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Alvin David Crockett (1831-1902)

Alvin Crockett was the father of Ozro Ozias Crockett.

In the early spring of 1860, Alvin and family and moved to Logan, Cache Valley, Utah. Alvin and family settled in the Logan Fourth Ward on the lot where the Benson School house is now located. There were then four children in their family. Alvin built a three-roomed log house on the north west corner of the lot pretty close to the street on the north and west (corner lot). The house faced the south. The family lived there eight years.

The principle of plural marriage was believed and practiced by the Latter Day Saints in those early days, and about the year 1867, Alvin obeyed that principle and married Miss Annie N. Peall. In the spring of 1870 the family moved to what was then the south part of Logan, what was called the Island. It was also part of the first ward of Logan.

Alvin served as mayor of Logan city four years for which he received $2.00. He was County Sherriff for 20 years, most of which time he was also Chief of Police of Logan City, Utah. WHen Cache Valley was organized a Stake of Zion, Alvin was one of the first to be ordained a High Counselor and served in that capacity up to the time of his death, July 9, 1902.

In the year 1872, Alvin went on a mission for six months to the Fox Islands, Maine, which he filled in honor.


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