, Ruth A. and her girls, ate a nice supper with them, gave and received presents, had a pleasant evening, we invited them to eat dinner with us on X-Mas day, owing to the “flu” situation we did not invite more. A little after we returned home X-Mas eve, we were happily surprised to see our Lucile walk in carrying her suitcase, she had rode from Downey with an acquaintance, in his car. She stayed with us until noon of the 26 Dec. when she rode back to Downey with her brother Edwin A. in his car, we enjoyed our visit with her very much. X-Mas passed rather quietly with us, yet we were well and happy and so enjoyed ourselves. We all gave and received nice and useful presents from each other at home and also the absent ones of our children. We also received letters and X-Mas cards thru, the mail from our children some of our brothers and sisters.

26 Dec.- Our wedding anniversary, Ozro O and I have been married fort years, we had a nice dinner, six of our children were in our home that day. The absent ones were far away especially George R. and family who are still living at Portland Oregon. We received some nice X-Mas presents from them.

Dec.29- Sunday there are still no public gatherings, but there is not much influenza around now, and people do not have to wear masques. We stayed home all day reading, in the evening Ozro O. and I called on our niece Eadith C. Johnson and family, we found her little Lillian still very poorly, but better in some ways Ozro O administered to the little dear according to their request. After leaving we called for the mail and returned home.

Dec. 31- I finished up some sewing I had on hand, done some reading and copied a page or two in my journal, finished it up for the year. Ozro O. received his one hundred dollar Liberty Lone Bond today No. 2060034, he paid for it in Oct. with $100.00 check. The weather is very cold, freezing hard every night, there is no sleighing, but there is plenty of good skating for the young folks. Today we received letters from Sister Lydia and her husband and three of our children, we are all well and happy ready to renter in on the New Year with all its experiences, praying God to bless and help us in the future as He has done in the past.

Donations and Tithing
May 13- to starving people in the War Zone--$ 1.20
Wed. Sep. 25- to Relief Society charity fund—50 cents
Feb. 8- gave to Relief S. Liberty Bond—50 cents
Gave an old sheet and bundle of white cloths, 50 cents each, to Hospitals in France
Also gave 19 lbs. of clean clothing (leftover) to suffering Belgians in the War Zone.
20 Dec. gave to the Red Cross--$2.00
Gave to the Y.M.C.A. for soldiers—50 cents
Oct. bought $100.00 worth War stamps--$85.00
During the year we have given fast donations in our ward about cash--$4.00
Gave to charity fund Relief Society—25 cents
Donated house plant to Bazaar for Red Cross sold for--$2.25
Red Cross Bazaar child’s aprons—25
Dec. 26- Ozro O. sent $1782.00 to the bank at Logan, Utah to pay off the mortgage on our home. And received receipt Dec. 31 on the above date (Dec. 26) he also settled his tithing it amounted to $185.30. Mabel’s tithing amounted to $8.50. Lucile’s tithing amounted to $10.00. Earl’s tithing amounted to $15.00. Feb. 24 Ozro O. gave to Red Cross cash $2.00. We put four days work in the Logan Temple, the 2nd week in September.

January 1919

Jan. 1 Wednesday- We were awakened in the night with engines whistling and bells ringing the old year out and the New Year in. The morning dawned bright clear and very cold, later the sun shone bright for a little while then it clouded up, we stayed at home all day read X-Mas present books and enjoyed a fine dinner.

Jan. 2nd- Earl and I boxed up David’s books and papers and Earl expressed them off to O. David, Salt Lake City, he intends to start studying law again.

Jan. 5- Fast day and Sunday, but there are no public gatherings yet. We fasted until 2:30 P.M. The weather is clear, dry and cold, the roads are dirty.

Jan. 6- Elva and Earl started to the school Oneida Academy. I attended to the house work and now and then got a chance to go to town, made several calls to Eadith Johnson, our niece to see how her little Lillian was, she was weaker and thinner each time I called, I wrote and answered letters from our children regular.

Jan. 9- I called on Lena stayed a short time.

Jan. 12- We had a little snow storm. Eadith’s little girl died of blood poison, caused from bad kidneys. I called on Eadith the next morning and stayed four and a half hours for company and I tended her baby, while there I met a Sister Veil, a very nice lady about sixty years of age who had passed thru a great deal of sorrow, she also stayed for company.

Tues. Jan. 14- O.O. and I attended the little Lillian’s funeral, it was held in Treasureton Cemetery, Ozro O and I rode in our nephew Irving’s car, there and back. After the services we went with the relatives to Uncle Alvin farm home in Treasureton where his son’s Ames O. and William were living with their families, their wives had prepared a nice dinner for us, we ate and stayed an hour or two then returned home the weather was pretty cold, but we were comfortable and I don’t think we took any cold.

Jan. 15- I attended to my house work my washing on the line had been out many days and did not dry so I brought it in and dried them around the stove, I guess the steam must have given me a cold for that afternoon my chest arched and I coughed a little. That night I awoke with great distress about 1:30 A.M. I was all choked up with something like croup I could scarcely breathe, I grew horse each moment, I awoke Ozro O, he arose lit fires and soon all the folks were up trying to do what they could to relieved me, O.O. administered to me, put cold and hot applications on my throat and gave me the white of an egg, it greatly relieved me. Ozro O. phoned for Dr. States to come down to see if I had the S. Influenza, he came and said I had not, but we had the children, Elva and Earl stay home from school that day incase my sickness might develop in the “flu”. Mabel also stayed part of the day from the store where she still clerks. That day all Elva and Earl’s classes were exposed to the “flu” teachers and some students coming down with the dread disease, so schools were all closed that night, and we were very thankful that Elva and Earl were not at school that last day. I was very sick four days in bed most of the time. By this time very many cases of “flu” had developed every one in Elva and Earl’s classes took the “flu” and some were very sick. Our grandson Clyde took it, was taken to the hospital, then his mother Lena, his sister Ona and brother Russell took it. Then Edwin A. phoned to Jennie his sister in S.L. City at the L.D.S. Hospital asking her to come up and help him out, she came Saturday evening Jan. 18 and started to wait on the sick.

Jan. 19- Our cow had a nice large heifer calf holstein red and white, at the present time it is reported there are between four and five hundred cases of “flu” in Preston.

Jan. 22- A new boy baby was born to Edwin A. and Lena, we were all rejoiced to learn the good news.

Jan. 23- I was feeling well enough to help with the house work, do some reading, and I wrote three letters, one to my brother Charlie, sister Roxie Hopkins and one to Edna at Downey, Idaho. We have nice spring weather. Edwin A. and Jennie were kept so busy waiting on the sick and getting so little rest and sleep we took it up on ourselves to get come help for them. So Ozro O. phoned to Lucile at Downey.

Jan. 24- Asking her to come and help out at Edwin’s, she was willing and promised to be at Dayton the next day, so her father met her with our horse and buggy Jan. 25. She was looking and feeling well, she ate dinner, got ready and walked up to Edwin’s and began work.

Sunday Jan. 26- 11 A.M. Ozro O and I called on Edwin A. and family, we see the new baby thru the window, we did not go in as the quarantine is still they were all improving. We then called on Ruth A, her dinner was nearly ready, she wished us to stay an hour or two and returned home. About 8 o’clock that evening our daughter Mary came from her home to stay a day or so to get some dentist work done on her teeth, she had been bothered with face and toothache for three weeks. Luther and the children remained at home, we have warm spring weather.

Monday Jan. 27- Mrs. Emma Nuffer Nelson died from the effects of Spanish Influenza.

Tues. Jan. 26- Mary returned to her home. Continued to note book, number 5 on the outside cover.

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