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January 1854

Sunday 1st. At 1-45 in the morning I was called up by Elder Lark as sister Hutton was just dying. I went down stairs & also Bro. Spencer (For she had been sat down stairs from Friday morning 2 O'clock.) We sat awhile looking upon her and Bro. Lark stood by holding her head the pain of death were strong upon her & betokened that her earthly career was nearly run. We sat untill 20 minuets past 2 when her spirit took its flight unto another sphere. I then ran for sister Jenkinson & Bro. Lark for sister Allen to lay her out. When we returned we along with Bro. Spencer carried her remains up stairs for the sisters to lay out. Viz the two already mentioned and also sister Lark. I retired to rest no more at a little past 9 A.M. I received a letter from A.C at Hull. At 11 A.M. I and Bro. Lark went to Wawn* to inform Sister Huttons mother of her death. After we go off we considered to go as far as Sutton* to see sister Nurm & family accordingly we did so but we had a stormy walk from Wawn to as far as Sutton as it snowed very heavy all the way there. We found them all well in health etc. stayed awhile took tea and then returned home getting back by 7 P.M. Found several of the sisters putting wool over sister H. as her coffin had come.

Tuesday 3rd. Sister Hammal Hutton was interned in Beverley Minster Burial ground 3-30 P.M.

Wed eve 4th. No saints came up to meeting.

Sun 8th. Attended meeting in the afternoon we were few in number but we enjoyed the spirit of God. Met again at 6 O'clock in evening. I opened the meeting and Elder Lark spoke on the duties of the saints etc.

Wednesday 11th. Attended meeting. We were only 3 or 4 in number but we enjoyed a good portion of the spirit.

Friday night 13. I went and visited Bro & Sis Adamson. They expressed their desires to still press on in the gospel work etc. I then gave them mild council & teaching told them their duties (as they had been rather neglegent) and then left them appearently rather concience stricken.

Saturday night 14. Went to Hull to A.C (as she had got permission from Mrs. D.* to stay another fortnight), left Beverley about 7 and reached Hull about 9 o'clock. Spent the next day (sunday) in attending meetings etc. & returned from Hull at 7 & got to Beverley at 9 again.

Tuesday 17th. Was my birthday being 20 years of age.

Wednesday 18th. Intended to have gone to Hull, as a concert was to be held in the evening prior to the emigrating saints leaving Hull. [fn44]* But I could not go untill 5-30 P.M. train as I was working at Hull bridge. Went direct to Bro Clegg. Then I & Ann went up to the concert where we enjoyed ourselves very well. We had a dialouge between us of my own composition as I likewise composed a piece expressly for the occasion. It broke up about 12-30 O'clock. I returned home by the 7-30 A.M. Train on the following morning.

Saturday night 21st. Went to the station to meet A.C We took a walk up the street and then she went in to G.R.D.

N.B. From this to June a many things are omitted for want of insertion but one or two items may be recolected.

March 1854

March 29th. I received a letter from my brother Thomas with 20 pounds that I might go to Australia to him. He was doing well. Had obtained a good sum of money with horses drays land buisness etc. Here again was the way laid open for me to go out in search of worldly gain to venture in speculation as he had done. But no my heart refused the call. My mind was with the saints of the most high God, and rather would I endure poverty & want with them to be gathered and saved than to search for the golden Pearl midst wickedness and crime in the fields of Australia. When I received the same I lifted up my heart in praise to my Heavenly Father that he was opening out to me a way of deliverance from babylons woes and fears.

May 1854

Tword the latter end of May, W. and Mrs Laccelles came back from Australia bringing the news that my brothers were doing very well thos being worth 3000 pounds. My father was also well & they intended being in England the following year (1855) about May. Thomas sent 10 pounds to his wifes father & mother, but out of his abundance he could not remember his own brothers & sisters, who stood in equally as much need and the money that I got I should not have done had it not been that he thot he would get great gains by having me to work for him but how ever I rejoice that he was so actuated for he opened my deliverance up and the praise & honor be to God my Eternal Father.

May 14th. Attended conference at Hull which was called prior to Pres C.G. Webb leaving as he was appointed to labor in south Wilkshire and La______ Conference. Elder Thomas Williams Pres. and successor to Elder J.T. Hardy. It was anything but a lively one as there was much confusion in the statistical Report etc. so the secratery could not give them correctly. Returned home after tea.

August 1854

Aug 6th. A council meeting was held when I was appointed book agent for the Beverly Branch. In sucession to teacher Robert Spencer.

Sunday 10th. Elder Lark & I went to Leven to hold a meeting and try to open it up for preaching and also at the request of Mr. & Mrs. Piercy who were there desirous of hearing and obeying the truth. We took our stand in town about 1-30 o'clock. I spoke a time and then Elder Lark spoke also. We returned to Wm Piercys when a man followed us and bought a Star (paper) and said he would provide a dinner for us the next time. We went we took some refreshments & returned home reaching Beverley by 6-P.M. It rained hard on the way and we got quite wet. We attended meeting. Elder Lark Spoke.

September 1854

Sept 2. A.C and I went to Hull the time being expired for which she had been engaged to work for W. Donkin so repaired home to prepare for our contenplated gatherings. Went down to the meeting on Sunday afternoon transacted a little buisness with Brother Miller the general book agent. etc. After meeting and then after tea returned home alone to Beverley.

September 4. Monday morning between 2 & 3 O'clock I was called up by my brother (Wm Lark) as my sister (his wife) was ill and in the agonies of death. She had been afflicted for some time desease had crept over her system & in connection with this she had a bad breast which proved more than a match for strength. She had got so far as gasping for breath. We jointly laid our hands upon her head and prayed that the destroyer might be rebuked. After that her recolection returned, her pain had abated & she rested better after. Here again was a manifestation of the power of God. As to all human appearances a few moments would have closed her existance here.

On Wed 6th went to Sutton [fn45]* to spend a week or 2 with Mother Robinson by train to Hull and by cab from thence to Sutton to spend through the kindness of Mrs Baghurst a young lady who has been an excelent friend to her and blessed her by supplying a many of her wants. [fn46]*

On Friday 8 Bro. Lark received a letter from her and she was as well as could be expected. I received one the same day from A.C Stating her aunt was opposed to our going away to the West and said she would not assist us at all in going to such a place and she was likewise going to get Wm Appleby Ann's old class leader (a methodist) to talk to her for her ____ for Mormonism grieved her soul. The same night I answered it & wrote an incourging letter.

Sunday 10th. Conducted meeting at home. In the afternoon Elder Lark & Priest Adamson being at Leven spoke awhile to the saints & then 2 Boys about 15 years of age came under a very bad influence merely to spy out our liberties by name, John Watson & Geo. Hudson I whipped them well as they showed great disentrestedness by smiles etc. In my speaking which they seemed to take, I spoke lengthy on the first principals of the gospel, then administered the saints the sacrament and dismissed. Evening met 6 o'clock E Lark adressed the saints for awhile & then gave way for them to bear testimonies and we felt well in the spirit of the Lord.

N.B. Altho Church duties are not recorded for some space back, yet they have all been regularly fullfilled and carried out as before.

Monday night 11th. Commenced making up my journal as it was a long way behind and finished it on Wed night 13th.

Sunday 17th. Attended meeting during the day and at night accompanied brother Lark to Cherry Burton* with a message to miss Burton for Miss Baghurst.

Sunday 24th attended conference in Hull went down by 9 o'clock P.M. to council meeting and we had a good time, much instruction was given relative the temporal affairs of the conference from Past William Glover* successor to C.G. Webb & also President Williams which continued untill 10-30 when the saints assembled. The spirit of the Lord was copiously bestowed on all present throughout the day and all felt to rejoice in the truths of the gospel. Remained in Hull over Monday when A.C and I went and purchased a bed towards our emagraton. At night we went to a public meeting held in the Temprance Hall Myton Gate 7 P.M. where we enjoyed ourselves. Elders Ashly & Glover related a little of their travels and experiences. Spoke on the actions of brother Joseph & Brigham an interval of 20 minutes elapsed after which reciting singing and etc. took place. I sang a song (The resurection Day). It closed about 12 O'clock when A.C & I, Bro. Lark & H.C. went down to their house took a little refreshment & then Bro. Lark & I walked home reaching Beverley shortly after 3 O'clock.

October 1854

October 12th Friday. A.C my sister Mary and myself went to Hull to witness an illumination in consequence of the Queen of England being there. The sight was realy grand & cost an amazing amount of money it is said that one man realized 800 Pounds for lending varagated lamps at 4 each. Fittings up of the town altogether cost 65,000. We reached home again by 11 O'clock the train was very long and heavy so we traveled real slow.

Oct 25 Wednesday Night. Afternoon meeting 4 of our branch went down and were re-baptized it being 5 years that night since they first was baptized in Beverley. [fn47]* The above were Sister Lark, Sister Jenkinson, A.C and myself.

Sunday 29th. Elder T Williams came to Beverley in the afternoon. We were reconfirmed after night meeting Bro. & Sis Lark A.C & I, Sarah Adamson J.A. Allen set Bro. Williams 2 miles on his way to Hull.

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