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Marian Photos

1938 1938 or 1939
1940 (Family Dog - Snooks, from the Fanny Brice's character. In Crazy Quilt (1931), the character of Baby Snooks was introduced.) 1942 (Marian was sweet sixteen and Bob can be seen running around in the background. The solders show the World War II period)
1948 High School graduation
College graduation (with her father)
1952 1952, with Lynn

May, 1959 - Here's a comment from Dave Crockett: "The car was a new model MGA for $2500. Dad was not at all enthusiastic about my dream, but Bob thought I should go for it. I borrowed the money from Dad and Bob, which I paid back the following year. Bob took European delivery as a serviceman with the appropriate discount. The mission rules wouldn't allow me to drive it in Europe and so it was shipped from Bremen via military transport to the States. The first driver was Don who picked it up for me in NYC. I then picked it up from Don on the day of the picture on my way home. It should be noted that Dad decided he liked the car and often drove it to BYU with a few embarrassing consequences. The campus police would sometimes ticket it for being in his parking place and he at times received notes from young ladies on campus that I at least believed were intended for me."

1959 A visit from Grandma Crockett
The Brereton's with Grandma Crockett, 1965






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