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Family Photos

1937 (Dave, Earl, Ruth, Bob) 1940 (Dave and Bob)
1942 (Marian, Dave, Della, Earl, Bob - in Washington) 1944 (Bob, Della, Marian, Earl, Dave)

1947 (Della, Margy, Marian, Dave, Bob, Earl)

1950, Christmas 1953 (Marian and David)
June, 1959 (left to right: Bruce, Della, Margy, Don, Marian, Earl, Lynn, Carol, Dave B., Steve)
1956 (Earl, Margy, and Della)
1956, Christmas
Grandpa Comish was living with us. It was a bit trying for Mom because he had become somewhat demanding and impatient plus repeated the same stories that she had heard many, many times. However, they were all fresh to Margy, Bob, Jan and me. Bob loved to engage Grandpa in political discussions and Grandpa loved to tease us all. The puzzle that Bob is holding was a gag gift that we exchanged each year. (Once Bob and I made hundreds that we sold at JC Penny's to raise money for the Church building fund. A lesson we both learned: the project was too big for two boys and in the future we would better leverage our time.)
Christmas, 1961 (The red "lounging Jackets" were made by Mom) 1965 (Marian, Lynn, Della, Margy)


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